But i feel this is a very balanced 4d smartphone and i also like the pricing ill talk about that later. You can get it less than 15 000 rupees. In fact, there is some offer. Also. Currently, you get a thousand rupees off, but lets open this up, and the big thing is that this comes with the oled display, but this is actually a p oled display, generally, the p oled displays were reserved for higher end smartphones, around 20, 000, etc or motorola Was giving them in the 8 series, but now first time they have brought it down to the g series. In fact, i also like the fact that this one is actually a 90 hertz refresh rate if you notice the moto g70, when i said that, yes, it had an amoled screen, but it was not 90 hertz here they have given a. What do you say? Uh 90 hertz – and this comes with the snapdragon 680 and again a case is pre installed like every motorola phone uh. This comes with actually a 6.6 inch screen, guys and uh its having a 5000 milliamp hour battery, so thats actually pretty nice and for a 5000 no milliamp hour battery guys first impression the phone is extremely light. In fact, it is also not that thick. In fact, pretty slim uh – and this weighs, if i recall, uh, very less uh – this is just 169 grams and for 5000 milliamp hour battery.

This has to be one of the lightest, i would say so, and what do you say build, etc they have done a good job. In fact, this comes in two uh versions, guys one with four gigabytes of ram: thatll have 64 gb of storage and another with six gigabytes of ram. Thatll have 128 gigabytes of storage. If i recall the pricing for the four gigabyte, uh model will be 14 500 or something like that and for the six gigabyte will be like 16 500. But there are some bank offers. If you apply that a thousand rupees discount will be there ill. Add all that in the description so check that for details, so here some paperwork etc and a sim injector tool that we are getting so and i like the fact that now motorola is actually bundling a fast charger and yes, we get a 33 watt fast charger. So nice to see motorola binding, fast chargers, uh in the box, and this will be your type a2 type c port, so thats what we have in the box ill keep that to the side. This is the sim ejector tool that we are getting uh so lets have a physical overview of this device. The back actually looks like glass guys, but this is not glass plastic, but overall, i feel uh. This gives a very nice feeling to the phone. It feels actually a lot more premium, uh first impressions initials than what the price it commands uh.

So we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone over. Here we have the power. This is the volume rocker, and this is the fingerprint scanner. Come power off button so its over here, our bottom speakers and i completely forgot – we are having stereo speakers on this one. We look at it. He has finally stereo speakers for a smartphone around 15000 price point with an amoled screen, so thats nice. So we have the type c charging your main microphone uh. We also have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and this is your sim tray lets pop this open. Again, as ive told you comes in two variants, four gigabytes will have 64 gb of storage uh. So its a hybrid solution and we also have a rubber gasket. Yes, i completely forgot. This is also ip52 rated, so splash proof water slightly falls on it. Nothing should happen so nice to see we are getting ip rating on this one. So lets just put this back here and back. We have a triple camera setup and this is very similar to the moto, g71 etc. The earlier gc is the triple camera setup that we have seen. The main is a 50 megapixel. Then we have eight megapixel ultrawide. It does job off to ultra wide plus depth, and our last is that two megapixel obligatory macro uh front facing is a what is a punch, hole kind of a thing: 16 megapixel. I believe. So let me do one thing: let me just power this on and i have to say it feels very, very light.

Still. I cant believe this one is having 5000 milliamp hour battery and this is having that uh p oled screen. So let me just set this up and then we will continue so guys. I have set up this phone, so lets have a closer look at the same now and as you can see typical, what do you say, motorola stuff, very close to stock android experience? In fact, uh, the good thing is that now it comes with android 12, so it looks like a very pixel uh kind of interface, as you can see. And finally, i like the fact that this smartphone is coming with android 12 out of the box, and motorola has already committed android 13 update also on this one, in fact also three years of security upgrades. So if you recall thats a huge improvement compared to earlier moto g series, smartphones and completely very close to stock android experience left, you have to uh. What do you say? Google pain and one thing, but ive noticed, is that there are two uh junkware bloatware apps that are pre installed on this one daily hunt and joshua and lets see if we can uninstall it. So, yes, if you press this, you can uninstall this and even josh. You can uninstall it and i checked with the motorola team, as this is a review unit. The advantage of a review on it is you can ask the team about stuff, so ask them: will they be adding bloatware with android updates when they you get with ot, update and stuff, and the motorola india team clearly said that no, they will not add what Do you say bloatware and junk wear with updates, like some of the brands are doing so and thats regarding that, but i hope they dont add this extra junk, wear in other series of motorola phones like the edge, etc, uh so again pretty close to stock android.

