This is indias. First color changing smartphone were going to take a look at what we get inside the box and a quick specification check on this phone. I will be doing more videos, including a camera test and a one week using this phone. So if you want to see more videos make sure you, let me know in the comment section below just before i get started, make sure you hit the subscribe button and also the bell notifications, someone below any video youll actually be notified and do follow me on One of the social medias, above as i always post, sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls, lets unbox it and see what we have inside. Just before that, taking a look at the box, you have a nice royal blue with a glittery effect that says v23 pro on the front opening up the box, you have the phone itself taking the phone out. Then you have the quick start guide. Then you have the 44 watt fast charger european plug. You also have a usb type c to usb wire. You also get some vivo earphones, a sim card, ejector tool and usb taxi to headphone jack extension. Music first off lets take a look at the screen, so its a 6.56 inch amoled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate. It also has a 89.5 percent screen to body ratio. Taking a look at the operating system, it runs android 12, with the operating system of fun twitch 12.

. It is mediatek with a chipset of mt6893 dimensity 1200. Unfortunately, it does not have a memory card slot, but you can get it in two different sizes: 128 gig, which has a gig of ram and a 256 gig, which has a 12 gig of ram, which we have right here. Main selling point of this phone is the camera. It has a 108 megapixel wide main camera with the 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro camera. It has a dual led flash coming to the selfie camera. We have a 50 megapixel wide front facing camera. With the 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, it also has the dual led to dual tone flash and you can record in 4k at 30 frames per minute, so its ideal for making vlogs or if you just want to take selfie pictures. Another selling feature of this smartphone is the color changing back panel when exposed to sunlight. It also has a under display fingerprint sensor now lets power this on and lets see what the phone is about. So, as you would know, if you follow me on my social media all over youtube, you know that i actually use an iphone 12. So its going to take me a bit of time to get used to android. So im going to do is switch on lets. See what feature they actually has lets try out the on the screen, fingerprint sensor and im gon na be using it um personally, as well so ill, be doing a one week, update uh to show you uh what features ive actually learned on it and how this Phone actually performs, and also, like, i said, ill, be doing a camera test with it to see uh what kind of what quality the camera is like now, if you didnt know, you can actually get this in two versions: the v23, and here we have the v23 Pro now the v23 has a square body design a bit similar to the well or even the same as the iphone 12 or 12 pro.

But this one is the v23 pro and it has a curved screen, as you can see a curved body as well. So its much more and its much more thinner as well, which feels much more nicer in your hands as well, so lets power this on and swipe it up. You can actually have two choices when it comes to uh going to the home screen. You can have three buttons at the bottom or you can have the swipe up feature now. Ive actually used this whiteboard feature because i actually own a iphone and its the same feature as that. So if you want to swipe up and hold that bring your recent app, so if youre going to an app – and you want to go back to the main screen, you can go back to the main screen by swiping up and if you go into the app And you click somewhere, you can actually swipe back and itll go back, which is a really good feature and uh coming from the iphone 12 im, definitely happy that they have that feature on this phone, because i hate the buttons at the bottom, its just a bit More um outdated, if you, if you ask in my opinion, so basically you swipe up and it comes to the menu you can actually scroll down to the apps. There are a few pre loaded apps on this phone ive, actually uh downloaded a few apps from the play store which ill be using um on my own sim card.

So if you dont follow me social media make sure you follow me because ill be using facebook. Snapchat tick, tock and whatnot uh. You can follow me on one of the social medias theyre, both so swiping back uh yeah, but overall, not bad phone and, like i said, nighty, uh, 90 hertz um screen refresh rate is really good, really good. Its really fast as well but, like i said, the screen to body ratio, is really good. Youve got a little bezel at the bottom and a little notch at the top as well. We definitely need to check the cameras on both side 108 megapixel camera cant. Wait to check that out. This feels really slim as well. Really nice first things first, is before i actually start using it. I need to get a cover and a screen protector, because we dont want to scratch the surface. It is a matte feel as well, but look at that. The first color changing smartphone by vivo now when sunlight actually hits it itll just stay into that color. But, like i said when i actually turn it, you can actually see what colors it will actually go to, but its really cool. So we need to take this outdoors when we do that on the camera test. Well, actually ill actually show you from there. So lets. Go into settings and what we need to do is we need to check out the under screen fingerprint sensor, so lets go uh security.

Where is security hold on actually using? It is a bit hard because im actually not used to android. So we have the fingerprint sensor here, so weve got fingerprint and pattern lets just do the pattern, a little basic one ill change. It dont worry just showing you a basic one. This is how you can actually put your fingerprint sensor onto the phone itself. Show notification show sensitive content only when unlocked. We are going to choose that one so lets press done and set up your fingerprint. The quality of the on screen, fingerprint recognition effect, depends on how you operate it before using it. Please watch the demo video so lets. Uh watch the demo video, as you can see right there, so uh yeah, slightly harder start inputting yeah, theyre gon na that means theyre just taking your fingerprint sensor. So the fingerprint sensor is around here. So all you got to do is just tap your finger. Your thumb on it and just keep moving it place your finger around move your finger slightly fingerprint, i did add another. So what im going to do is im going to quickly add the right thumb as well, because, knowing which hand you use its uh good, to have both some of them. Okay, so we set our fingerprint sensor and, as you can see, this uh sensor actually comes up on the screen. It goes on and off so lets hold in look how fast that was look.

How look at that? That is really good see when you wake up and you just check your phone. You just quickly unlock it from there. So lets just push it on from here and uh. Look at that. That is really cool tap the screen. Oh wow thats, really a really cool and really fast, so im actually impressed with this phone. This is the first android smartphone ive used, which im actually impressed with. So i cant wait to use this over the next week and show you what features ive actually found out and how good this phone is, and also the battery as well, because a few people would want to know what the battery uh is like on this phone. Like i said, it comes with a 44 uh, fast, fast charger uh, which gives it a 1 to 63 in 30 minutes. So i will be doing a few short videos and a few full videos on my also channel. So if you havent subscribed, make sure you subscribe, but now, if you have any video ideas with this smartphone, do let me know in the comment section below thats it for now people. What do you think of this uh smartphone uh? Mainly, you can purchase these in india its really hard to get them in the uk, but finally, ive got my hands on the vivo v23 pro so yeah.