Our review explores where the combination succeeds and areas where problems appear at a weight of 228 grams or 8 ounces. The samsung smartphone is fairly heavy, however, this isnt much of a hindrance due to the rounded edges and the fairly large size the center of mass is in the bottom half of the smartphone, which we really like the workmanship is first class gaps are very tight and Mostly flush, both the front and back, are protected by corning gorilla, glass, victus and the frame is made from the so called armor aluminum, which is supposed to be a particularly robust alloy. The galaxy s22 ultra is ip68 certified, meaning it is protected from dust and water. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra is compatible with all the current mobile communication standards, including 5g. However, the european version still lacks millimeter wave support, even though the modem of the exynos 2200 supports this on paper with regard to wlan, the galaxy smartphone can use all available options. Supporting wi fi 6e and the 6 gigahertz band, this allows for extremely high and stable data rates. Due to the wide gnss spectrum support of the galaxy s22 ultra, it is able to determine its location quickly and with high accuracy even indoors. According to the data sheet, the cameras of the galaxy s22 ultra are technically equal to its predecessor. Some changes are found in the image algorithms and more expansive options offered by the new isp. The galaxy s22 ultra succeeds in taking very balanced selfies that distinguish themselves with a high color accuracy and sharpness the heart of the quad camera setup on the back is the 108 megapixel sensor, which is likely an optimized samsung isoscell hm3, while the image quality is good.

In daylight, there is still some room for improvement. The radical sharpening also leads to the loss of some details: the two telephoto lenses each have a 10 megapixel resolution and offer 3x and 10x via a periscope camera optical zoom respectively. The galaxy s22 ultra has a 6.8 inch dynamic, amoled screen with either a qhd plus or full hd plus resolution. The display is very sharp. Its maximum refresh rate is hertz. This can supposedly be lowered via adaptive control down to one hertz. However, we are unable to confirm this, since we only see a minimum refresh rate of 24 hertz on our tests in terms of brightness. The samsung smartphone makes a powerful effort achieving up to 111 candelas per meter squared with the brightness sensor active. This makes it the brightest smartphone display in our database. We were also able to see flickering typical to oled panels. However, the frequency is very constant, similar to dc dimming, depending on the refresh rate it flickers at either 120 or 240 hertz meaning. The panel should cause relatively little discomfort for most users in europe. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra uses an exynos 2200 with either 8 or 12 gigabytes of lpddr5 ram. Why samsung decided to take a step back and use merely eight gigabytes of ram and the small storage configuration remains a mystery to us. Unfortunately, the benchmarks do not confirm that this was a good decision, while the cpu performance is definitely very good.

The exynos 2200 places behind both the snapdragon 8 gen 1 and apples a15 in geekbenchs multi core test. Even its predecessor, the exynos 2100 is able to barely beat it in terms of power consumption. The galaxy s 22 ultra shows itself as very efficient as long as there is no load. Once there is a higher demand on the exynos. The smartphone pulls more power from its reserves than competitors when connected via wire. The samsung smartphone can be charged at up to 45 watts. Wirelessly up to 15 watts are possible. Reverse wireless charging is also supported using an original 25 watt charger from samsung. A complete recharge takes 98 minutes with its 5 000 milliamp hour battery, the s22 ultra is able to surpass the rest of the android smartphones, particularly in the realistic wlan test at an adjusted display brightness of 150 candelas per meter squared where it survived for just over 14 hours, with the galaxy s22 ultra samsung combines the top models of the galaxy s and galaxy note series in a single device. This is a good and consequent decision that should particularly please fans of the note series, since compromises with the camera are now history, even though the smartphone is a very successful product, it still suffers from a few growing pains if youd like to learn more about the Samsung, galaxy s22 ultra visit our detailed review at notebookcheck.net. If this video was helpful, let us know by leaving a like, be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell, so you dont miss future video reviews.