This is rajiv makhni on the sale guru show. Our big review today is the samsung a73 5g top of the line. A series phone from the samsung galaxy series comes closest to the premium s22 range, so screen: 120 hertz, refresh rate processor, snapdragon, 108 megapixel quad, camera priced at 41, 990 and the oppo enco air 2. Pro another week. Another tws earbud oppos, upgrade to the air 2 features nice noise, cancellation, powerful base priced at 3499. and were also going to tell you how to make sure your phone looks absolutely brand new for years. Im not kidding well make you do it. Music lets move on now to our top story, and this is a story that really surprised me, because the a73 was rumored to be like this, but it turned out to be better than the rumors. This is the a73 5g premium. Look nice design tries to offer an s22 like experience their flagship, so why do we say that look 108 megapixel quad camera setup 6.7 inch super amoled display 120 hertz display snapdragon 778 g processor, 8gb of ram 128 gb of storage 5000 mah battery. But of course, in charging, as always, something way behind just 25 watt fast charging or if you can call it fast charging like. I said price point about 41 42, 000 rupees theres, a certain dichotomy when looking at the premium mid range segment, the focus is on value all out spec sheets and a whole lot of hardware for your money.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean compromises in polish samsung. On the other hand, is taking a laser focus on the user experience with some sacrifices on the spec sheet. Does it even out thats what we aim to find out in our cell guru review of the samsung a73 5g samsung is taking a page out of the galaxy s series for the a73 and we absolutely cannot complain, call it modern minimalism or just a chic silhouette. The a73 5g looks fantastic, the back of the phone is finished in a clean plastic. Unibody finish that keeps fingerprints and smudges at bay. There is no unnecessary branding other than a simple samsung logo. What truly strikes out is how the camera module gently rises from the back panel, a smooth curve for where your finger might rest ends into a sharply defined for the camera. Even the four cameras and led flash are laid out in the perfect symmetry adding to the aesthetics of the hardware. If you thought unibody means less than premium. The samsung a73 proves it wrong and thats. Just the back. The buttons are finished to a high level of polish, with excellent tactile feedback. Yes, there is an ip67 rating too, so you can easily take out the phone, no matter rain or dust on the front. The 6.7 inch display is a visual treat. It stretches all the way to the edges with minimal bezels. There are no distractions to be found, barring the single camera cutout and in typical samsung fashion.

The screen screen is premium. The 120hz super amoled panel is bright, vibrant and supports. Hdr brightness level speaks at 800 nits, which might not be the highest on paper, but is more than youll ever need for visibility under direct sunlight, add to it the gorilla glass 5 for protection, and you are looking at a complete package. The 120 hertz refresh rate is of course adjustable, and you can optimize for silky, smooth navigation or better battery life to suit your preference. The performance front is perhaps the most polarizing aspect of the samsung a73 5g. You see, samsung is going for the tried and tested snapdragon 778g chipset no flagship hardware. Here performance is, of course more than a sum of its parts and samsungs optimization comes in handy to keep things flowing smoothly all the way around, but a gaming beast. This point aint, while we had no issues at all with everyday usability, top end games like tension, impact and call of duty, can throw a bit of a spanner in the experience. They are certainly playable, but you might not be able to max out settings. Moreover, it brings into questions samsung claims of four years of software support the chipset here, isnt exactly fresh and remains to be seen how well it will fair years down the line. A lot of that aforementioned fluidity is down to samsungs excellent one ui 4.1, based on android 12. The korean company has set it out of the park with optimization.

Not only do you get extremely smooth navigation but a plethora of features add to the experience. Finally, there is 5g support too across a wide range of bands for future proofing. The frugal processor also plays a big role in longevity, combined with the 5000 mah battery. The snapdragon 778g delivers all they use and then some we had no trouble getting six to seven hours of screen on time and thats with heavy use most days. We make it to the end of the day, with 20 to 30 charge still left in the tank. Charging speeds, however, do not impress the best you can hope for is 25 watt and thats if you buy samsungs fast charger separately. That means almost 90 minutes of waiting for a full charge. Switching to the cameras, the galaxy a73 impresses, the primary 108 megapixel camera sticks to the samsung theme of slightly over saturated colors, excellent, dynamic range and a whole lot of detail. The phone pushes the boundary of what to expect in the price range with fantastic color accuracy, no matter the lightning conditions. Moreover, the camera does a brilliant job with portrait mode and even low light shots. Similarly, the 8 megapixel ultrawide camera might be low on resolution, but it matches the primary shooter in color science and detail. Finally, you get a 5 megapixel macro. Lens results are plenty good in decent lighting, but, like most macro cameras, capturing close ups can be a chore. We wish samsung had replaced it with a telephoto shooter.

