Forty three inch up to eight hundred nintendo max brightness and well walada mansion. I dont know um screen refresh rate and 90 hertz or whatsoever. No, so this is just a 60 hertz. The screen refresh rate and meron 8 gigs of ram 120 gigs of storage, triple camera, marina, 48 mp wide lens 2 mp macro lens and 2mp depth sensor. The sahara melts a 16 mp na front facing camera im gon na loud speaker is a single out single firing loudspeaker and, of course, some kind of battery is a 5 000 milliampere arsenal battery supporting up to 33 watts of fast charging somewhere standalone color glowing starting Black and glowing rainbow silver and mere nothing is the glowing rainbow silver. So since the bangit gon na expect submariner for nato animal capabilities so guys out of the box, its slim, its sleek and anger, then kind of colors Music rainbow finisher, since its called the glowing rainbow silver right now. Headphone jack microphone in type c, port and, of course, angkanyang loudspeaker, then uh, volume, rocker and, of course, canon sim, tray, malinis and sahabila is only just the power button, so it all is a in fingerprint display now fingerprint scanner, its uh very much. I dont know uh, but its a very slim phone transmission biometrics, a fingerprint now so uh its under the screen so very easy to use channel, although i also appreciate them on and the sites its also easy to access or determine sending access.

And i can see na young screen is hindi namasha, so uh outside outdoors uh. There are times i know, and this one is running on android 11 with color os 11.1 out of the box. Now its smooth, you can see. Okay now you know. Well, then, again, probably multitasking, everythings good, so chinatown details are refreshing, checker, the maximum refresh rate downfall. Nato is 60 hertz. So i was wondering, though, of hypedito. I was expecting my 90 hertz refresh rate on my long channel and well to my this so mentioned this, and this is how it looks like when you turn the phone into dark mode. It looks nice um, mating, contaminant colors yeah, especially when youre using this at night. I prefer nababanyan brightness, but i mean some performance kind of benchmark. This snapdragon 662 is well not really that much of a new chip, so it only got a 204 thousand points. Details, uh antutu benchmark so checking in further itll break down and scores benchmark, just 90 000 points, and also wildlife manchester at 383 points. Suppose that things are gaming. I wouldnt say that this is the best phone for gaming and but to my surprise, this one got a level one security level, so white vine for the inside, the iron info, meaning hd, no mandito nato on the bright side. So t9 number nathan um fast charging data support. Oh since melissa five thousand milliampere hours of battery can support up to 33 watts of fast charging saving the oppo.

This one can charge as fast as 30 minutes fifty four percent, the majuana tiditon. So we did drain it down to fourteen percent. It was uh. I dont know its a battery bot pro. Then china shutter public, to a hundred well, of course, using internet default, cable supplied and default charger so that tupper style in one hour and 24 minutes. So uh well its not as fast as i was expecting since its just a 33 watts and charger. So im, not quite sure, company achieved half no in 30 minutes but well to be able to finish in less than one. Nfrs is not really that bad. For a 33 watts charger so on the bright side, watching videos, ohena, mancha, uh, bright, punching and colors, since this one is a amoled display. Definitely the black is blacker, the colors are punchier and the impact grand denim colors is definitely better since its a amoled display. Uh, though the screen is just a little bit smaller uh to my expectation, because my sonia is 6.6 6.7. This was 6.43 okay le mancha. For some people, but for me just a little bit smaller and okay – hold it nina taking too much space away from the screen and watching videos here, uh, some netflix or youtube occasional was able to enjoy doing speaker is not as loud as i expect it to Be uh for every single fighting langsha, so let me play some quick music here and pakistan.

Music is not that loud, so you might opt to use the headphone jack since melanoma, so take full advantage of it. So theres not really much phone number on that phone. Just but these days this is probably one of its specialty. Well added features. No. This is oppo i95, which is having the headphone jack so neglected and games here so call of duty, uh and score. Can you imagine 3d mark? So we did try to play a game here, call of duty mobile and the gameplay is okay long. I wouldnt say that its one of the best experience i had some smartphone gaming, this one its just average. There are times i mean its because the snapdragon 662 is not that much of a gaming chip, its more of a battery nah. I dont, know more balance more battery efficient chip, since its a six series and snapdragon and gaming here is okay. If you can set it lower its a graphic settings, its a frame rate, so you have to lower a bit your expectation more but im getting my smoother onion gameplay here and the loudspeaker that i said so. I did put on my favorite headphones to enjoy the game and okay, the mankind sounds when youre using headphones problems and the touch number this phone is okay, then, while playing responsiveness, one of the problem along the way, so the gameplay is good. As long as you set the expectation a little bit lower, so it dont phone it though it has a triple camera.

Now: 48 mp main sensor 2 mp macro 2 mp depth and of course i had a 16 mp and young front facing camera. So guys outdoors and i was able to get some really nice shots uh. I think this oppo a95 is more of a camera centric phone. I was able to capture some nice shots outdoors, a bay side, some garden. It was really good. Taking some food shots is also good. I can say that this phone is more catered to people who love to take photos, uh, mapaselti, mancha or mapa, rear camera, its really nice and really punchy photos selfies. No, i didnt see the even though its just a 16 mp shooter. These photos are quite sharp and the colors are punchy and especially as a selfie guys, indoor mansion, no uh. I can see okay apple performance, low light shots, looking good, not the best, but its good, so guys it on phoneto. The oppo 895 right now is priced at fifteen seven, nine, nine champions and lazada official store nila at the moment. Uh and well. I can see now im not sure well for me its an average phone, not uh, not your best gaming phone, not your best camera phone. It can take in some good photos, but definitely not the best in this price range and its a gaming. Then, if you want in better graphics uh, i i think uh, there are other phones in the oppo which can be better uh as compared to a95.

So im i can say now walan among height. This is your phone name that may be created like a hype. At the end of the day, its up to you, if you want to be part of the hype. So if you like this video guys dont forget to like subscribe click that bell icon.