If you guys watched a lot of our videos, you may have noticed that our studio is located in a large city with a population of over 10 million permanent residents. The traffic here is always so heavy that vehicles usually are not the best way to get around. During these few weeks, we have been looking for the best lightweight transportation for urban travel. We finally targeted the electric scooters and it seems that we just found the best electric scooter under one thousand dollars on the market, which is the emotion s1. The manufacturer in motion is a company working on the development of urban electric transportation for years, such as electric unicycles e bikes and e scooters, and their products can already be found on sale in electric transport, online and offline stores in many countries. The emotion s1 is their latest electric scooter product which is already available for shipping globally. So we think its a good time to do a review for it and tell you the reason why we think its likely the best e scooter weve found on the market lets start with its appearance design compared to most e scooters. The s1 scooter looks simpler and more integrated without any unnecessary components. The scooter body basically is dark gray, with the emotion logo on the footrest painted in orange, and there are reflectors on both sides of front and rear wheels. The footrest deck is large enough to carry an adult easily standing on it.

The manufacturers, promotional material, claimed that its good for max rider weight of 140 kilograms. Well, my weight certainly is still not enough to test its maximum load weight, but obviously its no problem to safely carry a six foot tall, rider or even a much bigger person. But please note that the height of the handlebars is not addressable and it may be a bit high for children. The s1 has pretty good water and dust resistance. Specifically, the body is rated ip55, the controller is rated ipx6 and the battery is rated at iph 7., but at the same time you also have to make sure you keep using the dust plug to cover the charging ports when the packaging arrives. You will still need to assemble it to start the first ride. The whole assembly process is pretty simple, which only took me 30 minutes. If you have never assembled an electric scooter like this before it may take a little longer, although the size of s1 is a little big, the good news is that scooter is foldable and the weight of 24 kilograms seems to be easy for riders to carry it On the trunk of your cars, the speed of the s1 is by default limit to 25 kilometers per hour, but its easy to unlock the speed limit up to max speed of 30 kilometers per hour. All you need to do is to pair the smartphone app with the scooter and go into the app which now is available for both iphones and android phones.

We will talk about the app later and lets get back to its speed setting. To be honest, although the s1 can achieve 30 kilometers per hour, we still suggested you guys not to turn it on in most times for safety, but if the writing condition allow or if you are skilled enough to ensure safety, the maximum speed of 30 kilometers per Hour, definitely could save you a lot of time if you are satisfied with maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, theres a three right most for option. Eco mode drive mode and pushing a system mode. But if you turn the speed limit off an extra sport mode will be also available, which means no limits and you can have the top speed of 30 kilometers with the fastest acceleration vehicle mode is more for beginner. Under the eco mode, you wont go faster than 12 kilometers per hour and the acceleration is much slower. At the same time, you will have a longer range under the eco mode compared to these two modes. I actually rode a lot of under the drive mode for commuting. It allows me to achieve a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour and a relatively comfortable acceleration, as for pushing assistant mode its easier to let you push the scooter. The s1 is equipped with an excellent brake system which consists of front drum and rear electric disc brake. The rear electric brake can kick in automatically without using the brick handlebar.

If you are going downhill and speed up rapidly or have exceeded the top speed. The automatic braking feels good in most time, but still require rider to get used to it, the first few times, but anyway, its a good design, making the writing safe and user friendly. Another great thing about s1 is the control panel, with the large led display on the handlebars theres. Only one button for all the basic control, such as one click for turning the headlights on or off, double clicks for, switching writing mode and long press for power switch. Even for beginners, its still easy to use and wont take much time to remember and the throttle is also intuitive, with thumb pushing during long distance riding all the controls wouldnt cause much discomfort during long distance riding. One of the greatest design of the scooter is the road facing led light straps down both sides of the deck they stay blue, while riding and the corresponding strut would automatically flash red when sensing that you are turning to the left or right now lets talk about The emotion app where you can have full control to the scooter and check out all writing states such as power used and writing route, and you can also share anything interesting with other in motion, product users or read. Others writing report. At the moment section. The s1 scooters claim the range on a full charge is 95 kilometers, which probably can be achieved under ideal road conditions and eco mode.

But in my daily riding under the drive mode, the actual range was around 70 kilometers, which is still a good result for daily commute and urban travel. But please note that the actual ranges for riders could vary depends on riders weight and the terrain. As for charging theres, a dual port for charging with dual port charging, it took me around three and a half hours to get the scooter fully charged and charging time would have doubled if using single port charging. And another important information is that the 500 watt motor with the rear wheel drive can tackle heel climbs up to 30 degrees. So it wont be a good idea to try any steeper slopes. The s1 scooters delightful spot in terms of usefulness is probably for people like us, living in urban and suburban areas and meanwhile getting tired with parking and traffic gyms. The s1 scooter has really decent performance with a great range for urban travel and, moreover, the app telling you everything about the scooter is definitely a plus, to some extent, its almost perfect for medium to long distance commute. So if you also get excited with the e scooter, we just put the link down below and you can check more information about it, so thats all about the emotion s1 scooter. I want to share. Thank you for watching. This is boyle from gizmo.