Hello. Everybody look at this. Look at this. I got a new phone. It just arrived today, so i decided to do an unboxing video, so i have a since i struggled opening regular boxes with foil. We got this thing to help me. Okay, so lets get right into it and start thats. What youtubers do sometimes so heres the big reveal for the phone for the actual phone noise Music found something lets open that guessing. This is the phone, but first lets see whats in here. Grab the corner phone case lets just open this right up there, as you can see clear, smooth focus smooth on the back, but this part to hold the phone, which feels like a net kind of oven. Thats, good, okay, so phone reveal. Oh, oh, look at this. I think i found something very cool um. I i need something to show them. Okay, so lets see over here, okay, its a free charger. So now i dont have to go to the shop and find one which fits lets get the charger out for the video because getting the charger out. Okay, so the casing of this charging and the actual plug. I have a feeling that theres something below it too. So many secret compartments this over here, oh this headphone. So we also have this not sure which this must be the cable to the charging thing ooh, and it has also a cool design. Now we have this no foiling, but but i seen something its a trick.

Dont know. First, is this now heres the trick? It was like this okay, so we have usb on which we got onto there cool design. Again, this plug its a fast charger. The uh earbuds see this one is actually a bit bent, but i guess thats fine. I guess thats the designs: oh yeah, its been because Music, you have the phone case and the phone i can see. It says poco x, 4, pro 5g. So now we have. The phone now lets check the back: oh shiny, Music, Music, okay, so lets put it in this phone case now i have no experience with putting phones, okay, so its now. In the case, this is the charging hole and the charge protector now im gon na turn it on and lets see how it looks three two one boom: okay, its loading just a sec. Okay. So now we have set up the phone thats a cool background. This is a lot of apps. What was that okay, so this is great okay, i dont know what to open: thats, okay, yeah! Oh, when youre opening an app it.