Video Music, hey whats up guys julian from smartphone Here the ultimate online course about smartphone filmmaking, and today i have a very exciting video for you guys today i will show you an editing software that works on macs and also on pcs, and basically it has all the same features like the big boys. So, like premiere pro and also like final cut pro 10, but this wont break the bank and in some aspects this even has features that not even these two programs have and yeah. In some aspects, i even like filmora better than the other programs in filmmaking, the editing process, often gets overlooked. People always focus on the best camera, the best lenses lighting and all that stuff, but the editing part often gets lacked behind, but basically in filmmaking. You always tell your story twice once when youre shooting your story and also when youre editing your story. Filmora 11 is a great alternative to premiere pro and also to final cut and also 2vn. I think this is the next step up to vn. It has a lot more options and its a more proper software compared to vn and it costs less than 100 dollars per year and basically you can do screen screening. You can do proper, color grading. You also can import luts, you can set keyframes, you can do really really cool speed, ramping and basically you can do everything that you will ever want in this video ill.

Give you an overview so lets check it out. So i would say, without any further ado lets now hop into filmora 11.. I will give you an overview ill show you how the program works, where you can find all the different things and basically just how the program works. So this is what the program looks. Like when you open it up, you have a few different options. You can create a new project. You can open a recent project so in case you have already been working on some projects, then on top here you can select the aspect ratio, so you can make a normal 16×9 video a one by one specifically for instagram nine by 16 works best for instagram Reels or also for tic tocs, for example, and so on, and there you also have a few other options like i have mentioned before, and i think something like the screen recorder, for example, is just a really nice add on, because if you were using screenflow, for Example on a mac, i think that the cost for screenflow alone, so just so that you have the ability to record your screen, would be pretty much identical from the cost to this program, and this also is a full on editing program. So yeah there you have it, then you also can make an auto reframe sequence. That comes very much in handy when you have shot a video in 16×9, for example, and then you want to create a version for instagram and then you have a few other options, but we will now just open a new project and yeah.

This is what the editor looks like. I think it looks kind of similar to premiere pro and also to final cut to all the you know, bigger editing, softwares that we know um yeah ill. Just you know, walk you through the entire program in a minute, but lets begin with importing footage, and you can do this by pressing command. I or just you know, tapping here and ill just import a few clips from my last holiday, so yeah lets just import. All of these, so there you have the footage. Now you can scroll through it. You can preview the footage just by double tapping on it and in case you want to start editing, just take the video and drag it down into the timeline and thats also something that is really cool. If you drag it into the timeline, it asks you. What frame rate and what resolution you would like to have for your project, so by default it was set to 10 920 by 1080, so just a standard full hd timeline. But for this test video i want to make it a 4k timeline, and i want to make it a 60 frames per second timeline. I want to make it. You know super hyper, realistic, so ill just tap on that, and just something that is very cool and very important to know in case you want to change that in case. You accidentally, for example, have a 60 frames per second timeline: just go to file project settings and there you can change the frame rate to you know whatever you like, and you can also change the resolution.

So this is what the editor looks like. I think it looks kind of similar to final cut and also to premiere pro at the bottom. Here you have your timeline, you have several different layers and basically it works like in photoshop, where you have all the different layers and depending on whats, you know at the top. This will be the video that you can actually see, and in case you do not have enough layers. You can just go on this little plus icon, add a video layer and there you go there. You have another one yeah at the top. Here you have several different options: um. We are now here in the my media option, and this is where you can. You know import all your different video clips and your photos and music and all of that stuff. Next to that is stock media. So actually, this is connected to different stock video sites like jiffy and and pixabay and unsplash, and so on. Next up here we have audio there. You also have different. You know songs that you can take to be honest, im, not sure if these are royalty free and if you can just take them as they are, you would have to check this on their website im. Not you know, 100 sure about that. Next up we have titles; this is actually something that is really cool because yeah, actually, i think they look kind of modern and you can actually use them with premiere pro.

