I have just received this uh, i mean to say i have been using this for about a month now. This is the tough gaming uh f15 2022 edition, of course, in comparison to its predecessor. This one sees a lot of improvements, lots of upgrades and, of course, a heavy price tag as well. So without any further ado lets talk about the good and bad about this laptop and see whether this one is worth your money or not hello. Everyone aman here for mr phone and welcome to my full review of the asu stuff gaming, f15. 2022 edition. Quite a long name and before we get rolling here, you know the drill hit that, like button subscribe to our channel, if you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates lets get started. We all know about the superb build quality. These tough laptops have been coming with, and this tough f, 15 2022 is no different. Of course, this is a gaming machine, but still for a gaming machine. The profile is rather manageable, with a weight of about 2.2 kilograms. Otherwise, for the build, the lid sees a brushed metal finish. In fact, the lid is metal and you can also open the lid with just one finger, so that is great. The bottom sees the use of plastic and its good quality plastic, and this is a solid move. Considering plastic does a better job with heat dissipation, also being a tough laptop.

You get military grade, protection against drops vibrations and extreme temperatures for heat flow. You can find vents on the right on the left, at the back and on the inside right above the keyboard on the top right. So you get plenty of vents for heat flow, so youre sorted that way and in general also thermal management has been good on the tough gaming f, 15 and ill be talking about that more in a bit. Moving on theres a full size, rgb keyboard with a number pad and the rgb can be customized via the armory crate app. The power button here. Doesnt have a built in fingerprint sensor, but coming back to the keyboard, it has a good roomy layout. The keys are clicky and offer great feedback thanks to the 1.7 millimeters travel on offer. Although the keyboard doesnt make a lot of noise while typing – which i think is great, so i think many people prefer their keyboards to offer a silent operation, and i guess this keyboard on the tough gaming f. 15 is definitely going to appeal to the masses coming to the trackpad, i would say its a good mid sized trackpad does a job well, it is pretty accurate and responsive and also gels well with all the latest windows, 11 gestures and commands no major complaints here On to the ports and youve got a lot of them on this beast so on the left is your dedicated charging port and ethernet port and hdmi port, two type c ports out of which one comes with thunderbolt for support a usb type, a port and a 3.

5 mm socket in comparison. The right only features a usb, a port and a kensington lock port for connectivity, theres wi fi. Six on this computer, of course, youll need a wi fi six router to take advantage of the super fast speeds. Then this bluetooth 5.2, as well and on whole ports and connectivity situation, are pretty much sorted on the tough gaming f15 and at this point, if i have to be greedy, then i think that only a full sized sd card slot is missing on this laptop. Maybe next time, apart from this theres a 15.6 inch lcd screen at the front, the bezels are also thin, except for the thick chin. The 720p webcam is situated in the top bezel, along with a dual array mic. So right now im recording from the 720p webcam of the tough gaming f15 2022, and this, as i just said, 720p webcam. So the quality is nothing to write home about im, not at all set aside, and i definitely think that laptop manufacturers should uh. Take this thing seriously. Take the webcam thingy seriously. At least a 1080p webcam is required for laptops costing over lag. I think samsung did a very good job with the latest uh galaxy book 2 pro 360, that ive been using as my primary computer that comes with the 1080p 1080p webcam. I i think that one also needs some improvement, but it is definitely much much better than this 720p and many other 720p uh webcams that you get uh on laptops, so companies please take this thing seriously at least give 1080p webcams in your high end laptops and Other than that, how does my audio sound theres a dual array mic on this laptop one on each side of the camera on the left? One on the right? How does my audio sound, let me know in the comments, but for the display itself.

You can get this laptop in a full hd resolution with the 300 hertz refresh rate, or you can opt for the quad, hd plus air resolution as well. That comes with a 165 hertz, the refresh rate, the one that asus sent me so this panel on the tough gaming f 15 is amazing. The 165 hertz refresh rate is plenty smooth in daily operation and is well equipped to run high performance games at top frame rates. Of course, the display supports hdr playback, its an anti glare unit that comes with up to 300 nits brightness, which is more than sufficient for indoor usage, and all things considered its a good panel guys, the refresh rate is a huge plus. The response time is superb. I mean you get the adaptive sync technology, although i wish the audio output could have been a tad louder from the bottom firing speakers i mean the audio output is okay when youre watching content, that is, when youre watching videos or movies, be it on youtube, netflix Or vlc or whatever, but when it comes to playing graphics, intensive titles, of course the fans will kick in on this laptop and in those cases the audio could be an issue. So what i would suggest is that you also get a good pair of headphones if youre getting this laptop to get that amazing. Audio output, along with the amazing uh gaming performance, that this laptop gives you and speaking of gaming lets now talk about the performance hardware and a battery, so the variant i have here comes with a 12th generation intel core i7 12700h processor.

