Now that my cringy intros are away lets get to the point of this. Video in this case were going to be reviewing a teaspoon rechargeable power bank 10, 000 mah a milliamps, depending on how you want to say it now, im gon na apologize ahead of time, because, just like with my last video yall, know that gaming mouse, i did Not bring my tripod stand laughing at the job, sadly, but heck its my first time. Holding this thing and this mug feels better than the white one i bought from them has an led indicator to tell you 25 50 75 blah blah. I did not expect ooh hold on that aint what i think it is all right. This mug has a built in iphone charger type c, im guessing thats micro, usb and im guessing standard usb, probably for laptop or something. I can barely see that through this camera. But before i can see that mug is pretty much saying what what whats this saying. Oh lets just stay: um, instagram, stuff, doesnt matter. It gets to focusing pretty much thats saying the facebook, the instagram its giving me you the specs of it. Has you one usb slot on the side, i guess thats the power on also the micro usb. I know yall can see that in this camera. Okay, im gon na pause this for a moment. Im gon na try to see if it can actually charge my phone well.

It seems we have one major problem. If you want to consider that as usual, these things do not come fully charged. So, im going to pause this video, let this thing get to 100 and then come back well come back and resume making the video i should say, but before i do that, let me finish this unboxing another sheet. You know giving them. This is also written at the bottom of the the power bank. The thing i couldnt really get the camera to focus on, but you know it tells you all their social media right there. This i dont know probably the same thing. Nope, oh probably cut this out. The video im guessing you get some type of a cable in here Music. This would be so much easier. If i had my tripod stand. Micro usb charging cable seems thats pretty much it so in this box, youre gon na get this micro usb charging cable. Something about pretty much if you lead, is you get a free one? You also get a teaspoon. Well, i have a good old, quick update. I cant seem to charge this thing, but it does charge items equipped to it. Quick update. I do not know how to get this thing to charge, but it does seem to charge my phones and whatnot. That cord is the one thats built into it. Yeah, i saw it at the back side thats the car that came with it im using that to charge this phone.

Ooh. Excuse me, as you can see, it does say, charging rapidly, so thats update, trying to see if i can find out how to charge this thing, though, or maybe i just got to deplete the battery well ill figure out how to charge it. I had to stick this cord all the way in not halfway. As i see thats blinking on 25 okay, i finally figured out how to get this thing to charge. The problem was i wasnt sticking it all the way in there now, as yall can see. Thats, 33 thats. 59. This thing is at what 100 im gon na let this thing charge overnight. So when i wake up for work, my phones will be fully charged im, also going to show you the percentage. The capacity on this battery should be, i think, 4200. Well, actually, it should be like 5000 on my g7 power on this one. It should be about 4200. I think thats motorola, e6 ill. Look it up, but yeah after that im gon na tell yall what i think about this thing, because, as of now, i think its definitely worth the 25 dollars theyre charging for it, maybe even a little cheaper. When you see this video well, i guess its about time. I wrap this video up um. I will rate this thing, a 4.5 out of 5, mainly because it has a indicator on it. Every type of connection you would need build like built in you can, just you know, click them on out um.

It charges my g7 power, which has a 5 000 milliamps battery once from like zero percent, it charged my e6 from like 12 to 100. It also charged my other g3 power like halfway before so called on zero, and you can catch it for about uh 15 to 20 off their facebook page. So do i recommend this thing? Yes, especially if you can get it for less than 20 dollars, it definitely did save me some time, especially if im like riding my bike in the park or something i want to charge my phone yep hey.