This is a vlog pocket 2. This is a smartphone gimbal, and this is a second generations thats mark ii. I was waiting for it to come in. I wanted to do this review and i wanted to use it because i got a larger version of fiutech that i use for my dslr camera and you can use it with the cell phone as well, but its going to be too big and bulky. And this one on another hand, you can put it in the pocket, you can do portrait and landscape mode. It does object tracking if you connect the gimbal to the smartphone, and you can also control your original camera without having to use the app that comes with this gimbal and, as you can see, its real small, like its as big as my hand, like its really Small and its foldable as well so im really excited so yeah. This is it just pretty simple, very small box lets go ahead and open it up and see what it has. Im really excited really want to see what what it looks inside and its always fun to open up new stuff im, really excited and yeah. This is this is great, so the box looks pretty sturdy. Its got a nice colorful picture and it even stands out like its looks like its printed on top of this box. So i dont know if you can tell but yeah like you see, the picture is glossy and the box is kind of mate.

So when you, when you have the light coming in, it just shows that kind of looks like it stands out, just like a 3d, so lets go ahead and pull it off and underneath you just got a plain white box and lets: take it off and check It out there you go wow, thats, so cool. I love opening new stuff. They always include this information. If you want to get more stuff from their website like you, can go ahead and check it out and join them on other social media, and they also give you a quick start guide, which is normal for everything you get nowadays make sure you go online and Download a full manual if you want to use all the features of this gimbal, because this quick start guide is not gon na – include any detailed description of this gimbal, its just gon na. Let you start the gimbal and just give you a rough idea. Maybe how to balance it so lets, go ahead and check it out, whats inside and yeah. It just shows you the the main buttons and it shows you how to turn from landscape to portrait mode and what each button does just a quick start guide. All right lets put it aside and go ahead and look at the gimbal okay. So this is another card. Thank you for choosing them. Yes, theyre welcome. I do have one other gimbals already and i do like it.

Hopefully, this ones gon na be as good and look at that this is so cool like it looks, awesome and looks great, its so small. Let me just pull out the gimbal like look. It fits on my hand, so its definitely small enough that i can put it in the pocket, but you got ta have a pretty large pocket, though it definitely feels light its made all out of plastic, so theres, no metal parts and uh. It doesnt feel like a premium quality because of that, but im not saying its, not good quality. It just doesnt feel because, usually when you get the anodized, aluminum or any kind of metal parts, it just makes it look and makes it make. You feel like its a more expensive unit, but this one i got it on sale for only like 80 and the regular price was 130. So i got a really good deal on this one and im sure this is going to be worth it because i did want to get a gimbal for my smartphone, so i can actually use it anywhere. I go and i dont have to carry my big gimbal. So lets go ahead and look whats. What else is in the box before we get a look in more detail on this gimbal? They also give you a tripod. This is a really cool feature, because not all gimbals come with a tripod and i did get one of the zhiyun tech it didnt come with a tripod.

It was a real pain to kind of balance it because you have to hold it still on the table, but its only standing on a small surface, so its just basically real hard to balance it. You need a tripod that you can so it can stand sturdy and this little guy is not too expensive, but you know when you have to buy it its still like 10 15. So i do like that they have included this in the package. This is really good of them that they thought about it. So lets put it aside and then you also get another usb type c cable and i do like these flat cables. They dont tangle as much, and they look kind of cool so yeah. It looks very nice and you also get a storage bag, for this gimbal looks like that. Just got a two ropes on each side and then just close this, so it doesnt get damaged yep. This is it. This is all we have in the box. So lets go ahead and check out this gimbal a little bit more okay. So this is how it comes. It comes with a gimbal. It comes with a tripod, as you can see its real tiny, its very small. It fits on the palm of your hand for easy use. I recommend putting the tripod first, you can just screw it on the bottom and make sure you get it tight here and now.

