This phone was just released april 14th and its 899 now ive had it for about a month now and ive been using it. Let me tell you what i think now, if youre new to my channel the way i do these things is that i dont typically do a review when it first comes out. But when i get the phone i pop my sim card in it for a little bit. I use it as my personal phone to kind of get an idea of how it actually works and typically, within that time frame a couple updates drop and things like that. So i have an idea of how the phone is when you actually buy it in stores. So look an update was just pushed out to the phone while im recording the video im, not gon na stop the video to install it. So the way its gon na work is that if this update made significant changes, then ill do an updated video. Otherwise. Well, talk about it, how it is now the one big standout to me has to be designed. The back is frosted, and i love how the camera cluster looks. It comes in a few different colors and oneplus sent me the black version. I wish i had access to the green as that one looks really dope, but the black one is pretty cool itself now it has tiny speckles on it that shines when the light hits it just right.

I actually think this phone looks pretty unique. The way its built and the way its looking, you know many phones, these days, start to look the same after a while, since they have so many cameras and theyre all glass and all these things, but i think oneplus did a good job at making this phone Stand out now, one thing i do dig about this phone is that it says hasselblad right here on the camera cluster and i think its done very well now, a lot of cameras that have these big camera clusters on the back. They stick out a lot, but the way oneplus made this it actually sort of blends into the curvature of the phone. Now. For me, i put it up there as one of the best designed phones as far as like looks and how it feels in the hand compared to everything ive used in the last few years. So big ups to one plus on that. Now, speaking of the back of the phone, it is gorilla glass. 5, so you should be protected from smaller drops, but the one thing about gorilla glass is that it can actually scratch now. Thankfully i havent scratched anything on this phone just yet, but i will expect some scratches to pop up, as i continue to put the phone in my pocket and, if youre not using a case with the phone. So the front of the phone is 6.7 inches, which puts it in the larger phone category, but yet its more narrow compared to other phones like an iphone and it makes it easier to hold in the hand.

I do find this phone to be one handed friendly for me, even at a phone this size. I do think the curved edges gives me a better grasp of the phone and also theres a built in fingerprint scanner, which is very fast and is extremely accurate. Now i do love this display and it gets very bright and it is extremely colorful too. It does ship at full, hd plus, and you can pop it over to quad hd plus. But for me, when watching normal content and just using the phone, i dont see a need to go to qhd plus, and i rather keep the extra screen on time. When you do move into qhd. Plus you lose about an hours screen on time from what ive recognized and at the same time, you can always go to auto select and then it actually switches over, depending on what youre doing so lets say: youre on twitter or youre doing something not intensive. Then itll be on full hd, but lets say you want to start watching the video, then it will switch over to qhd plus. So that is a good compromise. If you want that high resolution, qhd plus on certain content. Now, when it comes to the quality of the screen, comparing it to samsung, comparing it to iphone, not side by side, but just using the phones interchangeably, i will say that this screen feels just like those phones. This is a really great screen and i dont think youre losing out by switching from an iphone or from a samsung to this phone.

I dont think its an immediate drop off. I think everything looks great. It even gets very bright too. I did test it in direct sunlight a couple days ago and i had no issues viewing the screen. So i give this screen an a plus, as manufacturers are taking charges out of the box. Oneplus always is providing you with a charger and a good one at that. This is a 65 watt charger which, with 15 minutes, can give you around 8 hours of battery life and, in my testing id say its true now i did stop charging my phone overnight and i just charged it in the morning as i was getting ready for My day – and that was enough to last me a full day and throughout the night, so this phone definitely has all day battery. But when you include this very fast charger, i mean, even if its not all day and all night, you just pop it on the charger for a few minutes and youre good to go now lets talk software. This is android 12 with oxygen os 12.1. Now, for me, i think oxygen os has been always a friendly skin to use and back in the day with the original oneplus it used. A modified version of cyanogenmod now obviously were a long ways ago from the cyanogenmod, but i still do like oxygen os. I wouldnt say its my favorite skin out there, but i do think that many people will appreciate how it is theres, so many little things that makes the skin fun to use, and one thing i want to call out.

I know its very silly, but you see how, when you switch between screens, this little animation happens, its just a nice layer of smoothness, a nice layer of just you know just that extra layer of just cleanness. That happens also just everything you do like the app drawer just super smooth to go into how it comes from the bottom and we get out of it. It goes back down and just little things like that in the operating system makes it just a really fun phone to use. Now beyond it being fun, it is practical too i mean you do have a games launcher right here and then, when you launch a game from here, it automatically optimizes your phone for gaming. As you can see right here, it makes changes to the cpu, the gpu. It does a lot of these things to make the game faster now using it with the faster mode off for games and faster mode on for games. I cant say that its been like a huge difference, but i do like that the phone does optimize for games and it just kind of runs in the background. You dont really notice it, but at the same time it is nice to know that youre getting the most power out of your phone when launching a game. So the input on gaming felt really good and oneplus is using something called osync and that is syncing speeds between the processor and display.

So when youre playing it supposedly its three to six times faster. Obviously i cant test that, but i will say gaming felt very good on this phone theres a lot of settings. You can dive into and im all about, personalizing your phone, so right here under personalizations. This is where you can have fun. You can change your icons. You can change your always on display your wallpaper. You can change your colors all from here, which i find really nice, so you can definitely make this phone your own without having to download any type of third party software, or anything like that, which i think is nice, fingerprint animations is always a lot of fun. I do like the default one, but energy looks pretty cool too so check this out got the little energy thing which pops up so a lot of cool things you can definitely play with. You can have fun with and you can customize this phone and thats. One of the things that you have an advantage on when using a oneplus phone or any phone that uses like a custom skin, you do have opportunities for extra personalization. Now, speaking of personalizations, my sponsor dbrand would love to help you personalize any phone that you may have, but with the oneplus 10 pro theres a lot of different customizations, you can do to make this device. Look like your own. Now theres only two different colors, but with the dbrand skin you can get so many different colors and so many different combinations.

