In you can see. This is made in india towards the back on the top. You can see. This comes with 3gb ram and 32gb storage. Some key specifications here – quad core processor 6.52, inch display 8 megapixel, dual camera 5000 mah battery. This comes with stock android, no ads, no bloatware thats, something i really love about this phone towards. The bottom are some manufacturing details and the mrp of 104.99. But dont worry. You can get this for a lot lesser. Alright, lets quickly, unbox it oops and we are in okay right on the top. Is the phone itself Music? Then further inside get the sim ejector. Pin you get a quick start guide, you get a screen protector and you get a plastic cover, really really nice quality. These are small, small things which are really important. So i really appreciate micromax bundling these things inside okay. Finally, here inside is the usbc two usb a charging cable and a 10 watt charging brick in branding right here all right, Music hi there, the sub 10 000 phone category has suddenly become very interesting, were seeing excellent performance, huge long, lasting battery with super clean os And thats, where micromax has nailed it with the in2c. Now this comes with the tried and tested unisock t610 chipset with stock android 11 os theres, no bloatware there, no ads just pure android, but theres one thing: thats missing on this phone, which might be very important for someone and on the other end, would be completely Inconsequential to the other, dont worry well come to that in a moment, but first lets skip to the good part god this song is just playing in my head.

Lets skip to the good part anyway, starting with the display, so it comes with a 6.52 inch, hd plus lcd display with a resolution of 1600 by 720 pixels trust me. The clarity is such that it actually feels like a full hd display. Colors, look nice and vibrant for an lcd display. It comes with 420 units of peak brightness and provides pretty decent sunlight visibility on the top is a teardrop notch housing, the 5 megapixel selfie camera its running stock, android 11 os. There you go and its absolutely clean with really snappy user experience. There are no ads. There are no bloatware its a no messy experience, not only that you get guaranteed os updates, along with security patches, which is just great. However, on the other side. Is that as much as we love the stock, android dont forget that we lose out on a lot of tweaks and features that we get with other android phones and their skins, so its a very personal choice. Some prefer the clean look. Some prefer that fully loaded os this one is super clean. All right lets have a closer look at the phone, so the back is made of plastic, but the texture is such that it doesnt attract any fingerprints or smudges, really nice, and also the way the designing has been done when the light reflects there are this kind Of ray effect, very nice also its a dual effect you can see here.

This side is different. This side is different kind of really stands out. Sorry for the sticker smudge. Here i just pulled off a sticker and i just need to clean it once but anyway, in branding here, theres a speaker at the back now the speaker placement isnt the best, because at times when were holding the phone like this, while talking on the speakerphone, you Accidentally might cover the speaker, but anyway, its not a very big deal then towards the bottom is a 3.5 headphone jack a microphone and a usb c port to charge the phone then towards the right? Are the volume rockers and the power button on the top? Well, the top is absolutely clean and on this side is the sim tray lets check that out as well, and there you go so you can put two nano sim cards and one dedicated micro sd card amazing. The device weighs 198 grams with 8.63 mm thickness. Feels really nice and comfortable to hold in your hand. Also. I really appreciate that micromax is providing a tpu cover and a screen protector, which i highly recommend you use to prevent the phone from any accidental damage. Watching videos on this phone is super fun. Its a big display so make the best of it streaming. Movies from netflix and prime videos will also be great, as the phone comes with widevine l1 certification. The sound from the single backfiring speaker is loud and very clear.

However, my only concern is the placement, as mentioned before, there is a good chance that you might accidentally cover it now, theres one feature that weve been seeing on all smartphones for a while, at least on all android phones, but is missing on this device. If you have guessed it, yes, the n2c lacks a fingerprint scanner. Alternatively, you can use the pin, you can use the password. You can use the pattern or even face unlock now face unlock is super fast. The moment you look at the display it unlocks and probably is even faster than most fingerprint scanners, so thats good right. Well, the problem is its not as secure and struggles in dimly lit situations. Trust me in day to day use you might not even miss it, but that once in a while, when it doesnt work that could get a little frustrating now coming to the most impressive part of this phone, its performance. Now we have seen the unisoc t610 shine earlier with the stock android and it just flows its unbelievable to see a sub 10k phone performs so good. Opening closing apps multitasking are just amazing also, as i mentioned earlier, theres no bloatware, so you can simply go to the play, store and download all your favorite apps and games. Now i wouldnt want to run benchmarks on such a budget phone, but i was compelled because micromax was making huge claims, so heres the answer to score and we got about 1 lakh.

67. 000.. I think that is pretty good, though i expected it to be a little better, but still amazing in this category also played one of the most graphic intensive games on the play, store, bgmi and it worked quite well. Didnt experience any lag: maybe a few drop frames here and there, but completely playable Music, so the micromax in2c is going to be available only in one variant, 3gb ram with 32gb storage out of which you are actually going to get just gb of usable space. Now, im sure thats not going to be enough in the long run, but the saving grace is that you get a dedicated sd card slot that you can expand the storage up to 256 gb very handy. Then this phone supports dual band: wi fi, 2.4 and 5. Gigahertz, so installing games and apps over faster wi fi is always a plus coming to the battery. Well, it comes with a 5000 mah battery and considering its an hd plus display, you should easily get past one day, maybe even two with medium to light use. The good thing is, it has a usbc port. The sad part is only a 10 watt charging brick, but still it charges the phone from zero to hundred percent in about two and a half hours, not bad moving to the camera. So here are some pictures taken from the rear camera very clear and sharp in brightly lit situations im sure they wont disappoint.

And finally, here are some 5 megapixel selfie shots very clear with good skin tones all right, so the micro max 2c is probably the easiest to recommend phone under 10 000. Actually, we dont have the price at the time of recording this video, but im assuming it could be priced somewhere between eight or nine thousand, its unbeatably, the best option for the price, its got good performance, its got good display its got good camera. Its got amazing stock android os its a steal for what they are offering. Yes, there is no fingerprint scanner, but i wouldnt call that a deal breaker. If you want a phone for your parents, grandparents, your kids or even a good secondary phone. This is the one to get ill leave the price availability details and the purchase link below in the description.