Music aiku hasnt been around for very long, and this is the first time they are making an se model its basically a cheaper iku9 with some cut features here and there, rather than more premium materials. The se models back is made of plastic with a soft matte. Finish that shifts color as it catches light theres, also a mirror like accent that sits below the cameras. The frame is made of plastic too, but despite that, the overall build doesnt feel cheap. The iq9se also has some dust and splash resistance, but i wouldnt dunk it in the pool on the front is a 6.62 inch amoled display with a 1080p resolution, panda glass protection and a 120 hertz refresh rate. This high refresh rate makes movements like swiping and scrolling much smoother to the eye, but this isnt an ltpo panel like youd, get on the pro model. While the screen will dial down to 60 hertz to save energy, when you stop interacting with it, it can go below that 120. Hertz is sort of supported in games here, but its not well optimized, often resulting in some stutters regardless this panel is nice. Content looks crisp at 400, ppi and blacks are deep. Although you dont get 10 bit color like on the iq 9, there is hdr 10 plus support and colors can either pop or be very accurate. Depending on the color profile you choose in settings. The display is plenty bright too. We reached 480 nits maximum with the slider, and this boosts to 860 nits in auto mode when in bright sun, not industry, leading but still flagship grade for audio.

The iq9se has a pair of stereo speakers with the earpiece acting as the second one. They earned a score of good in our loudness test and the sound quality is a bit of a step down from the higher tier models, but still quite decent Music for storage. You get 128 or 256 gigs and thats not expandable. The interface of the icoo 9se is vivos. Fun touch os 12, based on android 12., its just the same as what youd find on the higher tier models. A straightforward ui, which is pretty customizable, looks wise and brings the features baked into the new android version. You can wake up and unlock the iq 9se with the under display fingerprint reader, its optical rather than ultrasonic like the pro model, but is still fast and reliable. You dont get access to shortcuts by holding down on the fingerprint reader, like you would on the pro, but still you can assign shortcuts to the volume key and use it to launch apps or certain tasks. One of the main considerations about the ikoo9se is its chipset. Its a snapdragon 888, which youd also find in last years, flagships. In contrast, the vanilla, icoo 9, has a snapdragon, 888 plus and the iq 9 pro has the up to date. Snapdragon 8 gen 1. in real world use. This phone is quite comparable to the iq9 when it comes to performance plus, the thermals are decent here, too everyday tasks run without a hitch, but gamers will run into a particular problem.

Ive already mentioned, high frame rates are technically supported, but in practice the poor refresh rate management leads to stuttering and poor performance there. But at least the iq phones bring a feature called 4d game vibration, which can provide dynamic, haptic feedback in games. The ico, 9ses battery capacity sits between the vanilla and pro models at 4 500 milliamp hours battery life is decent, but nothing special with a final endurance rating of 87 hours in our tests. Charging speed, on the other hand, is on the speedy side, even though it comes with a 66 watt adapter, rather than the 120 watt one youd get on the other models. Still in just half an hour, we were able to charge the iq9se from zero to 91 percent lets get into the cameras. There is a 48 megapixel main cam with ois a 13 megapixel ultra wide, which has auto focus and a depth sensor, theyre quite the downgrade from the pro model, but almost the same as what youd get on the vanilla iq9, except here, youre missing the gimbal ois On the main, cam and theres, no telephoto, 12 megapixel photos from the main cam have plenty of resolved detail and practically no noise. Colors are quite vivid, though even oversaturated theres, also plenty of sharpening applied to these photos and dynamic range is on the narrow side, portraits from the main cam and depth sensor are a mixed bag. The separation is decent, but not perfect, and the faces of the subjects tend to look a bit.

Soft theres, no telephoto cam, but digital zoom from the main cam is still usable. The 13 megapixel ultra wide camera gives pretty typical results for this sort of cam theres. A decent level of detail and moderate sharpening but dynamic range is just okay and theres. Some corner softness, the colors are too saturated, but at least they match the main camps. Since the ultrawide cam has autofocus, you can use it to take close up macro shots. These are much better than what youd get from the low res dedicated macro cams, which are popular these days in low light conditions. The iq9se will automatically apply night mode processing. These shots have nice detail and are well balanced with nicely boosted, shadows and well contained highlights. The processing is a bit aggressive, though, with both heavy sharpening and oversaturated colors. You can also toggle on a dedicated knife mode, and the results are very similar. The ultra wide cam is hit or miss in low light conditions. Literally, its autofocus is not that accurate or consistent at night. The shots that do come out in focus are decent, though not terribly. Sharp selfies are taken with the 16 megapixel front facing cam and the quality is solid, theres, a decent amount of detail and colors. Look nice and natural. The selfie camera records video in 1080p. The detail level is above average and we like the color rendition. The iq9se can record at up to 4k at 30fps with its main camera.

These clips have good detail and the colors look a lot more natural than on. The stills, however, highlights are easily clipped suggesting a narrow, dynamic range. The ultra wide cam maxes out at 1080p resolution, these videos have noticeably different colors and contrast and okay detail. Dynamic range is even more of an issue here. There is electronic stabilization available. The regular mode can work in 4k and does a great job in smoothing things out, theres also an ultra stable mode that is smoother, but crops more and is limited to 1080p, so thats, the ikoo9se. It offers pretty solid specs all around, not as high tier as the other models in the lineup, but still flagship grade. For the most part, the only place it notably falls behind is battery life, but the fast charging somewhat makes up for that. For now, this phone is only found in the indian market and competition. There is as heated as ever, but the iq9se is a solid flagship, killer budget flagship and is worth recommending.