Do a gaming review of the popular, very popular, actually a smartphone here in the country, the xiaomi redmi note 11.. We all know that the redmi note series is very popular as they offer an affordable price with a pretty good hardware inside so as for this uh smartphone that were reviewing right now, it comes with a 64 gigs of internal storage, with four gigs of ram uh. The smartphone also comes with a 6.43 inch amoled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate, and it comes with a full hd plus resolution thats. Why playing games on the smartphone is smoother compared to the competition that has an ips display? Having an amoled display is a big advantage, as you can uh get more than 60 frames per second, as long as the game or the app supports it. And, of course, the smartphone also comes with a 5 000 milliamp hours of battery and, of course, a charging speeds of 33 watts. So that is already fast enough for me. So im pretty happy with that one and um yeah. I cant wait to show you the gaming performance of the redmi. Note 11. So give me a few minutes so ill just set it up. Of course lets do a gaming review of the redmi note 11. for first game, its pubg mobile and, as you can see in here, uh were setting it up at the highest frame rate possible, which is unfortunately only high.

We got smooth graphics settings. Uh were gon na turn on anti aliasing as well, and i believe that the game isnt as optimized as we think by the source so uh, i think redmi or xiaomi – should do more uh for this one to have a better frames on the smartphone. So yeah uh lets see, as you can see in here in a man its actually pretty smooth uh, as you can see its not more than 30 frames per. Second, again were limited by the frame rates that we can uh run details of pubg mobile, but yeah – that is a redmi note, 11, smooth so far no frame drops at all but the graphics. Well, i believe that the smartphone can do more dapat, but unfortunately we are limited by its graphic settings, so lets see so for them there shouldnt be uh lags on this one. I believe that uh, the smartphone can do more when it comes to pubg mobile. I believe its powerful enough to run it at the higher graphics settings and also at a higher frame rate, but again were limited uh due to the options or the graphics settings that we have on the redmi note 11.. So now lets go outside and lets see. If there will be frame, drops or lags on this one, as you can see, more objects has loaded, and yet we are still getting a pretty good frame rates on the smartphone uh.

No noticeable frame drops as well so yeah. I believe the smartphone can easily handle pubg mobile without problems its just that the smartphone needs optimization for the game. Okay, so lets try driving around uh at angel and lets see if there will be frame drops or if we can see some. You know issues with this one, okay, so farmer mandito is a driving nut and again no problems at all with the smartphone lets. Try uh yeah no problems at all, as you can see, yeah, even with explosions, its still consistent and everythings moved so far is Music. So i really believe that the smartphone can do more. So, if youre using a third party application to uh bypass your limitations, nothing with the graphics, i believe the redmi note 11 can handle that. As you can see in here uh the graphics is smooth and uh. The temperatures isnt that bad, i actually dont, feel any warm on the smartphone so yeah, i guess thats it for uh pubg mobile on the redmi note 11.. So the video is running at 60 frames per second okay, thats smooth but uh. The smartphone comes with a 90 hertz amoled display. Basically, the smartphone is capable of running games up to 90 frames per second, if its supported and one of the games that supports 90 frames per second. Is this one all right so its a very casual game and smartphone, although its not as smooth as a a 120 hertz, the display, but its still smoother than a 60 hertz for some people they might not uh notice that, but its still 90 hertz its smoother Its better and uh its nice to see that they have an amoled display instead of an ips case ips.

It will not go more than 60 frames per second, so yeah nice to see that on the redmi note 11. for next game, its a league of legends, wild riff. As we all know this uh, this smartphone game is pretty good when it comes to optimizations. As you can see in here, weve set it up at the 60 frames per second at super high graphics quality with super high resolution. Everything is set to high and turn on, except for the dynamic resolution. Of course, we cannot turn that on so now. Um lets see uh the performance of this one and lets see if it will perform consistent at 60 frames per second, so, as you can see right now, its pretty smooth at 60 frames per second, of course, there are no interactions yet, but lets see uh once We are here at the clash of kittens. If uh there will be a big difference on san diego all right. So, as you can see in here in a man wow, its smooth, the graphics is nice, uh and so far, despite among animations like the droplet 59, which is basically 60 frames per second, but then uh so yeah no problems at all when playing games like league Of legends, while surprisingly the snapdragon 680 processor of the smartphone is decent enough for our needs and my heater manager, lots of movements from the enemies and all but yeah no problems at all. With the snapdragon 680 off the redmi note, 11.

