Yes, it costs just around 14 000, and this is where the excitement begins. Hi, my name is ritwik and you are watching me on exhibit magazine. Today, i have with me is the new moto g52, and once you use this phone once you feel this phone, you would just want to buy this one, and here is why this is very damn light like i feel, like somebody just removed the battery out of This one and just handed over to me so its its that light, so its very interesting in that sense, talking about the back, i think its made of polycarbonate but feels like glass. Its very i mean it looks very aesthetic very premium. So both these are the light phone here or bezels. When you once you look at the bezels, its very thin, very shiny, on the left hand side, you see that you have a sim tray here over here. On the left hand, side on the right hand, side you have the volume rocker and the power button, and the power button also has the fingerprint sensor, sorry and below you have the headphone jack, which is a rarity these days, uh the c type port and the Speakers talking about the speakers, you have the speakers down, as well as on the above side, its a rarity that you get speakers on both sides, so its very good on that sense. Talking about the display. This is actually one of the usps of moto g52, and this is actually very interesting because it has a 6.

6 inch, p oled display or battery moto p, oled, 20 000. So this is the first time that it is giving in a budget a smart phone and a range of uh, 14 000. Also uh. Once you look at the viewing angles, you can just see that you can actually see on the phones and uh. Once i was using this, i was very taken aback what moto has done to this phone or battery the colors are punchy, its very suitable. The display is very suitable for watching uh contents on youtube or tt platforms, because joe colors are never punchy or bright out. There so its very good man – i just love this display, and i would i would just buy it for this. This display this kind of display so thumbs up. Moto g52 has android 12 near stock operating system. This is one of great that gives this smartphone and edge over its competitors. It has 6gb of ram and 128gb of storage or when you come to the processor, it has a 680 snapdragon snapdragon 680 chipset, which is uh, which is not a 5g chipset, and it is a little drawback. But i would not call this a drop back because uh, first of all, actually foreign another thing. That really impresses me is that moto g52 offers 5000 mah battery power paired with a 33 watt fast charging. It fuels up the device to about 60 percent in just 20 minutes. It runs for about a day and a half.

So its very good talking about the camera of moto g52. It has 50 megapixel primary camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel macro shooter. Coming to the front, it has a 16 megapixel uh uh the front camera for for video, calling or taking selfies features for different features offered as a portrait mode, cinemagraph panorama or otherwise, dual capture in which you can capture the front and the back. At the same time, so it has different features for that upcoming screen prediction with example, pictures or make helsinki for the cost of 14 000. I think it offers pretty pretty clear pictures, uh, so yeah its a good, its a good camera phone, not exactly a camera phone, but it has good camera. So the final conclusion is that uh for a phone that cost just around 14 000. I would pick this in an instance, i mean, if im a student, if i do not have a lot of budget for us for a smartphone. I would definitely pick this. Moto g52 ive played some games on it and it runs really fine. I mean, but talking about the specifications it, the phone uh does not lag so much as ive played on this design or designer feels premium. It delivers a premium performance so overall, a very nice phone for more such content.