This is the phone hindi doma thing last year. Everyone is expecting the poco f3 gt to be released globally after another release of india and sad to say, hindi, shalom, extreme gtl, number bus, and i honestly imagine this may say: im a big fan of the poco f3 gt, milos indiana, but nevertheless, this year. This time around globally, finally, lowabasa and gt series f series so f4 gt, and it is the first ever global unit. The poco, not my shoulder triggers physical and im, really excited to share you on the experience koditos of all nato. It has the best the fastest chip this year, around snapdragon 8gen1, the best from qualcomm and selumno phonato plus amulet display 120 hair suppression refresh rate, but i mean physical shoulder trigger papa it playing is physical triggers compared to air triggers im. Pretty sure. My engineer, though, wants to say, and by the way guys the phone nato has two configuration: either you have the 8 128 gigs of storage or the twelve two five six gig of storage either is good separate if you have more cash on your hand. Well, go for the two five six nine play and this phone is running: android 12 on miui 13 for poco design for pogo upon booting up the phone. The poco logo is here. This is the default wallpaper, slash, lock, screen the poco f4 gt reception, pretty pretty palette into what you like. This phone has the best processor named qualcomm, and it has scored seven hundred forty three thousand points and two two well for me: hindi, no awesome! Maybe there is something inside here that hindi gon na optimizer is optimized, panasonic, flagship level phones now to phone.

Nato is blazingly fast, lahatna, mai, batomo, scandinav, processing and village kind of open abs in just a click of a finger. Maybe a snap of a finger. I mean then: okay, someone opened my absolutely ambitious, my boot up the phone and billys, but he will charge some village 120 watts of fast charging, guys 17 120 watts of fast charging on the poco f4 gt, guys its real shampoo smoke charge phone 10 hours and 15 minutes on the pc mark battery stress test, so i did try to phone it. Oh no uh for two weeks, heres hacking studio tonight cause i committed, as my daily driver, cannot shop for gaming for everyday use, starting eight in the morning ending at seven. In the evening, well, there are times nah, not ten percent, but there are times now maybe twenty five percent, depending uh activity for the day. I know it can last me through the day, but major, sometimes major, most heavy usage style like mobile data. It drinks the battery a little bit faster or sometimes like a casual gaming car again or something lunch break the glandular rocker i mean playing all the titles beatles of all. Nato is really exciting and well true enough and im going to do to the titles of all nato. I play call of duty mobile. I play asphalt: 9 pubg mobile legend latin team naga to support it. It performed honestly without a hitch, ambitious guys. So neil again turned a little shoulder triggers and it will show you the game turbo mode, no so possible.

Uh. My titles are the different titles, though so shoulder triggers these are magnetic triggers. No, no, i mean yes uh, okay, nominal air triggers, but for me growing up uh playing the consoles like the playstation, my game boy, nintendo switch guys americas, physical bottom and a piping. It feels different, guys uh. It feels nostalgic one two. It feels more immersive, and so several titles on the latin dito, from call of duty, mobile to genji impact, to asphalt, 9 and, of course, playing pubg, then nothing about call of duty mobile. I know that this game is definitely one of my favorites. These are my reviews, Music. This game play and set up committed. I mean america showed the trigger together its not that genuine, ambitious guys very smooth and gameplay together with 480 hertz of touch. Something thing i mean, then keep on figuring, shoulder triggers left and right. Select button is my reload and the right button is my firing button. It was really superb shoulder trigger statistical button, its very responsive thats. What i like about, because of shoulder trigger, sneak poke from gt its very much responsive. The gameplay was really nice well on the film the frame drops around the film and lags so brand smooth yeah and the screen is really nice. Imagine american six point. Six. Seven inch amoled display, then ceremony percent 120 hertz of screen refresh rate and the maximum brightness is 800 nits, then 1.07 billion colors to kind of reproduce so making the colors very punchy and damning dps.

It is a screen, gun and games. Little sub poco f4 gt. Now upon the numbers asphalt 9, the gameplay is also nice, uh, very responsive. When it comes to my controls, you know and its reasonable after one hour of gaming, i really love the way it was and set up a little guy, so very smooth, then playing also pubg. I this is probably one of the better experiences pubg compared to playing with all the buttons on the screen. Having little physical bottle is definitely giving me the edge baby cigars, i can edge because i grew up playing uh with um ps1, ps2 lets, say minima and one r1 yeah Music. I feel nostalgic and feeling much immersive and gaming call detail with with shoulder triggers and physical shoulder triggers. It gives you the better experience then, but that is against impact with this. The graphics is really nice uh, i can say its pretty smooth uh. There are some other phones for notifications, but this one guys so brown and smooth uh well im not feeling that hiccups. It is a game, so its probably one of the best things against music Music, Music. The sounds is pretty loud, but im going to speaker detail and set up the experience watching movies playing games listening to music on spotify, ok, dolby atmos. I did watch some videos heres a youtubes and netflix im. Getting an experience guys. The 120 hertz is definitely smooth. Mata then cinema channel amoled display duracell netto, giving you the better experience: 1.

07 billion colors and kindly reproduce young definition. It gives you more details in colors its nicely punchy. The black is blacker guys. This is probably massacre, one total entertainment on the phone and, by the way, guys dont fall. Nato is being protected by the corning gorilla glass, victors sahara, aluminum frames and glass. Corneal gorilla, glass, silicone – and this is the first by far an alarm corner, poco being protected by the corning gorilla glass victors. I know its uh xiaomi my flagship, normal victors, but a little bit about the camera of this phone. It has 64 mp the triple camera, together with a 8 mp ultra wide lens and a 2 mp macro lens version, 20 mp, a front facing camera, so piracial, kono mancha outdoors. So i was able to taking some really nice shots. Details of obonetto and im really surprised that nato was able to take in some really punchy photos, uh outdoors, its uh but im, giving a shake. I say uh lately camera and it was able to take in some really nice shots and indoors. By far, i was also able to take in some really nice and punchy photos, stuff toys, and it really shows now. I think it has really improved uh on this phone. It really shows my colors, no, my color production on my pictures, its really nice, but this selfie camera guys its also pretty nice check out some of these videos in the huawei honda using this camera.

I know whats happening guys, some of our videos, okay, smooth and rear camera, magenta color production plus smoothness front facing camera. I think this phone is upon gaming, vlogging, the camera, nice sobrang, smooth, number, four and rear camera and yeah. It makes this one a good phone Music, Music Music. Probably the only thing that hindi niopa alam is the price of this phone theres no variant 8128 is being priced. Seven thousand five hundred ninety guys, amura. Of course, the 12 gigs of ram 256 gig of storage is priced at 30. 990 guys. You have two choice, i mean both is okay, i mean you can always opt for it. One two: eight: if you dont, have that much budget or if you have that extra little cash go for the higher variant, sule tomfonetto guy sobrang, okisha camera, one of the best game experience i had on this uh on any gaming phone thats. The kind of shoulder triggers dont forget to give me a like, subscribe and, of course, clicking the bell icon: psyche, Music.