Both phones hit around the same price point so im gon na do a deep dive analysis of the differences between the two just kidding you android fanatics, werent buying iphones. Anyway. What im going to do is show you why the a53 may or may not be your next smartphone purchase shout out to att for sending me the demo unit lets get into it Music check out this car comparison on This is a lexus es versus the toyota camry. You may know that lexus is a premium car brand, but did you know that lexus and toyota are basically the same owned by the same company and that lexus cars are in essence, plused up versions of toyota, automobiles? I bring this up because often i see people comparing a phone like the a53 to the s22 lineup, and while i get it, do you compare the 45 000 lexus es to a 26 000 toyota camry ive owned a camry and its actually a damn fine car. But it isnt a lexus. In contrast, ive had the premium s22 ultra as my daily driver and the more practical a53 isnt that. But what is samsungs a53. Its a beautiful display, its a pair of very satisfying stereo speakers, its a 5 nanometer exynos processor, which powers a high refresh rate experience and some camera ai, along with the mali processor for gaming graphics. Its a lot of things but lets take a closer look up front im going to begin with battery life because it is impressive.

This ip67 rated device is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which powered my use through full days of pocket computing with some despair, hammering the phone with hours of music streaming heavy social media use, and some calls here and there, along with youtube streaming left me with Over 30 percent, at the end of my day, i think some people will get a day and a half out of this phone easily. As always, though, your mileage may vary based on how you use your phone. One thing you wont get is wireless charging, though fast charging at 25 watts max is included in the deal. I tested it with the ampere app and it was only showing around 8 watts. So i hit the hardware testers to double check my results and with two different devices and the phone starting around 35. I was seeing a max of close to 14 watts charging. I have to do some more testing to see when i hit closer to that 25 watts max, but i havent yet tested it from dead with my hardware, testers and thats when things can speed up well likely see those speeds at that time. So lets jump back to the outside of the a53 and look at the design. The band around the phones edges, as well as the back of the device, are fingerprint magnets, which wont matter much if youre the type, who immediately slaps a case on a device youre going to get your volume rocker on power button on the right side of the Phone usbc, one half of the stereo speakers and the sim tray slash micro, sd slot on the bottom.

The phone supports up to one terabyte of expandable storage. This us unit has 128 gigabytes on board, storage and six gigabytes of ram by the way, while were looking at the outside its important to note that the us version is available only in awesome black and you know what rhymes, with black back samsungs ambient edge design. As they call, it uses a camera module molded into the plastic which blends in with the back of the phone instead of stark nude lenses or a raised module, which appears to be a separate component like those found in the s22 and previous models in that module. Youre going to get a 12 megapixel ultra wide 64 megapixel main and 5 megapixel depth and macro lenses, node zoom lens, with this module lets begin by looking at the lens, i think most users take for granted the macro. You can catch some solid photos with it, but its hit or miss macro is just plain tough anyway, when it comes to focus in general and youll, find youll need to capture a few photos to get the shot youre after that and good light thats, a moth Orchid close up by the way the pics youll take with the ultra wide and main both do very well in solid light. Samsung cameras have been pretty consistent in their quality and some of the issues youll find on other samsung devices also show up here. In some shots, the image sharpening and contrast may go a little hard for some people, and i know people have made a lot of comparisons to the iphone se 2022, as theyve examined this phone, but the one you cant make is portrait mode in animals iphone se.

We we dont do that here, but the a53 is a okay when it comes to capturing yummy images of my superstar pooch starfire, the detail in these portrait mode shots taken indoors in low light and outdoors in that perfect sunny with diffusing cloud cover lighting at night. Youre going to get solid photography as well, at least from the rear, ultra wide and better with the main camera. I went to my usual metro, stop for testing and the palm fronds have beautiful detail which gets really muddy with lesser equipped night mode cameras and that salvation army sign is nice and sharp. In the background, when you zoom in on images captured with the main lens, the ultra wide has decent detail on the fronds, definitely softer than the main, but presentable for social media. Sharing the front 32 megapixel shooter takes solid shots and good light, but the night mode is its okay whats better than okay. The content you consume on the a53 benefits from a really solid multimedia experience, powered by dolby, atmos, equipped sound and a beautiful six and a half inch super amoled display. It is bright, though i did find a couple occasions outdoors, where it got lost a bit, but looking at content when not in direct sunlight is a joy. The witcher looks great and you know we always reference yasuki in the shadows, and here youll see theres grain. In the blacks, but the overall image, clarity, color and brightness are really good.

A compliment to the visuals is the sound streaming netflix and the witcher dialogue was clear and the content sound design was robust, but it didnt stop there listening to music was quite nice. Art blakeys moaning sounded really good through apple music on this device, a dolby atmos remastered track. Sound separation due to the size of the device, is actually noteworthy for a mid range and, frankly, even compared to some premium devices for a device this size. These speakers really do present a decent, sound stage and stereo image to go back to some other comparisons. This actually sounds better and gets better separation than the iphone se 2020, mostly in part, because it is a larger phone. You get more separation in the stereo image, because these speakers are further apart, not room filling and you wont be using them to dj a block party but sitting at your desk or laying in the bed and unwinding youll have a highly enjoyable experience and lets close. This show talking about the user experience ill. Let you know that i did experience some lag, moving from app to app or opening and closing an app from time to time same with gaming, though im far from an esports gamer, so i didnt really notice any game. Crippling lag, but it was noticeable in the camera app an app notorious across samsung devices for having a bit of lag anyway. But if you need to capture fast moving objects, thats, what burst mode is for the fingerprint reader isnt, on par with the s22 line.

In terms of just perfection, but it is dependable once you get the rhythm of it – use the old register, each finger twice trick to make it more responsive the phone ships with android 12 and samsungs most recent overlay, one ui 4.1 and well get four generations worth Of os and one ui updates and five years worth of security updates, one of the best software commitments youll get on the android side of things. In my opinion, what this comes down to is price to features this 5g phone launches at 450, but with trade ins and incentives youll be able to get it at an even better price and, after its been out a bit im sure well see a price drop For example, when you add a line on t mobile right now, you can get it for 99 thats, a no brainer on samsungs own site. You get 100 off, bring it down to 350, with a trade in, and you can throw in a free pair of galaxy buds live over and over many of these mid range. Android devices prove that you dont need to spend laptop money to get a solid, smartphone experience, one that i think is going to meet the needs of the vast majority of users at one point in history with androids. That was not the case. I can definitely recommend you take a hard look at the a53, particularly for those on a tight budget who want to get solid value in a device, especially in the us im.

Tashaka armstrong for android central dont take a light lead that you spent your time here with me today watching this video. If you have any questions comments about anything that i didnt answer in this video go ahead and leave those in the comments below ill get to them, love chatting with you all youre, a great respectful bunch of folk.