What do we have here? We have a brand new cell phone that we just bought and im going to be reviewing it. The blue j9l made by the company blue right here, as you can see, blue the j9l this model, the phone, i think, is about a six inch display and it was around ninety dollars before tax and shipping. So all in all, i paid maybe close to a hundred dollars for this smartphone. So how can i review the phone without having even opened the box, and the reason is i can do. That is that i actually have one already well, i do have one. I have this phone. This is a second phone, the same model purchased for another member of our family. So i like this phone, so much having used it for five months that i decided to buy another one. So this is a brand new box item, but really this is this phone. This is my review. Why do i like this phone well for someone who really almost never uses a smartphone, except for some calling and texting, and maybe some light internet browsing here and theyre? Not watching videos online, just just some simple web pages. I like this phone because i didnt want to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone well close to 100 thats. What i spent – and i like this device – ive used it for about five months, no problems. I think for the simple applications that i use its totally fine and theres, nothing more that i need now for someone who maybe might need just a device with higher performance for certain applications or certain things, maybe like watching videos.

Online games thats a different conversation, but for me someone who just doesnt really use the phone but would still like a smartphone, because i have my mta train pass over here. My electronic ticket, so really its just simple things like that: simple applications like the mta app that are work well on this phone and im very happy with that calling texting a little bit. Thats. Really all i need here so in the context of do i need to. I would like a cheap, relatively cheap smartphone that has a large display and runs some applications. Some simple applications very well im very happy with this device. I havent had any problems, no errors. No phone not crashing no errors with a phone, not turning on so definitely im, not im, not endorsing this product im. Just saying this is my own opinion: im not telling you to go and buy this phone im. Just saying that, from my personal experience, this is not my first phone made by this company. This is actually the fifth one ive ive looked at so ive looked at several phones, one of the phones from this company just didnt do very well it kind of broke all the others. Havent had a problem with, i mean thats the thing when you buy a cheap smartphone if it breaks its not really a problem. Youve only havent really spent that much money, but almost all the phones except one that ive used with this company ive really liked, and i think, maybe, as you buy a more expensive phone, this is the most expensive phone i bought from this company somewhere around sixty Dollars as we bought this hundred dollar phone, i think yeah, the performance is definitely better.

Um still just goes to show you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone. The blue j9l, my own opinion i cant guarantee youre gon na have a similar experience. I really like this phone, its simple, its not too expensive, um. Sorry and it runs the simple applications very well. The blue, j9l, the camera um, the cameras. Okay, dont really use it. But having used this phone for five months, i like the device – and i have not had any problems with trust me. If i, if i did, i would i would let you know, but i cant seem to have anything theres, nothing really bad that i can say about this phone. So if youre just curious about purchasing this phone, you wan na see what accessories included. Okay lets lets. Look right now: okay, so not really many accessories here, as you can see, ive already had this device so ill be able to tell you what exactly is in here. You can probably guess right here, perhaps theres a theres, a little plastic case included um to help protect the phone a little bit from dust and well hopefully, you dont drop the phone uh. Now the question is: can i just open this? Okay? So the blue jane? I know what what to expect here, not much uh. Just you got the device and you can see this is the specifications. It lists right here. Six inch display a megapixel main camera: okay, um android device – that is the operating system here, blue thats, the name of the company, so many phones, ranging from maybe around sixty dollars to a little over two hundred dollars, depending on what kind of i dont guess.

What kind of specifications performance youre looking for this is the color blue. I think that we purchased right here. Blue products model. As we said, the j9l kind of interesting color here so heres. Your phone six inch display is pretty large, its very lightweight because we havent inserted the battery, but were going to do so right now. So here you can just peel this off right, heres, your camera is your flash also works as a flashlight, so heres your heres. Your battery were going to insert that were going to show you how heres your uh, the adapter to charge in the wall of the outlet in the wall. Um, its gon na connect to your usb cable and the usb cable can be used to charge your phone or to transfer uh videos and photos transfer files to and from your computer. So here were obviously im going to say right now that the fastest way to charge the phone is through the wall, so all you do is take off. The tie right here connect the usb cable. This end oops the other end to your adapter and thats. It now you just plug it in plug this end to your phone and were all set and ready to go fastest way to charge your phone. So we got the battery. We got a cool sticker right here, thats awesome and not much else here, except hopefully they included our case, which they obviously did.

So you have you have your manual. If you have any questions about to set up the buttons, maybe im sure it goes over. Uh yeah, so it goes over the buttons and okay and then maybe a little screen protector here. Another cool thing right here that we have is this case that you saw on the other phone that we already have: okay, its nice nice, to see this included. This will go around your phone now. I want to show you how to take off how to insert the sim card were going to do that very quickly. How to insert the battery were going to do that as well. So what you want to do is some of these devices are just one piece, so theres no way to take apart the phone therell be like a little tool included to insert and then the sim card will tray will come out. This is one of those phones where you do have to take the back off, so you can probably focus okay. You see that you probably see right here. Okay, is it focusing? Yes, so you have to take apart the phone, so what you do is um. First, two times its: not that not that easy, but you hold one end very sturdy and hold the back of the phone. Now you just insert your fingernail here and then just quickly pull in opposite directions. So there you go. Okay, did it work, it did so.

So this one was pretty good its not easy to do with your fingernail. You didnt really need any other special equipment or anything like that. Right, uh questions did i actually do it? Oh there you go okay, great see, so it just takes a little bit of practice, but youll get youll, get it eventually heres the battery were going to insert the battery. So here you have your spaces for um spaces for a sim card. I dont know. If i actually know if theres a micro sd slot uh for a memory card, but you know what disregard i mean we have our sim cards, you can also, oh, maybe thats. This might be for your micro sd memory card. So you can insert a sim card here great and then you insert the battery and and then youre good to go, and then you can actually just turn on the phone and start the standard, android setup. So theres your phone just gon na make sure we get the back on were gon na get. We have our little case that came with the phone. Of course, just make sure you insert your sim card and now now were all ready to go in. Just a few minutes, so here is your your android device, your blue j9l that we just purchased on amazon. We purchased it for around ninety dollars. Uh plus tax shipping came out for maybe a little less than a hundred, now again, not going to guarantee the price for you not going to guarantee that youre gon na have a similar experience with this one.

I just like this phone. I dont really use many applications. I just i rarely browse the internet so for me thats enough just for someone who doesnt really use a phone that much not that many accessories included. But you have your case which was included. You have your um required usb cable charger so that you can charge your phone and thats it thats. All that was in the box. Blue j9l uh no complaints here, having used the phone for five months very happy with it so far, if it breaks ill, be sure to make a video, i dont want to say that these phones can never break, but so far so good.