Instead, on the front, youll observe a 32 megapixel shooter that captures realistic, skin tones and maintains color accuracy, as well, with the galaxy a73 samsung aint, aiming for the best of everything. Instead, the company has opted for an excellent balance of specs and optimization, and it shows in the overall experience what you miss out in flagship great performance. The a73 makes up for it in its display quality software optimization and imaging its, not a cheap phone. At 41. 999 rupees, but for those who aint necessarily looking for a gaming smartphone, the samsung galaxy, a7, 5g might take all the boxes. Lets move on now to a very interesting phone from motorola, the moto g22 complete budget offering from them something that motors not been doing for a while with their g series is priced. Around 10 000 rupees, so 6.5 inch lcd display, but has 90 hertz so which is pretty okay, mediatek, helio, g37 chipset again: okay, chipset entry level, 4g chipset android 12, which is ad free. Almost no bloatware, like typical uh motorola, does 50 megapixel cord camera. But again its an okayish camera 5000 mah battery, which is good 20 watt charging, which is okay at this price point, should you buy the g22 if youre on a budget? Well, my quick view is that motorola didnt do enough at 10, 000 theres too much competition, Music, entry level or budget phones are largely the domain of xiaomi and realme. The two companies have set the expectations of value and feature set, and it is up to every other brand to follow through the motorola.

G22 is a brand new competitor from the legendary brand that wants to challenge the status quo. Can it set the benchmark for phones around the 10 000 rupee price point we find out despite a polycarbonate build the moto g22 feels more than adequate for the price plastics come in varying degrees of quality, but here they feel sufficiently solid. Youll have to contend with cleaning up fingerprints from time to time, though, what stands out, however, is the light weight of the phone coming in at just 185 grams. The moto g22 is positively feather light, despite the oversized internals that well come to in a few serving duty on the front is a 6.5 inch ips lcd display. The hd plus resolution is a bit underwhelming, but you do get a 90 hertz refresh rate. That is nice to have at the price point we found colors to be a bit muted, but overall brightness is good, but not amazing. Xiaomi does better here. The fingerprint scanner of the phone is embedded into the power button and does the trick. We found it to be fast and reliable. Unfortunately, youll be missing out on the nice to have additions like stereo speakers or an ip rating, though the phone is splash resistant powering. The phone is a helio g37 chipset, bundled with 4gb of ram. The phone keeps up with regular use, fine thats partially due to the near stock android experience offered by motorola shipping with android 12 moto is promising three years of security updates.

The performance is well balanced for the segment, though wed warn gamers to proceed with caution. Battery life, however, makes up for it. With a 5000mah cell, we found the g22 to be a two day phone for us and thats great, since you will want to leave the phone charging overnight, charging speeds top off at 20 watt. The g22 comes equipped with a 50 megapixel camera that is rather well equipped to handle everyday photography, needs theres, decent dynamic range, though the hdr performance isnt ideal. You will observe above average detail, though low light. Shots leave a lot to be desired. Paired up with the primary camera are 2 megapixel macro and depth sensors. The macro sensor is capable of good shots occasionally, but we found it too hard to focus and pull off shots consistently. Finally, at the front is a 16 megapixel selfie camera that captures realistic skin tones and manages detail quite well. The moto g22 is a well rounded package for the money that motorola is asking for. It doesnt have all out performance or the highest resolution display, but it offers a bit of everything to the end consumer, making it a quality option to consider thats doubly true. Considering the clean software built on board. The phone is now available for 10 999 rupees. Now weve done two stories: weve not done a tws earbud. How is that possible? The oppo enco air 2 pro is up oppos upgrade to the air.

2. Has nice noise cancellation a good base? Driver 12.44 m drivers, ip54 certification, its priced at 34999. But what about the rest whats, the sound signature like? Is it really really as good as typical oppo tws earbuds are lets? Take a look Music. Did you know that oppo one of the most popular smartphone brands around has its root in audio file? Great audio, the company has tapped into that expertise while crafting a broad range of true wireless earphones over the years. However, there are a lot of alternatives around which deliver great sound quality and more does the oppo enco air 2 pro bring anything new to the table or does it risk getting lost in the crowd we find out in our review Music, the oppo enco air 2? Pro keeps the design familiar but is leading into more natural shapes for comfort. The entire case is rounded to resemble a bubble or even a pebble. A refractive edge at the top adds some visual flare that is striking under the right light. Like previous oppo. True wireless earphones, the materials here are top notch and the encore air 2 pros case looks better than youd expect for the price pop. The lid open and youll find the earphones nestled inside a button on the side of the case handles pairing and checking on the battery life lets move to the earphones. Then the design continues. The theme of natural curves top of the earphone has a general curve that flows seamlessly into the stock.