So your phone can look completely unique and it can be your own personal device hit the links down below to make the best decision of your life by getting a deep brand skin. Beyond that, i will say that this skin is light its out of your way, but its really good, obviously performance wont be a big issue with this phone with the latest chip from qualcomm, you can also get up to 12 gigabytes of ram with 256 gigabytes of Storage, but there is no option to upgrade it to a micro, sd card and 256 does get filled up pretty fast when dealing with 4k video. So that is something to keep an eye on when it comes to storage. Obviously there are google drive options and dropbox and google photos, but at the same time i wish there was an option for one terabyte or 512, especially now. Recording 4k video is like the norm. Speaking of gaming, i got ta say that rocket league swipe and space cowboys works. Really great, i mean the connection to your finger and the screen is spot on and other precise movements are definitely there. Obviously this is, you know, a high end phone, so you you can expect really good gaming and its just nice to see it now. The phone doesnt get that warm. When gaming – and you know thats with the newest processor, the the latest snapdragon chip, it doesnt, get as warm as the previous version and this phone kind of held it together even during a longer gaming session.

Obviously i said a lot of good things about this phone, but there are a couple drawbacks and to me it is definitely in the camera department. Once again, this camera system is closer, but once again it feels like its just a few generations. Behind the back of the phone, there are three cameras: theres 48 megapixel, 50 megapixel and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens, which offers 3.3 x optical zoom. Now this is oneplus best cameras and i would say, out of all the lenses. The best results are going to be. The wide angle lens it has a wonderful balance between color and brightness, and it doesnt look artificial at all theres, also a decent portrait mode, but that does have issues detecting background elements. It can think its a foreground element at time, which kind of throws off the photo. I will say its behind the iphone and pixel, but it still takes solid photos. Now i do wish portrait mode is a little bit faster, because once again, this is the problem with a lot of other phones. I will say the regular default capture mode does a pretty good job of taking photos with some decent depth of field, especially if youre in some uh, some pretty good lighting. Now there are a few more shooting modes like long exposure, which is a lot of fun to use, especially if theres, like lights or water, or anything like that. Long exposure can get fun theres a pro mode that lets you dial in your settings.

If you want theres tilt shift and a lot of other fun shooting modes now, i dont really play around with shooting modes too much im more of just a regular mode guy – and maybe i switch over to portrait, but they are there. You do have options if you want to use those. The ultrawide lens is sharp throughout the whole, shot theres no barreling on the corner, which is nice to see, but the colors dont look as realistic as the standard wide angle, lens telephoto lens does a pretty good job too, and i was able to grab some some Really decent shots with that, so im pretty happy, but the ultra wide lens, for whatever reason, just had sort of a different tint to all the photos, not a horrible thing, but something i noticed. I dont hate the low light performance with this phone, but it definitely feels like its a couple generations behind, because iphone and samsung and even the pixel stepped it up a lot last year, and this is a newer phone. You would hope that it has better version of that, but it feels like its just lagging behind the competition when it comes to low light and when it comes to night mode too. So yeah theres a couple things that this phone needs to work on. But at the same time, oneplus is notorious for sending out tons of updates. So maybe an update is coming out. I cant guarantee it, but that is something i want to uh just want to mention.

I think video is solid on this phone too, but of course i will always let you decide so im gon na roll, a couple of videos and from there tell me what you think. So this is 10x zoom on video. This is the furthest. This phone zooms in on videos – this is 10x pop it down to pop it down to 3x. This is the 3x zoom lens right here now: im not actually sure, if its actually using, which lens is actually using im, not sure if its switching lenses or not – but this is 3x zoom, and then this right here is going to be our ultra wide. So this one definitely did switch to ultra wide. I got a notification that i switched. This is standard and then you can see the color actually shift. When i switch between lenses watch the color shift there. It is the color shifts, so ultra wide looks really good, but once you pop over to that zoom there it is, you can see the color definitely change all right. This is the front facing video on the oneplus 10 pro. How does it look? How does it sound? Of course, let me know what this looks like. What does it sound like? Is this something you can see yourself using? Is this something that you feel other phones do better? Of course i want to know. Let me know what you think in the comments so overall, this is onepluss best camera system and im really proud that oneplus, you know, stepped it up again this year with the camera.

Of course they they are still a little bit behind, but at the same time i think, if you put this camera in most peoples hands, they wont tell a difference between you know. Other phones, like that, as a reviewer, you know the onus is on me to kind of bring you into my world and do comparisons, but at the same time, if you snap a photo, you should be okay with the way the photo looks so for 8.99. This is an excellent phone. I think oneplus somewhat redeemed themselves compared to the oneplus 9 series. The launch was a bit weird – and i think youd admit that too, but beyond that, as far as a day to day phone, i think its rock solid when i buy this phone over the pixel 6 pro honestly, i cant say that i would so look this Phone is really good, no doubting that here, but the competition for sub 1 000 phones has never – and i mean never been this close as far as all the manufacturers are releasing sub 1 000 phones that are really good. I mean they even compared to the pro counterparts, so its really tough to release a phone for 900 in the sea, full of other really great phones that are under a thousand dollars as well. Now i do think there are people that should buy this phone. I think, if youre an enthusiast who loves android and you kind of want something, you know under the radar a little bit.

This is a great phone. Someone who wants great performance – and you know they dont – need all the bells and whistles when it comes to the cameras and they just want a solid looking phone with a really unique design. This is a good phone here, but, of course, its your money, your decision, i want to know what you think down below kevin.