yeah nikita mandito young canyon frame rates, steady and 60 frames per second, so yeah. I dont think there will. We would experience any problems with this one. This one is very, very smooth, very smooth, no problems so yeah. I guess uh details and league of legends water if youve seen that everythings smooth no problems at all and um, there wont be any problem with this one as league of legends, while drift again is a very optimized game. So this game is a game chain impact. No need for introduction for this one. So, as you can see in here, uh were running it at the lowest settings. There we go lowest settings lets, try to make it at 60. – Music. Surprisingly um, as you can see in here, its running at a smooth im, not sure if its 60, but its definitely more than 30 frames per second, once its running at its lowest settings for a smartphone at this price range. This one is pretty amazing cyan. We werent able to make a game bench work for this one, but, as you can see in here there we go in the battle. Not not much frame drops all right, not much frame drops in here there we go. Oh there we go. Some praying drops so far. I do like uh the uh frames that were getting here, its smooth and uh. I love it. I love it once the lowest settings attire. Everything is running pretty smooth on the smartphone, all right, so yeah, my container tile logs done as you can see.

Yeah there we go. I guess depends on uh animations and uh my effects on a good load. But as you can see in here, this one is running better than expected. I was expecting it to be running at 6r, less than 30 frames per second, but its actually more than 30 bag reaching up to 60. So try not to name us effects and all so lets. Try during these enemies. There we go Music Applause, Music Applause, but overall its an excellent smartphone uh for genji and impact so yeah, okay, so detonation 30 frames smooth. My count italian lags, but, as you can see in here its running pretty well and its running better than i expected it to be an expec, its an affordable smartphone when they perform, but no this actually is pretty good for genji impact. So if you love genji impact and youre on a budget, definitely uh, so i guess thats it. For our gaming review of the redmi note 11 weve seen that the smartphone is powerful enough to run different games uh, depending on your first weve, seen pubg mobile. Unfortunately, the smartphone isnt as optimized as we think, but that things a pubg mobile, i think, uh the smartphone needs improvement. They need to be optimized more for the game, but if you want, you could use a third party application to bypass those limitations and i believe that the smartphone can run at a higher graphics settings and the snapdragon 680 is a decent processor and i believe the Money in the future uh, i believe those smartphones with the snapdragon 680 uh would run or would get a better graphics settings or a higher frame rates detail as a pubg mobile, but yeah uh weve seen pubg mobile theres, also a game up to 90 frames per.

Second thats nice. Unfortunately, not all games can run way. Past 60 frames per second but its nice to see that we got a 90 uh hertz, not refreshed lately, theres a smartphone at all, so uh. We were able to run it at uh, more than 60 frames per second, but yeah since considering the 680 launcher. You know, i think processor limited language at more than 60 frames per second, because again, this is an entry level processor with league of legends wild drift. As expected, the game run pretty well no problems at all and naked as we expected again. The game is really optimized for most smartphones that we have reviewed and, of course, tough, the game. The marathon is a play store, which is gangshin impact, weve seen gangshin impact run uh at the smartphone, but again its lowest settings and its not the consistent frame rates. Nah you were probably expecting, but actually unexpected new frame rates. Nothing considering that this is a smartphone in the snapdragon, 680 processor and uh. Even the snapdragon 800 processors are struggling, but the thing details against an impact but its nice to see that the game is playable, kai, popano but yeah. The frame drops arent consistent, so yeah. I guess thats the dito satin gaming review of the redmi note 11. So if you like, this video dont forget to give a thumbs up and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click the subscribe button.

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