Titan slim review 2007 is back. Oh yeah hi guys its frankie from frankie tech good to see you guys again and here with a very awesome product. The uniheads titan slim a new phone from unihers and theyve done some incredible blackberry like devices in the past, but now sharing the slim version of their latest release with you, but first of all lets get started with whats inside the box. A pretty bare unboxing here. Yes, this is a kickstarter program right now, but even still youll be getting a 10 watt charger and a usbc cable with your titan slim, pretty bare bones, but a decent unboxing. Nonetheless, talking about design at 12.75, millimeters 204 grams. Okay lets address it here. Is this titan slim that slim not really folks but theres, something about the design of this phone? The fact that it does have this nice curved edge, a glass back. It fits really well in the palm of your hand, and i do think for a lot of you guys out there. This will bring back so many memories but design compared here to a few phones. We have the iphone 11 and its almost exactly the same height of this iphone. 11. Obviously a quite a bit thicker, though, than this phone, and look at this guys. Why? 2007? Because this is the iphone 2g, the phone that really moved us away from these physical keyboard phones, all those years back, was the one that first brought these touch screen keyboards to the market, but its amazing to see that, in terms of thickness and in terms of Design these look like theyre from the similar era.

Now lets go right into it, with the keyboard, its a full qwerty physical keyboard on this phone. It is a unique experience guys and i did review previously – the unihertz titan and i did really enjoy that phone with a similar layout as this one just a little bit more expanded and, of course, that fingerprint scanner in the middle with predictive text capabilities. This keyboard is probably the best that you can expect to use with this type of functionality, and i got ta say typing on this thing takes some getting used to, but the keys are all very clicky. They have a really good feel to them. This keyboard is, at the very least, very well built, and i think for any of you guys who have used things like the blackberry key one or key2 in the past, youre really going to like this keyboard. Now i did have a previous experience with nokias. The e71 e72 – and i actually picked up one of these a couple years ago, just to enjoy what this experience was like very similar in terms of the width of the keyboard from those e 72s with this titan slim, but now lets get into the other aspects Of the phone, a 4.2 inch hd plus thats right 720p display so its not really high resolution, but i can forgive it considering it is such a small display. Yes in sunlight, it doesnt really get super bright, but you can still view video.

It still works really. Well, for that, and yes drm l3 only on this phone. But what do you expect with a 720p display – and the speakers are surprisingly strong, single bottom firing, but a little bit tinny im, not gon na lie here, have a listen east side of hong kong and i got on my wrist a watch i wanted to share With you all, i picked it up last time, its pb143, so there you see guys its really not the best figure. Six out of ten. For this one and talking about performance, we have a helio p70, a one hundred milliampere battery capacity. Look. This is a mid range id say even lower mid range phone at this point, its not really the hardware, though, that youre gon na really buy this for, and i think, for, i guess, general use. This phone should do the job offering around a snapdragon, 845 or maybe even a 730 in terms of multi core performance and of course, we have android 11 stock ui. Here i would have liked to see android 12 on this phone, but at least its bug free from my initial experience and the fingerprint just like the gigahertz titan is in the center here center mounted, and it works really well just being able to access that from The keyboard other key specs guys you can pause the video here and you can see the full specs rundown of this unit hurts titan slim.

Yes, it does offer only 4g capability. In this case and the cameras we have a 48 megapixel rear, 8 megapixel front camera. Lets face it. This is very much a mid range to lower mid range. Shooting experience. Look 48 will do the job for some daytime shots, but nothing too amazing here, but have a look at these samples, and let me know what you think Music – and this is rear – facing video on the unihertz titan slim shooting in 1080p thats as much as youre Gon na get from this camera system not much of a camera system here guys really not the point of this phone, but at least you can shoot some 1080p video if you need to, but listen to mics how they sound and hit me up in the comments. What do you think – and this is front facing video on the unihertz titan slim 720p – only use this if you need to guys its really not that great, so thats it for this video. My final verdict on this unihertz titan slim guys – is it truly a slim phone, not really, but i kind of love the fact that this phone is reminding me of this bygone era of these keyboard phones, blackberries nokias, its just so nostalgic to use a device like This, when gaming was mario galaxy halo when movies like these were coming out such classics, there will be blood man, one of my favorites but, most importantly, when the iphone 2g came out in 2007 and changed phones forever.

This brought me back guys to that previous era. Its not a perfect device, but let me tell you its an amazing throwback. Mobile experience in a smaller package. 2007 is truly back with this titan slim, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on this uniherns titan slim? Do you think its as retro cool, as i do hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video? If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit that bell icon for future updates thanks units for sending this one out. A really fun nostalgic trip down memory lane with this one – and this is where i leave you by saying this – is frankie tech signing off have a good one. Even after a couple weeks guys, i still got ta go back to my touchscreen keyboard.