You will find gesture based controls here to control, play and pause, as well as the noise cancellation features. We found the fit to be exceptionally good, especially thanks to the variety of silicon tips included. The silicon tips give the earphones a degree of noise isolation and further amplify the bass. The oppo enco a2 pro also has ip54 dust and water resistance rating, making it great for workouts in combination with good fit. We found it hard to dislodge the earphones during a workout inside youll find large 12.4 mm titanium coated drivers. The large drivers are key to the pace. Heavy sound signature packing some of the largest diamond drivers in the segment. The sound quality is notably punching highest, come across as smoothly rolled off, while the vocals are just a bit recessed. The default tuning has a bit of emphasis on bass, making this great for pop music. However, oppos app easily allows you to tune the sound signature to your liking. Shifting over to a more neutral equalizer setting will be sure to put a smile on every budget. Audio files face in fact were equally impressed by the bass, boost and vocal presets that add an extra kick to the music. The other major selling point is, of course, active noise cancellation. Oppo has been on the anc bandwagon for several years now and has perfected the art. The enco a2 pro is no exception and you can expect a significant reduction in ambient noise levels.

Traffic noise, ambient disturbance, the enco air 2 pro is easily able to reduce noise levels, letting you enjoy your music in peace for times when you do want special awareness, the transparency mode comes in clutch and sounds natural, just stab the side of the earphone to activate It on the battery life front, the oppo enco air2 pro is equipped with prodigious battery life. Oppo claims seven hours of longevity on a single charge and it lined up with our testing. You can easily get through a full day of use on one top up. Add in the charging case you get about 28 hours of use, thats incredible on the charging front, the oppo enco a2 pro nets you two hours of use on a 10 minute charge. This comes in pretty handy for those times where you forget to charge your earphones before a run price at 3499, the oppo enco a2 pro is hard to fault. Theyve got all the features, youd expect and then some. Moreover, the quality is consistently good throughout the feature set, making them easy to recommend definitely worth considering Music lets. Take a quick break right now in the cell guru show when we come back lots more happening. Music now lets move on to a story that i think applies to every single one of us how to maximize the life of your phone and make sure it looks really new for years im, not just talking cosmetically im talking inside and out as the right hand To your day to day routine, you expect your smartphone to be the perfect tool to help you communicate stay on top of world events, be your source of entertainment and perhaps be the control center of your smart home and as an expensive purchase.

It is reasonable to expect that they remain slick to use for years to come. Unfortunately, thats, not always the case, so here are a few ways to ensure that you can optimize your phone for maximum performance. First restart and update now lets start off with the basics. Feel that your phone is running a bit sluggish, give it a restart yes, the old techie joke of switching it off and on again totally applies to smartphones too, but, more importantly, keep your phone updated. It is essential for smooth performance and making sure security loopholes stay away. Second, avoid unnecessary or suspicious apps. Look phones are pricey to begin with. We get it if you want to install an app or two that you find on the internet. However, it is usually these apps that toss in the spyware or ads onto your phone and bring down the whole experience, stick to the play, store or ios app store for tried and tested apps. Moreover, it is recommended to either disable or completely remove apps that youre no longer using so that they dont eat up on necessary resources simply head over to the apps tab under settings, tap, disable or uninstall, and you are done third optimize. Your phone for better charging. Now, most phone these days include an optimized charging setting now this ensures better charging hygiene so that your battery stays healthy over long periods of time now, in case your phone doesnt charging your phone to 80 is a good way to prolong battery drain.

Additionally, avoid letting your battery drain all the way to zero, since that does have a long term impact on battery health, reduce animations, graphic intensive tasks like heavy animations or live wallpapers can take a toll on older phones head over into developer settings and either switch off Animations or reduce them, you will be surprised how much more snappy your phone feels another way to get. The new phone experience is to switch to a lighter launcher. Our recommendation is nova launcher optimized to run on even low car devices. The launcher will have your phone feeling like new, and the last one give the phone a reset in case your phone is feeling particularly slow. A full reset can often bring it back to life sure it takes an hour or two to get your phone to where it was, but a full reset lets the system out any bugs or apps that might be eating into your resources. So there you go five easy steps to help your phone keep running well for many years. That, then was the sell.