Smartphones are becoming the most popular tool, both for creation and live streaming, but even though some premium models come with ois, the actual stabilizing effect is still not good enough. So, to get good quality clips that are stable, most users would generally turn to using a gimbal for better stabilization instead of gripping the phone by their hands. In fact, filming with a gimbal is also the most affordable but effective shooting trick at a very low cost. One of the powerful phone gimbals that i got for filming is the ultron smart x series and to bring you guys a better review of the new gimbal series. We got both the smart x standard version and the x pro version in our studio. Now let me tell you why we picked the ultron smart x series as one of the most used smartphone gimbals. First lets take a look at the packaging of ultron smart x series. The boxes look pretty simple and clean in addition to the product images theres. Also a brief introduction of the gimbals functionality on the packaging for the pro gimbal. We can see that it does have a few more features. We will talk about that later, open the box lets take out all the items, theres no difference inside the boxes. Apart from the gimbal, it also includes a tripod charging, cable and the user manuals, at first glance, its obvious to find that the standard version and the pro one shared the same appearance design.

The first time i got my hands on the gimbals. They both gave me a strong impression of its excellent build quality visually. The gray shield made of abs, plastic looks clean and the grip feel is also good. At the same time, the material brings a light comfortable experience leading to a weight of around 300 grams. Although its not the lightest and the most compact gimbal on the market, i actually didnt feel tired, even after graping it for a long time and like most phone gimbal on the market. The smart x series is also designed in an easy foldable form which makes it easy to carry around in the backpack compared to the standard. Smart x, the pro versions, indicator lights, are replaced with a small oled display, showing modes and battery state and a focus control. Realm is added on the side of pro model, while the standard version replace it with a 1 4 inch thread, which, however, seems to be even more useful for more accessories. Apart from the difference we mentioned, they look almost the same. The control panel is pretty simple for both theres. Only a droid stick followed by two buttons: a shuttle and another power button at the side. Theres the same zoom control, an interesting design that we didnt, see before on other gimbal, is the magnetic battery cover, which is really smart and convenient when we want to remove the battery. Yes, you heard it right. The battery is removable which could make a battery life less of an issue with a single battery backup or if you dont, want to buy an extra battery.

The battery is also rechargeable with the usb c port on the side at the bottom theres. Another 1 4 inch thread basically for tripod or extension. Stick in addition to the basic four stable modes. Ultron has also developed an exclusive app for achieving more shooting functions with these two gimbals. The apps interface is quite similar to the original smartphone camera apps, but more thoughtfully. It has added video samples for the different shooting modes, other special shooting modes like a hitchcock zoom and a panorama photography is also available in the app. Moreover, it supports interesting filming features like beauty and a bunch of filters, video parameters, adjustments face or body tracking, as well as gesture shuttle in my daily use. These two gimbals had almost the same performance as each other, and both of them worked pretty well in terms of stabilization functions due to the use of the latest generation of 3x design. They can handle most shooting moves well with relatively good stability, and the image shot on the phone is also clear and smooth, and we tried quite a lot of brands. Phones with these two gimbals and nothing really confused us in terms of compatibility, which is pretty surprising in actual filming. I must admit that i really prefer the pro version and it supports wireless charging for the filming phone. No matter you use the gimbal or not the biggest pain point of filming on phones. Actually is the phones draining battery life instead of the gimbals now its possible to charge the phone with the ultron smart x pro and it doesnt require any cable.

All you need is to place the phone on the gimbal and thanks to the removable battery design, you can even carry another battery backup to keep the power on for both an x pro gimbal and your phone Music Music. The pro gimbal has a slightly longer battery life, which could last for around 3 hours more, but even for the standard gimbal the 7 hour battery life is enough for a whole day of filming. Since the brands establishment ultron has been working on making truly useful 3x gimbals as the latest gimbal series, the smart x series, no doubt is a good example as mobile gimbals. They have a reliable stabilization and a connection with phones compared to the standard smart x, gimbal. The feature of wireless charging for the phone could be the only reason that you go for the pro version. But if you are not worried about the phones battery draining during filming the standard smart x could be an excellent, cheaper option to boost your filming. So thats. All about the smart x gimbals, these two gimbals performance actually exceeded my expectation. Well, how about you, if you have any questions about the gimbals, please leave them down below thanks for watching.