Another thing that i liked about this smartphone is the amulet screen that theyre, using as ive told you guys this is a p oled screen, which is actually significantly a more expensive compared to a regular amoled screen. Hence, if you notice the bezels, if i just go over here, the bezels are very, very thin generally. What we have seen in this price range run smartphones around 15, 16, 000 price point. Yes, they might have amoled screen, but they have the, u notch: v, notch etc, and the bezels are not that slim, this one, the bezels, if you notice, are pretty thin and also we have that front facing as a punch or not so again looks very good And i like the fact that this is actually a 90 hertz screen, not a 60 hertz screen uh. So that way i would say in terms of amulet screen, they have put a good quality amoled screen. A fingerprint scanner is here in the power on off button. As you can see – and this is fairly responsive – gives haptic feedback, i would say, and as we are talking about haptic feedbacks, the haptics are done pretty well for a phone at this price point, and i also like the fact that uh this one is actually having Stereo speakers so lets look at it. Lets just go to this. Copyright free music – and – let me just play lets see this one lets just skip.

Let me increase the volume here Music. So, as you can see, it gets pretty loud and ill block. This see the earth is also speaker and block this, so finally, we are getting a good uh. What do you say? Speakers and again this is also having dolby uh atmos. If i go over here, as you can see, dolby atmos is there on this one. So in that way i would say very good experience that you are getting on this one and the superior speakers are good and i like the fact that they did not omit the 3.5 mm headphone jack, though they are giving the stereo speakers. So that way, i would say in terms of practicality, its a good phone and now because its having that stereo speakers, its great for multimedia experience for consuming a lot of online media that we do so that way very good. And again, i like the fact that this handset, though its having a big screen 6.6 inch screen this feels, does not feel very bulky. What i have noticed is some of the other phones that having a 6.6 or a 6.7 inch screen, they feel pretty bulky. But this one, though its having that 5000 milliamp hour battery, it is a very light actually pretty light to hold and not that bulky uh again now moving to the battery life. This should actually give a pretty good battery life because its having the snapdragon 680 soc.

Yes, its not a 5g smartphone strictly a 4g smartphone, but this is based on six nanometer process, so uh with that 5000 milliamp hour battery, i would say: typically, you should get about two days worth of battery life on this one. So that way, its a solder and this one is having that 90 hertz screen guys, as you can see, uh so thats what it is and uh again i like theyre sticking to like close to stock android experience, as you can see on this one and now Lets look at the camera. This should be very similar to the earlier g series cameras. But let me give you an idea and if i go over here uh this is that this is the default uh mode, and then we have the ultra wide thats. The eight megapixel ultrawide – and we also have the macro on this one and uh. We have a standard portrait mode. We also have dual capture on this one, as you can see front facing or – and you can have – you have multiple modes like this – you can use that. So that is also there on this one, and we have the portrait mode and lets just go back to the normal mode and front facing is supposed to be 16. Megapixel looks pretty wide. Let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots and show it to you so that you have a better idea samples taken during the day – and this is the ultra white and the sample staying during the day came out actually good.

This was around eight oclock in the morning, and this is a regular shot, and this was that ultra white and regular shots actually come out pretty good with the rear facing camera. Human skin tones are also produced when uh. This is regular mode. This is the portrait mode, but notice. The background is blown out again with the front facing camera. As you can see, these came out good, but in the portrait mode the background if theres harsh lighting gets blown out again some samples of the front facing camera, and here it did a lot better, as you can see, even with the front facing camera. This was taken at night and this was actually pretty low lighting conditions, and here i was surprised. Actually this model does a lot better compared to earlier motor phones, now recording with the rear facing camera and im just walking around this is in the default setting. I havent changed anything and the audio is also being recorded via its internal microphone. So this is a quick sample, video recording with the rear facing camera of this moto g 52. Smartphone recording this with the front facing camera and, as you can see, im just walking around its morning about eight oclock and uh. As you can see, the audio is also being recorded via its internal microphone. So do let me know what do you feel about the video recording uh with this moto g52 smartphone, so guys uh? This is the moto g52 smartphone.

What do you feel about this one? Another small thing that i liked is that this is also having nfc support on this smartphone, so thats, actually a nice thing and also that ip52 rating, so overall i would say uh. I feel this is a very practical mid range smartphone. If you have a budget of around fifteen thousand yes, i know that six gigabyte ram variant is for sixteen thousand five hundred, but you have that bank offer, so you can get it for about 15 500, and for that price point i would say, if youre looking For a mid range smartphone and youre, not that bothered about 5g. I feel this is a very practical, mid range smartphone. The screen quality is really good and you are also getting that uh. What do you say? Amoled screen plus stereo speakers on this one, and also it does have career aggregation. So overall, i feel a very practical smartphone and many people ask me they want a mid range smartphone for their appearance or as a second smartphone. Also, if youre looking at this, then also you can have a look at this one.