I think this time around guys and luckily 823 here and i love the color here. Pastel blue though so hi guys, hopefully this morning psychic and welcome back to my channel dont, forget to subscribe and, of course hit that bell icon button. You know with some more future videos here and unboxing its because the unit itself, no charger, no box, no cable. No nothing just this one, the phone itself and i love the phone unibody. I love the design and especially the color here is very nice, a pastel blue, its probably the in thing these days, amma pastel colors and i loved the way that it was designed, though its a plastic back plasticky and feel you know that my wash and no But the and by the way guys, this phone is priced at 13. Ninety ill be posting on the link below checking along guys. For me, the price is okay: snapdragon, 680, its an octa core processor, six gig of ram 120 gigs of storage. Puerto ’90. I mean the price is right and convenient between 120 gigs of storage, but you know expand up to one terabyte of storage, the tokens kind of expansion port with two nano sim 4g long. I love the wind and the legendary samsung tongue, fingerprint scanner. Guitars aside, the power button spin grid scanner is smooth and seamless. They are other phones, fingerprint scanners. Of course, the snapdragon 680 is not the top of the line processor for 2022, so it garnered a 248 000 points, not so high and well puedena, not so low.

In terms of multitasking.90 hertz, the screen refresh rate 6.6 inch ips lcd, though until nadito is pls lcd, which is plain to line switching lcd, its something nah, its basically ips lcd, now 10, better, a kind of brightness and viewing angle as compared to regular ips lcd Thats, what pls means a little insane once i know guys this phone is equipped with 90. Her subscription refresh rate making browsing here watching videos playing games is a lot smoother than 90 hertz and, of course, corning gorilla glass, 5, im gon na protection. 430. 990. My corning gorilla glass 5, not bad, no plastic, not only good, and this phone comes with android 12 one ui 4.1, so it also nato. I can say that the browsing here is good social media, okay, uh, twitter, tik tok, watching some videos here on youtube. Watching some videos on netflix is okay. Now, okay, no, its an ips lcd, pls, mejo, pinagandalang, mas maganda, pakhingan lang pero. The viewing angle is for me almost the same so ips lcd. I wouldnt really feel the difference, but clearly samsung is 10 better and by the way guys, this phone is certified level ones of wi, fi, meaningfully hd, its not netflix and, of course, watching my favorite videos little guys on saturday nito, though its not amulet nah. Of course, we expect better uh brighter and black is blacker than display when you have amoled, but this one for me at that price point or mancha.

I dont really have that much problem with this one, though this one only has one firing speaker single speaker. Would you use the 3.5 mm audio jack when you watch videos or put it on Music Music? Well, if you are here in my studio, because the isnt really the best that ive ever tried on any smartphone, but you can always use or juja time mm, hmm anytime, paramas, mafino, watching movies and playing games now talking about games. This snapdragon 680 is a more battery efficient processor, not the best for gaming, but milano, nothing and call of duty, vito and well. I was well kind of surprised, not okay, it wasnt really the worst one, but overall the gameplay is good. You just have to set your set. I dont know my settings, oh settings and expectation a little bit lower, but uh my breeze through the game, though overall experience detail is not the best any smartphone in the lowercase for call of duty mobile. The touch is okay, minimize the delay. The sounds is not that loud, though i can use my favorite headphones little staffoneto anytime paramas mafilco on gaming uh. If im plugging my favorite headphones little okay in a month, that sounds, it feels more immersive as compared to playing just with the uh singer fire and its a lot better compared to just playing with the single firing loudspeaker down there. Uh for gaming, camera bomb is edgy continuity, which makes it a lot smoother when holding hindi.

When you hold this phone not to the best, not the best but puedena so playing also asphalt 9 here on this phone. Okay, problema smooth and the controls are great and the screen is okay, not the best that ive tried. One thing that i noticed this is a phoneto is meijo and say baba. Those are sites. Battery on this phone is a five thousand. Milliampere hours of battery can support up to 25 watts of fast charging so dynamic, oh any fast charger that can support up to 33 watts, details upon nato since well, armani, cable and charger. It was able to finish charging up from 19 to 100 in one hour and 30 minutes. It can withstand roughly 13 hours, 12 hours and 49 minutes to be exact. Ok, no, no for me overall organic performance was good, was able to use this for almost two weeks a day to starting studio economic growth, daily driver and starting the day at eight and ending the day at uh, roughly seven, roughly minimum thirty percent battery on normal Usage like uh social media, watching videos playing a little bit of kings throughout the day most of the day, the hawaii without charging. One of my favorite topic is always the camera, like, i said, a gandanagan camera bomb. I love it. It is a quad camera setup. 50 mp main lens 5mp ultra wide lens 2mp macro lens 2 mp depth sensor. It can record up to 4k 30fps and, of course, im going on a selfie camera is a teardrop thats, not 8mp.

Now, when you say its a samsung camera, i expect a lot well uh rear shooter, but this one for me: okay, long average, taking it outdoors and indoors. I was able to get some light shots and some not so nice shots as well. So your nine shots uh depending on the lightings. There are some lighting stuff. Okay, you will be getting some really nice shots and but on some other occasions, camera there are some photos, kind of hanging, lightings, Music im, not quite sure. Maybe it could be fixed on some of the future updates or im, not quite sure – maybe yes, maybe no and taking a look at some of the selfie shots uh outdoors, okay indoors. Some of them are good and on dark areas, its not that good. Of course, dont expect too high lets, say 8, mp launcher and its not a flagship, though now guys, if you ask me it on 823, okay basha for its price 13 990, i would say its good pretty good and the performance is great. I love the feel. Okay: okay, the camera is okay, not the best but puedena and the performance. The dragon 680 is battery. Efficient pogba is a gaming hindi for gaming, but well you can reach through if you lower your settings and lower your expectations so guys post it in the link below check me along click it because those are the legit, namaste samsung. Of course, i dont post smart.