Gig. Micromax has launched one more budget smartphone in the IN series and its the In 2C and in todays video. We will do the unboxing and show you our first impressions about this phone., So starting with the unboxing experience. In the front of the box. We have the model 2c written here and here at the back. We have the specifications, and this is the 3GB Ram. 32Gb Storage variant. And about the features we get. The A75 Octa Core processor 6.52 inch screen 8 MP, dual AI Camera and you get the 5000 mAH battery. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So on the top we have the smartphone itself, which we will checkout in a moment.. Then in the box we have the soft tpu case a screen guide. Then we get the user guide, and here we have the type c charging cable and then we have the power adapter, which comes with 10w output., SO thats. All we have in the box now lets look at the smartphone closely. Micromax In 2c. Is a budget smartphone.. Looking at the design and build quality, the design of the in 2c is exactly as the in 2b., And you have the plastic back with this design.. We have here the brown variant and, apart from that, its also available in the silver. Now in terms of the build quality And keeping in mind that its an entry level phone and the price of this phone is Rs.

7499 and at this price we think that We are getting a decent build quality and design., Though the design is same as in 2b, and here we dont get the fingerprint sensor at the back. Now in terms of the overview in the front, we have the 6.52 inch display, which offers 89 screen to body Ratio. And here on the top, we have the dew drop front, camera.. Looking at the right side, we have the Power and the volume buttons. At the left. We get the triple slot sim tray. At the back. We have the Dual AI camera and the flash light., And here at this side we have the speaker grill.. Looking At the bottom, we have the type c charging port mic and the headphone jack. And guys one thing. I must tell you that the build quality and the look and feel of this device is good specially at this price. Point. Now lets turn it on for the first time.. Meanwhile, we are setting up the device.. Let me show you the key specifications., So we get the UniSOC T610 Octa core processor 3GB, Ram 6.52 inch, HD Display 5000 mAH battery 8 mp rear AI camera setup with a depth. Sensing camera 5mp front shooter and you get the stock android 11.. So our phone is on now. Let me show you the UI first., So guys as you can see, we get the stock android experience with this phone and it doesnt come with any bloatwares, which is very good.

, And here we have the Android 11 installed in this phone.. So after the first boot we get approx 25GB Available. In terms of the performance talking about the display first., The 6.52 inch HD display looks good and performance wise, its good for watching videos and movies., Though its an HD display, which is expected in this price. Range.. Now, Coming to the processor performance, the Unisoc T610 performs exceptionally well and during our testing we did the benchmark and the scores were pretty decent.. But for some reason the antutu benchmark didnt show us the GPU score, but the overall score should be above 2lac.. And here we have the geek bench score.. We have also done some gaming on this phone and for pubg the default graphics settings is the HD and high frame rate., And the max you can get is the smooth and ultra frame rate.. Now, looking at the camera, we have clicked a few pictures and the initial impression is that the camera performance is average, which is again expected at this price.. The camera performance is good during day time, but it lacks detail during low light and night time. And also when you click pictures of the flower or toys it, saturates, the photo., The max video output from the rear and front camera is 1080p at 30fps. Now. Lastly, about the battery the 5000 mAh battery in this phone can easily last upto 1 to 1 and half day, which is again very good.

. So Overall, the Micromax in 2c is the younger sibling of the in 2b, with some downgrades. Such as you dont get the fingerprint sensor. Instead of the 4gb Ram, you are getting 3GB ram and we have the 8mp camera setup instead of the 13mp camera. Performance wise. This phone performs good, be it for casual gaming or your daily tasks.. The stock android 11 is also an advantage and the uniSoc T610 performance is snappy.. The camera performance is decent and you get good day light output, but the low light and night time performance is just average.. The display output is very good and you can enjoy watching videos and movies on this phone.. The back firing speaker is alright, but it is not that loud.. So, to sum it up, if you are looking for a budget phone around 7000 Rs., then we think the in 2c is a very good option., Its not a perfect phone, but keeping in mind the pricing. You are getting good performance design and build quality and, most importantly, the stock android, experience. And guys as usual. If you like this phone and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description, below., SO thats it guys. This was the unboxing and the first impression of the micromax in 2c smartphone.. Let us know if you like it and also if you have any queries or questions about this phone, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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