For example, i think the the default titles that you have within premiere pro they are absolute garbage. They look, like you, know, a kindergarten movie, but with these they actually look actually kind of modern, and i like using them, but i will actually show you in a minute how this works. Next up, you have transitions, so in case you have two clips and you want to transition from one clip to another. You basically just drag and drop that onto the two different clips, or also onto one clip depending on how you want to use it next up. We have different effects so there these are some overlays and yeah its just just different effects um, but also that ill show you in a minute. Then elements is also something that is really cool, um, also something that i have not seen in premiere pro or also not in final cut. I think there you have several different presets that you can take. So, for example, in case you know, with our company, were currently working on a podcast, so in case i want to make an intro for my podcast. I can just drag and drop this icon down here then i can make a right click and go to show properties. I can scale it down a little bit. I could change the position, but i think thats, just fine and now, if we play it back, you can see that there actually is a cool little icon with an animation and yeah.

You could actually use this for an intro and you could of course, also add a transition, so yeah its just very cool that you have these options directly built into the software. I think you know – probably not all of them will be very usable, but some of them are just really handy and yeah. Also a countdown i have been. I would have needed this a ton in the past, so yeah its just nice, that you have several different options built in directly into the software and at the very right here you have split screen and basically thats also a really cool option to just make a Split screen, which is super simple, i will just show you right now how this works, so i just picked um a video with six different videos, and then you just take whatever video you might like and just drag it over the different videos. However, you like it im just doing anything, just to show you how this would work and of course you could also change the rotation and the positioning, and all that, however, you like, but now you have a a split screen video and i actually need to turn Off my audio, you can do this by the way by just turning down the audio here and now. If we play it back, you can see that we have six different videos. My computer is struggling a little bit with having six different videos playing simultaneously but thats.

Just fine, but usually if you would do something like this within premiere pro, for example, you would have to scale everything manually and also add these transitions that there are manually so yeah for these kind of things, its just much easier to do it with this program And it also works just much faster, but ill just delete this for now and also the little icon. So i will now just show you some more options that you can do with this program and some of my favorite aspects of this program. So i will delete this clip now and import another one just to show you some cool aspects of this program and some of the things that i like about it so yeah lets take this shot, for example its a nice shot just after sunset and for example, If we wan na make a color correction, we could either make a right click and then go to color correction, or we could also just tap this little icon right here and then go to color correction. Then this window pops up here and then you have several different options and there you actually have several different presets, like 007 from james bond and harry potter and mission impossible and yeah. There are just many different options and some of them actually look pretty cool. I think, but i have already imported a lot that i have created for my students off smartphone filmmaking pro, which is our ultimate online course about smartphone filmmaking.

So i just go to custom and select sfp, lut and yeah. As you can see, i just tap on that say: okay and now we have a yeah, a final color graded image um. I have created this in the way that my students can use it just with a simple, drag and drop, and i think thats, looking very, very good. Another thing that i really like with this program is the way on how you can make speed ramps, because making speed ramps is a very cool technique to spice up your edits overall, because thats, actually something that i see very, very often with my students off smartphone Filmmaking pro that their videos are just super long and that they get boring and one way to make them more interesting for the viewers is just to add some speed ramps and a speed. Ramp, basically, is when you speed up a portion of the video, and you still have basically all the information left, and we can actually do that. Just by selecting the clip here in the timeline, then we tap on this icon, which says speed just tap on it. Once and then you have several different options, you can make it slow, fast, normal squeeze, freeze frame and we can also do speed ramping, and you can only do that within the paid version of this program, but its actually well worth it. You have just like in vn editor, you have several different presets that you can pick from um yeah.