That features 14 cores 6 performance, 8 efficient and a total of 20 threads. The gpu on this thing is the nvidia geforce 3060 for the laptop with a 115 watt pgp and a 140 watt pgp with dynamic boost. There are two slots of ram for a total of 16 gb lp ddr5 and theres, a one terabyte of pcie for ssd storage on this laptop heres. A look at some benchmarks and you can already see the solid showing in the crystal disk mark ssd, speed test or the geekbench scores, or the cinebench scores right there in the top tier benchmark performance. Now, before i talk about the gaming performance on this laptop, let me briefly touch upon one more key highlight of the tough gaming f, 15 laptop and im talking about the muk switch that can be enabled from the armory crate app. So in simple language. What this mug switch does is that it utilizes the potential of your computers gpu, so that you get the lowest latency and the best performance possible in the game, so on an average expect a boost of about or five to, ten percent of, while gaming, with the Mux switch enabled and with that enough talk about the hardware specifications and highlights here are some games. So i tested all the games in full hd resolution, my primary reason being to get the best possible performance, along with the high frame rate, so on your screens. Right now is the popular first person cuter valorent, and while this title isnt, the most demanding on the gpu, a higher refresh rate screen definitely helps in those fast response times and so amazing performance invalid, wherein i was consistently getting around 250 fps performance, sometimes even hitting 300 fps, so valorent was really good, although not very taxing, which is great.

The other title that i also enjoyed playing on this machine was the shadow of the tomb raider, a game that i havent ever played before. Shame on me, because this is such a beautiful game and i know a very popular title, but some reason i didnt get a chance until now, but that aside the visuals looked great on the ultra settings. The game was utilizing the gpus potential to the fullest, but hardly did i come across a performance. Throttling gpu temperatures were also about 85 degrees, which i think is okay considering i was not sitting in an ac room, so in all a consistent performance in the realm of 8200 fps, sometimes even hitting 120 fps shadow of the tomb raider was good on to gta 5 – and i got somewhat of a similar result with this game as well, just like tomb raider, actually to be honest, gta 5 was a little more demanding on the gpu, so the fps did take a dip if we compare it to the tomb raider, but then Again, a performance in the realm of 65 to 80 fps consistent in ultra settings. I think the laptop does a great job here now. Thermal management is also one key area while playing these games. Of course, the fans do make some noise, i mean fans and all gaming laptops do but, as i earlier mentioned, plenty of vents make sure that the heat flow is consistent through and through, and the best part is that the laptops surface doesnt get hot at all.

So that was the best bit all throughout, as it never gets uncomfortable to game on this machine, even when the gpu and cpu temperatures hit 80 or even 90 degrees. Finally, while testing control, i thought this game will definitely be bringing this laptop to its knees. So, while playing control on the best settings with ray tracing on, i used to consistently get about 70 fps performance, sometimes even hitting 80 or 90 fps, and initially, when i saw these numbers in my first run with the game, i doubted whether i have the best Settings enabled and, to my surprise they were honestly. I thought that control will give me about 50 to 60 fps performance over long sessions, but seeing this kind of show that was great 70 to 80 fps in control was a superb, so gaming wise, i dont think there are any doubts with this machine and it Shows the kind of performance this laptop brings to the table, although seeing the great thermal performance on offer, i think thats, where the tough gaming f15 2022 excels. Now on to the battery side of things, the tough f. 15 2022 comes with a 90 watt hour cell and you get a massive 240 watt charger in the box and in general, say you use this machine to do regular stuff, like watching videos, opening multiple chrome tabs browsing chatting. Video calling expect a battery life of about five to six hours. I mean i got these numbers consistently and again im talking about getting this endurance while the laptop was unplugged now, of course, you will kill the battery within a couple of hours.

If you decide to game on this laptop without connecting it to the charger, so i strongly suggest that while gaming definitely use it while connected to the charger. Lastly, i also want to point out that, while using this machine for general use again plugged into the charger or unplugged unless youre not gaming, this laptop does not heat. Like crazy, i mean it runs a little warm but thats bearable and very normal for a gaming laptop, so much so that i can use this laptop for general tasks and things all day long kept on my lap and it doesnt get uncomfortable okay at a cost Of around 1 lakh 45 000 rupees. I understand that the tough gaming f 15 2022 does carry a heavy price tag so much so that it even makes the 2021 models with their reduced prices, look like a steal, but that doesnt change the fact that for its asking price, the tough gaming f 15 Is an excellent gaming laptop that delivers top notch performance along with good thermal management, even in indian summers? So if you have the budget youre a gamer or even a creator, and all you prefer – is pure performance and good thermals. I would suggest that you definitely go for the tough gaming f. 15. 2022. I think this laptop is definitely worth it and, as always, drop all your thoughts and queries in the comments below that was all for my review of the asus stuff gaming, f15, 2022 and, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill.

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