It is a newly released versatile, rugged smartphone that hot wave just released lets check out what it has to offer. The packaging looks good in orange. Youll proceed to unbox it to see what it has to offer inside the box. Users will find one hot wave, t5 smartphone packed nicely in a phone slot. Also included is a charging cable to charge up your device. A wall power adapter is also provided to connect. It to power. Finally, a user guide is provided to guide users on the product usage and advise all pack neatly inside the retail box on first impressions, the hot wave d5 looks solid, with its all black design and color. It looks modern with some metal engravings and casting at the back of the phone. The device comes with a 13 megapixel samsung main camera, as well as a secondary camera for portrait. They are nicely arranged at the back of the camera. Cant wait to try it out later. The material of the device feels to be made of rubber, which gives it a rugged feel to it. At the bottom. Users will find a usbc charging port, which is covered with a rubber flap to prevent water from going in a sim card and sd card tray can be found at the side of the phone users can use it to expand their storage or change their sim cards. At the other side, there are volume buttons and a power key to turn on the phone.

What surprised me is the headphone jack many smartphones dont come with it now, but this one do a good option for wired headphone users like me before use. Let me remove the protective layer on the screen. First, Music now power it up. It boots nicely into the hot wave logo Music, once powered on for the first time, follow the on screen instructions to continue once setup is done. It will boot into the home page check out the software interface. It looks pretty nice with a modern and elegant v, shape icon as the devices wallpaper. This phone is running android 12, so it feels really fast and the interface is updated to android 12 for better usability that is smooth and responsive with android 12. I can get the best out of my everyday usage with the latest updated apps and patches Music. It also has google play so i can download my favorite apps and games lets check out the camera interface. As you see, i can simply point and capture it anything i want like this. There are many different photography modes on the camera which users can explore. The front camera runs on a 5 megapixel ai selfie camera, so dont miss out on any moments in life where you want to capture anywhere anytime check out some test shots. I captured on the hot wave t5 pro they look. Good, clear and colors are accurate, even in low lighting conditions. Here is a test.

Video Music quality looks good during bright lighting conditions at night. If i am filming, the video quality is still viewable with a decent quality to it. Let me try gaming on it: Music, while running the game, the device doesnt feel hot or laggy. It is responsive to my input and the game runs nicely on the phone. Thanks to the mediatek processor, coupled with the decently sized 4 gigabyte ram and 32 gigabyte storage drop for me to use for my gaming work and leisure purposes, it has a 6 inch, hd plus display, which allows me to watch my favorite shows and videos on a Wide high definition screen, as you see over here, image quality is good and videos stay smooth and high quality during use. The 7500 milliamp battery allows for longer usage time, so i can enjoy my games or stream videos for an appropriate amount of time. I desire with 4g connectivity, supported in majority of countries that is compatible with the bandwidth. I can stay connected when traveling around browse the net easily to with the browser built into it, connect to wi, fi or use your 4g data for your browsing needs with its rugged ratings. I can feel at ease knowing the device is durable and resistant to accidental drops or scratches, even with the hammer on the screen. It did not scratch of damage it on accidental drops. It did not break too. Overall, i find the hot wave t5 pro rugged.

Smartphone, a decently priced rugged, smartphone that packs many features and functions. I can use it for my excursions or travels. The design is good and up to date with current trends. If you want to find out more about the hot wave t5 pro rugged smartphone check out the link in description.