Now i bought this a few days ago. As you can see, it comes in a little carry bag and i can honestly tell you: it has been a great purchase so here it is right here this little beauty and it is very small, its smaller than the previous version and youve got yourself a strap. So you can have your wrist in it now, if you ask me this thing here, isnt necessary, you need it. Youve got to have this because when youre shooting video last thing you want to do is have this come off all right, so well open it up! It goes like that and switch it on, and it automatically starts to work now. I cant operate it just yet because im filming with my phone currently, but i just wanted to introduce you to it, so this gimbal, very small in size. It is so much more compact than the old gimbals and by old i mean yeah. Youve got your mode here, which is on the side to turn it off and there you go it shuts off, but this is the most important part for me. Are you ready, it becomes a selfie stick. I absolutely love that this gimbal is not only as i said, its, not only lightweight its, not only compact, but its got a solid selfie stick. So that way, you can get different angles and when im making videos when im making films im all about different shots.

So its very this thing here is very, very important to me, and then you just do this fold it up and it ends up like that and whats even better is you can put it in your pocket, which is another great benefit to having the omo 5.. The dji omo 5. now, as i said, guys im just showing you this a little bit the footage that ive managed to capture with this is b roll footage and ill put it in this video. But first i want to show you a bit more all right. As i said, this is the carry bag, so what you get in the carry bag you get a mini tripod, which is which is great, goes on there. Now, if you ask me, this is another advantage that gimbals give you the tripod advantage is what i call it and that way watch ready hold on fold it again now just quickly. I want to let you know it locks itself. So what youve got to do twist it out like this and open it up there, you go and that way you dont just have this right. You dont just have this little stretch. You also can stretch it like that and if you ask me that makes it even better, especially when im getting footage on the ground again guys. Look it design its designed like this, and then you pull it down like that. Folds up easy and it comes with a clamp as well.

Now ive got two clamps. I have this dji one and now you want to make sure that when you attach it dont attach it like that, because right there its not in the groove, so you want to turn it slightly until you hear that click and then its in, and that is Your dji omo 5 gimbal stabilizer and, as i said you just you, turn it on via the mode turns on, as you can see by the vibration there its activated so guys. I will show you some b roll footage of this beautiful dji gimbal. All right. Stick around for that, its like the lion king except i dont, have simba in my hands.