You can just put it like this: its now its going to be easier to see what it has. It has this little knob here, its a lock, so you have to unscrew it counterclockwise. Then you got ta, lift this arm here and you got ta. Tighten this knob again, then it also has a three locks. Each axis has a its own: lock, there is a pan axis, there is a roll axis and then there is a tilt axis, so each axis has its own lock and it has a marking here on each of the arms, so youre, not gon na. Forget you dont have to remember it, so you just look on this here and you know which way to unlock it. So make sure you unlock all the axis before you start the gimbal, because if you dont do that its just gon na start vibrating and it might wreck the gimbal. So first lets go ahead and unlock this pan axis and, as you can see it doesnt turn 360 degrees, but its real close to 360.. It just doesnt rotate constantly. So then there is another axis here: thats a roll axis. You just got ta unlock this one. Now its unlocked, so all three axes are unlocked. Once you have all axes unlocked, you can put your phone. It also shows you how to put your phone, so the camera is going to be facing this way. Its got an arrow here, so you just got ta place the phone here and the good thing about this gimbal you dont have to balance it.

All you have to do is just kind of put it in the middle as just eyeball it and see how it looks so right now. I think it looks pretty good and once you have the phone in the holder, you can go ahead and start the gimbal. There is a little power button over here. There we go its all good, it started all right lets quickly, go through the major specs of this gimbal, as well as some function buttons. So this gimbals got a few functions. Theres, a power button on the right side right where the usbc port is then up front. You got three buttons as well as a joystick. The first button is the photo taking button. So if you connect your phone via bluetooth and press the photo button single tap, you will take a photo. If you long press it, it will shoot continuously, but keep in mind. You need to install the view on app in order for it to work. The second button is the video button and the single tab starts and stop recording. Then the very low button is the function button. If you single tap this function button, it will switch between different modes and will go through the modes in a second. If you double tap it, it will switch between the landscape and the portrait mode. As you can see, you can quickly switch between the portrait and landscape mode. The triple tap will enter standby mode or wake it up from this mode.

And if you tap this button five times it will initialize the gimbal, and this function is necessary when your gimbal is not working correctly. For example, its moving by itself its not still or youre, not getting the straight picture, it might be a little bit inclined, so you need to initialize this. So this is how you do it via this button, and then you also get in a big joystick button, and this joystick button controls all the movement you can tilt up and down. You can pan left and right, so this joystick will help you to control the movement of the gimbal. Then, on the front side, you get a trigger button. If you press and hold it, it will lock the gimbal in the position and if you release it, it will release this position. If you double tap on it, it will reset the current setting and return to the default mode. The same one, when your gimbal has started: if you triple tap it, it will switch between front and rear cameras, but for this function to work, you also need the vu on app the single tab. First, then, press and hold will enable the fast follow mode which works really good. If you shoot in some sports or some quickly moving objects on the left side of the gimbal, there is a little slider. If you slide up and down it will adjust the focus. If you slide to the t direction, it will zoom in if you slide to the w direction it will zoom out, but for this to work you also need to install the view on app and use the video on camera.

App. All right lets go quickly through the mode, so the mode number one is the pen mode, so the roll and tilt direction are fixed and the smartphone moves according to the left right movements of your hand, the second mode, if you press the mode button, is going To be the lock mode, the orientation of the camera is fixed and no matter how you move it, it will try to stay in the same positions. This is very good if youre trying to focus on some object and you dont want to miss it. The third mode is the follow mode. The raw direction is fixed and the smartphone moves according to the left right movement up and down movements of your hand – and this is the default mode that is enabled as soon as you start your gimbal. Then, if you press the mode button again its going to enter the all follow mode and the camera is going to move according to the movement of your hand, so, as you can see, there are four different modes. You can also choose to shoot in the landscape of portrait, so this is another option for you and as far as a range of movement, the tilt wrench is 165 degrees. The roll range is 323 degrees and the pen wrench is 330 degrees, so its basically almost 360, but it doesnt rotate. Constantly the roll range is almost 360 as well. The tilt direction is quite limited.

The standby time of this gimbal is about nine hours, but it all depends on the payload. The maximum payload that it can handle after balancing is 250 grams, which is pretty good for this size gimbal, because the weight of this gimbal is only 272 grams. So you can carry it with you anywhere you go, and this will probably be your smartphone best friend there you go guys there, you have it. If you have any questions, please leave in the comment section below. Let me know what kind of gimbal you have and what kind of gimbal are you looking to buy? Also dont forget to give it a like subscribe to the channels for more interesting videos and click. The notification bell, so you didnt miss new videos, but this is it for now.