There are actually even more, but what i like to do is i like to customize my clip and thats very cool, because this is basically the duration of the clip and then you can just you know you can say just begin very fast, then slow down. Then we get fast again and then we end the clip getting slower and slower so thats, just one way of you know adding a keyframe and speed ramps. Um thats – probably not looking good now for this clip, but i think you get the point here and yeah its just very cool the way how you can do this, and with this way you can also do very easily some speed, ramp transitions and the other way On how this works with this program is just really really nice. Another thing that i want to show you are the different transitions because, like i said before, i think they are looking very cool with this program compared to premiere pro, for example. But first i want to add a color correction to this clip because thats looking a little flat in my opinion, so we just make a right. Click go to color correction, go to custom, tap on sfp luts and take a look on how the image changes and thats looking way better. In my opinion, theres just much more contrast, the colors pop way more – and i just really like this image so lets tap on okay, and then we set an in point where the movement is already going.

So we can make a cut just by tapping on this little scissor icon. Here then we delete this portion of the clip. It automatically brings the rest of the clip to the other clip. So there is no gap like you have within premiere pro, for example, and then we go to transitions and there you have several different options. Actually you have very very many different options and, to be honest, most of them im, not a big fan of so lets. You know, for example, take this one. This is called pixelate, so lets play this back, and these kind of transitions very much remind me of the windows movie maker and i just dont feel like they are professional. To be honest, so im not a big fan of these. There are some zoom transitions that are not that bad, but what i actually like are these kind of transitions, where you actually have some elements in the shot, and if we play that back now, i think that this is looking way cooler than you know, all the Other transitions that you have up there and yeah lets pick another one lets see: um yeah lets try this out. Maybe lets play it back yeah. I think that these transitions – they look very cool, they add just some. I dont know some modern effect to the images. Probably its not the best transition for these holiday videos that im making right now, but, generally speaking, i feel like they have some very, very modern transitions, and the next thing that i want to show you are the titles.

I have also talked about them before. Yeah again, there are also many different options that you have here and some of them also look very, very modern. I dont know lets pick that one for example, and you use it just by drag and dropping it to the timeline, and then we lets just play. It back yeah, i think thats looking pretty nice and we can of course change the duration just by dragging that over and if we play that back thats, probably not the best way to use it because its not rendered so lets play it back here and yeah. I think thats looking pretty nice and you can of course, just change the text just by show properties, and then you can here dial in the the font that you like the size that you like and, of course, also the text, and you can change everything that You like and yeah, i think thats thats, a pretty cool way of doing that, and that is working just fine in case youre, doing interviews or something like this, and you need a lower thirds animation. You can also just drag and drop that into the frame, and then you have a little lower third animation um. I would change the font here to something thats, not looking as gimmicky but, like i said before. Generally speaking, i think that these presets that there are here, are looking pretty damn good. So, by the time you are done with editing your video by the time you have added all the titles, all the effects, all the color correction and basically everything you can, of course, also export your video to be able to upload them to youtube instagram.

Whatever you want to do – and you can do that just by tapping here on export and then go to create video and then this window here pops up and then you can um yeah. Basically, you can you have several different options on how you can export the video. What i like to do is i like to just go to format, leave it and add mov or mp4, and then here you can change the name. You can just type in whatever you like next up here. You can change where the video should be saved so just pick whatever you like and there you have the resolution. And then, if you go to settings you can change the bit rate and also the frame rate, so you can yeah dial in basically whatever you like. You also have some presets, so um quality. You have good better and best and depending on what you pick, of course, also your file size gets bigger and in case you need the absolute best quality possible. You can also pick prores and so on and by the time youre done. Picking all your settings just tap on export and you are good to go, but there you have it guys, thats a quick overview over the app filmora 11 and, like i said before, i think that this program basically offers everything that you will ever need. I personally im using a m1 pro macbook pro and its very well optimized for that machine, so in case youre, an apple user and youre using an m1 chip.

This is working very, very nice, but it also works for windows, users and yeah. It also works with the intel max, of course, and yeah, like i said before, it offers everything that you will ever need, so in case youre searching for an easy to use yet super powerful editing program. I can very much recommend that you check it out in the video description below you will get a link to their website and they also have a free trial that you can use and yeah in case. You have any more questions, make sure to.