This is normal here and in this, video well be talking about the new infinix hot 11. 20 22 variant. So this device is priced, eight triple line in india and one of the really good devices in terms of hardware being offered. It is one of the only devices with a full hd punch hole display at this price segment below the 9000 price segment. Now, if you look at the most smartphones launched in 2022 uh, even in 10 to 12k price segment, we are seeing hd plus resolution display and at that time we are seeing infinix launching a punch, hole, selfie camera and a full hd resolution display. So how good is the device for this price segment thats? What were going to talk about in this detailed video so before getting into the video? If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets begin. So first lets talk about the design and build quality. Now one of the standout devices uh in terms of design is infinix hot 11, 22 because of the fact that this comes with a punch, hold selfie camera. So most of the devices come with the water drop notch, and here we have the infinix hotline 2022, with the punch hold selfie camera, its an 8 megapixel selfie camera, and this is a 6.7 inches full hd resolution display.

Even the bezels looks pretty good at the bottom. Bezels are also quite okay for the price segment. The top and the sides are quite good now. The side panel is flat. Looking we have the and we have the power button which access the fingerprint scan again. One of the unique features of this device – the volume rocker keys – then we have the sim tray. Then we have the 3.5 memory jack. The bottom house is the usb type c port. The speaker unit, the speaker, supports gta, surround sign so its a well built phone and the back panel also looks quite good and we have a dual camera setup. Its a 13 plus uh depth sensor included here, and we have the ai camera flash and the infinix branding. We also get a pattern here over in terms of design and build quality. This feels like a really good device. Uh, especially the design aspect, is impressive. At this price segment, full hd plus resolution display and a punch hold selfie camera. Those are the two things which are uh rare in this segment at this price segment and also the um, the fingerprint scanner which acts as the power button. Also so thats one of the good things about this device, so next lets move on to the display. Now this comes with a full hd plus resolution display its a 66.7 inches display and a peak brightness of 550 nits and 89.5 screen to body ratio, which is again pretty good.

Another important thing is that the 1500 is to one contrast: ratio and 114 srgb color gamut is included. Those are the pretty good aspects about this device and you can see that the display quality is also pretty good. The touch response feels very solid and especially for the eight triple entire segment uh. This display is one of the definitely good aspects, its a full hd resolution display, and it works really well so displays top notch on this device, especially for the 9000 price segment. So next lets move on to the software experience, so this device is powered by android 11. If you go to the about phone, you can see here. Android 11 is available, so this is a budget segment. So you can. You cannot expect android 12, but ideally it should have been android 12, but you get only android 11.. Now this is powered by uh the custom ui. The exo is version 10 like this is not a full version. This is the light version, so it does miss out on certain features and ui experience of the regular infinix device, but its still really good uh. The performance is pretty good. You do get additional controls and additional xor slab features. Also, so certain options are there. Then you get the regular options of themes, support uh! You can do some customization with the themes and uh. The display is a 60hz surface sheet that we forgot to mention uh and overall, the experience is quite okay.

There are few uh, i mean the blood waste included, which we generally see on almost all of the infinix smartphone. So you can see here some plot ways are included, but again for the budget segment. We feel this is a quite good experience. Uh overall, although uh, the ui needs a bit more refinement, just like the other infinix smartphones, now moving on to the performance. So this device is powered by the uh unisoc t610 octa core processor, its a 12 nanometer processor, and this is powered by four gigabyte ram and 64 gigabyte internal storage. Now the units of t610 is actually a pretty good budget or entry level, chip and uh. This produces some good results overall for a price segment of an acre plan. This is definitely good processor and it is able to handle all the tasks which is put to uh its very smooth in experience. Theres, absolutely no lag. We could figure out. You can see here almost everything handled properly uh in the budget segment. Again. This is not a gamers device, but you can still play casual games and our experience feels quite good. There is no heating issues as such. We have used the device uh, uh and uh. We didnt, we did not see any sort of issues here and overall, the t610 octa core processor from unisoc uh did perform quite well, and the 4 gigabyte ram and 64 gigabyte storage again produces good experience. Uh, mostly devices in this price segment, offer only six three gigabyte ram.

You get four gigabyte ram, so thats one of the good aspects about this device. Now, as i said before, the fingerprint scanner is side mounted and it produces pretty decent results again. The face unlock is also included, so it does not miss out on any aspects in the budget segment and you also get 4g lte and volte support, and there is also pretty good sound experience. It is dts surround sound, is offered so again sound experience. Speaker performance is quite good again. Next lets move on to the camera, so you get a 13 megapixel dual camera setup. We have an led flash, also included ai camera and the front camera is an 8 megapixel sensor, so thats the camera unit. Now, look at the interface you can see a pro mode is a portrait is a panorama? Is there slow motion and time lapse? These are options and a video recording, as i said before, you can see that 1080p resolution is supported, which is pretty good. Now lets have a look at some of the camera samples um. These are some samples here taken with the infinix hot 11 20 22, and they have come quite good for a budget device, so they are definitely good for a 9000 price device and they are for good details. Uh, decent clarity and even the selfie camera also looks good uh. The low light experience again, not a really great uh, because this is more of a budget segment, but even for that price segment it performed quite well overall.

So the cameras are definitely a decent experience for the budget segment. It is being offered Music Music now. Finally, this device comes with a 5000 mah capacity battery with usb c charging support and 10 watt charger is included. So 10 volt again is a basic charger for this price segment. 5000 milliamp for battery it produces really good results. More than one and a half days of battery life can be expected, especially for this device with larger capacity. The and the larger display the battery performance is still good, so that was the battery life and the battery experience of this device. So summing up, how good is the infinix hot 11, 20 22 for eight tripline pricing? So while the pricing is introductory, it still is a really good device for the 809 pricing, probably one of the better offerings if youre looking for a low end or budget device. This is probably the best in terms of hardware and experience. Full hd punch, hold selfie camera a side mounted fingerprint scanner, four plus 64 gb storage. Then units of t610 octa core processor, then cameras are decent uh, then dts sound is included, and overall experience is good. Now the downside is android. 11 is only offered. Then this is a light version of the software, its not a full uh, the infinix xox version thats one of the downsides, but otherwise we feel this is a good device in this price segment, offering a good overall experience.

So that was our experience with the infinix hot 11. 20. 22..