Seventy three, my samsung, like couple of meaningful upgrades, curry performance, camera department, spelling key galaxy a73 price worth itself. Your review button Music, okay, um, starting with the design your phone go, looks its quite impressive. Samsung lets say: fancy new design element introduced, nagori corner, simple, annie, classic vibe, lena cos. It goes up and i like it, a lot um in terms of colors galaxy a73. Its a gray white mint girl, it does not feel cheap or anything raw as expected: samsung galaxy a7 ip67 dust and water resistance, bunny, diego still uh build quality thought for me: complaints, money! Sorry! First of all, your matt finished my fingerprints. The galaxy a73 is no exception. Yes, cool 6.7 inches tall, super amoled, plus green cook, colors, any contrast, white balance. They clear something impressive. Your display is almost flagship level kits also a 72 lenovo. It will definitely have an impact on the battery life. Okay, uh brightness, galaxy Music, dual stereo speakers with dolby atmos overall, sound quality balance, funny nico, sat side. It can get quite loud as well amra test mata, yes, go call quality penny excellent! Yes, my proximity sensor body mod for one of the biggest upgrades say: uh yeah aspect is a galaxy a72 mobile, snapdragon 720 g band that snapdragon 778 g, more powerful, unique assets, its more power efficient as well; amelio, galaxy m52, galaxy a52s, ani xiaomi, 11, light n E confidently monitor key snapdragon 778 as a result.

A73. My regular everyday performance is really good. Uh memory management, os yeah, uh, ui optimization. There is nothing to complain. Only uh samsung, your phone lights are generation for android japans version. Samogo security updates, panini dna promise, curry goodso, which is pretty spectacular. Gaming theater lag thats a yeah pubg call of duty. Do it a mass 60 fps maam max gameplay, draw very high frame rate settings. Manage 60 fps, enjoy military pop gmat basic, smooth, graphics on batteries. So option enable contour yes by a critical ops system, high fps optimized games, bunny galaxy a73, the steady 120 fps mckenna, sucks or injustice to my money. Around 90 300 fps galaxy 87 phono yo price segment, passing sir key colors, honey, white balance, dynamic range exposure, levels, shadow processing, the hilly era, everything looks very natural. Samsung phones are little, usually vibrant, rapunchi image, kitsanthora e73 thats, not the case. Um ultra wide angle. Images might say: alka color shift song a saturation level bunny boy. Could they thorough its? Not a big deal portrait shots, my pony face, go our skin tone, colors red detail levels, a skin tone pinkish for some reason. Uh moving on you have about this megapixel front. Camera selfie sorry expect cornerstone low light conditions, magic things get a little interesting, normal nighttime shots well lit environment, but night mode on gary photography end result over exposed amnesia. Still, yes, until got flare on which maxes out at 1080p, 30 fps galaxy a73 after selfie camera battery 4k 30 fps.

Some of the videos are occasional, but weirdly enough, you have background exposure on skin tone inconsistent by the insert, so i hope ki samsung used a software update pattern. Finally, galaxy a73 battery life, but its a above average matrix a stable 60 hertz method. Your lets face it. That is not how you use this phone instead uh constant 120 hertz mode on girders. All over the moderate usage. You can get around five point five to six hours of screen on time, raw online, any software updates say best in class segment. It has the best camera performance too, but at the end of the day, yes, my boy go snapdragon 778. Julia gordon galaxy a73 left fully recommends, i think, is a much better deal so guys.