Okay, always the best and the camera is good. The processor is good and the feel is also good. So im excited to show you one plus 10 pro. Would it exceed your expectation so hi guys how fast to gadget, psychic and welcome back to my channel? Go ahead enough and subscribe: dont forget to click that bell, icon and, of course, click that subscribe button now now and going back to business, the unboxing not into oneplus 10, pro 5g and, of course, by 1980, and, of course, digital walker, which is earphone. This is the earphone 32, together with the earphone 3 pro 2 pagosa, 5g Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, full unboxing me oneplus, 10, pro 5g and out of the boston. Volcanic blackness is definitely a stunning color medallion emerald forest and panda white, but i think this one is pretty much solid, im gon na color. So what i like about youngs canyon design, is your canyon, camera bump very unique. I cannot design, i mean its just like uh. You can brag all about it, unlike my bar, which is almost all everybody copies from iphone. Your camera bump boy is almost the same as iphone phone youre, not unique this one. I can see very unique shot in its own way. Sarinian design is really nice im very proud of this design and yeah. For me, its pretty solid im, getting a placement, and one good thing about this: one is hindi, so brown, protruded and then a camera bomb which makes it a lot good to hold it here and design it on for nato.

I like this food. Its because is ltpo2, meaning its a low temperature, polycrystalline oxide, so meaning the ltp02 its to. Let you save a lot of battery you from the highest refresh rate 165, the dropshipping down to let you save a lot of battery in the process. So you know technology like any other flagship sports, the snapdragon, 8gen1 and aqua, shannon roughly 771 thousand points onto the benchmark, which for me, is not the highest score in the home for this chipset, but overall so kind of performance, smooth and smooth and sort of committing To nato, multitasking browsing uh, watching videos, gaming, lahatna battle, modified gravity, guys so bronze, smooth experience efficiency. I feel that the oneplus 10 pro 5g is one of the more battery efficient, the flagship than the trico. Given that yeah, like, like, i said, manager, lte p02, uh kind of change and then refresh rate rapidly paramount same battery, so this one was able to achieve a 15 r screen on time base acting rating uh using it uh for the whole day and, of course, Setting young uh screen brightness somewhere in us uh 40 to 50 percent, since Music 6.7 inch, fluid amoled display, then 1 billion colors akane either produce hdr 10 plus 120 hertz subscript, refresh rate corning gorilla glass, big 2, some kind of protection plus 1, 300 nits and Kind of maximum brightness, meaning ok, is running very smoothly using the android 12 and oxygen os 12.

1 and by the way guys it only codena is corning gorilla glass, 5 protected alongside is aluminum frame and ip68 dust and water resistant shock. So pueden is swimming plus ip68 doesnt water is on youtube or netflix and on of course, uh we just look again activities of phone. Everything is very smooth, thats kind of one billion colors. I can reproduce fluid amoled display and, of course, like i said, the ltp zero two now kind of adjust rapidly to let you save a lot of battery and in the process must have, because you guys the display is really one of the best nana trico in Any flagship smartphone for 2022 and i love the way nah how it displayed in my videos, its really nice. I love the wayne uh and uh malignant punch hole on the upper left net on phone. I dont know which is the front facing camera, and this phone has 90 percent screen to body ratio, meaning so brand new, which make the viewer experience pretty solid because of all nato and by the way guys. This phone has stereo speakers uh its just a task and its a baba, so that m so Music. I love the way it was reproduced, heres some, especially when youre watching my videos, my movies, but of course you can always use your favorite tws like it all from earphone copy there not earphone 32 and, of course, the earphone 3 pro 2.. So both of them are pretty nice pretty solid, and this one has active noise cancelling c3 pro 2 and c32 is probably more of the regular type, the tws that you know for the ear fun, so earphone free too.

So this one is more geared towards the gamer and castle music listener. This has 60, ms, a low latency mode, making your own gaming experience to a whole new level, meaning hindi, nala laganima sounds little and by the way guys this one can last you for 30 hours non, stop gaming, which is definitely okay in case of course. So i like this buds, you dont see free too so upon placing it on my ears uh its quite solid. The feeling is really great and nellerophone call of duty using this one and massasauga, because guys the gameplay is pretty solid, and this sounds important in sound. So i was trying to listen while playing the game thanks to its low latency mode. Definitely uh. If youre a gamer id prefer this one, the free to meet your fun, its definitely fun when youre playing with this one, together with your favorite smartphone. Of course, la nadita is a oneplus 10 pro 5g, so we have the free protune earphone, and this one is for another market, its more of the people who goes out a lot like me, so we go out in the open field. We talk to a lot of people. This size is pretty small and very, very unnecessary. Snug fits in when im looking to use. Unless and what i like about. This is active noise canceling, which lets you uh make osaka it lets. You hear their voice clearly without all the noises from the external world from the outside world, mainland, sisiga, Music.

I did try this uh on zoom and yeah its outdoors, not didnt. I go to my launcher just for fun and to listen to young nexus and it was really nice solid and some natos. I did use the active noise cancelling. It was really fun and yeah, but of course, this buds is pretty dangerous if you use it for driving, which makes it very dangerous. Of course, dont use this while driving just a piece of advice from me and some of the features that this one has is, of course, wireless charging technology and ips five ja, meaning i was able to play several games here – call of duty mobile asphalt, 9 pubg. Those are some titles and ready to support it, and the experience was really nice, as expected from any flagship with the snapdragon agent, one that part smooth on your experience, plus ltp, zero, tutor, meaning refresh rate next, so meaning uh. If you dont need a hundred twenty hertz and its a gameplay uh, i i think naga ninety hertz channel, so the experience was really nice on call of duty. The touch was really responsive. I love it. Definitely that is asphalt and i know and of course a pubg also a good game place. You go to hollister 3rs on these three titles, youre going to take one hour each. But of course i played more call of duty and i did enjoy it on game that dont know piling up win after win and after win its really nice, you should try it on flagship phone.

I dont know from oneplus. If you want to win a lot of games for 2022. is no stranger, so good photos. I have really nice experience some our flagship oneplus when it comes to photography, starting from oneplus 8 bro im not going to team up show with hasselblad. The funny thing is everything that was subbing on hasselblad was david, so i did take this phone out for a spin like what i do say on smartphones. So outdoor indoor touhou, nato is really a performer and i love the way it was able to take in those shots. Lanas are bright outdoors and gundam problem its so nice, so creamy amount bulky. I love it bulkylicious whatever you call it. Oh no! I honestly love you and and selfie camera is also a performer and this time around, i think it improved the one plus stone, selfie camera and yeah, giving you all those nice shots, outdoor indoor map, low light manual and especially, but that is a pokey shot. Its really nice, by the way guys it on cameron, is a 48 mp, the main lens 8mp telephoto, lens 50mp, not ultra wide lens and, of course, aluminum. Nothing has a black color calibrated plus 32 mp and kind of front facing camera, making all those giving me all those punchy videos, im gon na call her resolution plus very stable name, amma video. So if youre wondering mankind phone nato, the 12 256 gig of storage, that the oneplus 10 pro 5g is available at digital walker and, of course, some uh stores.

The proposal on the description box below so shopping official store villa its priced at its a very worth. It experience using this phone and i really love all the shots, all the experience watching and, of course, scrolling to social media playing some games. This phone definitely is the one billion for 2022. so and guys dont forget to watch some of my other videos outro its very interesting.