Today i have a new a budget, a rugged smartphone. This is different. I have done a few other rugged smartphone videos, and you may know that i always try to find a better rugged smartphone with better value for money, and today i have something new, this brand hot web, hot wav, hot wub or hot wave. Whatever the name is, this is pretty new to me. I was actually browsing through and have noticed this brand. Actually, the picture of this box was so amazing, so i didnt wait a moment. I have ordered one after checking the specifications and the price i thought. Okay, i should buy one and try one. Actually. I have already unboxed this one and used this one for almost 19 uh 20 days. Now i think 18 or 20 days i cant remember, but yeah performance is good. One thing that made me so interested about this product: this smartphone is this: one comes with android 12., no, not android; 11 android, 12 stock android 12.. Our rugged smartphone is running on android 12. thats pretty new for me, and this one only comes with 4 gigabyte of ram 32 gigabyte of storage. I was like worried: can this actually run android 12 because the processor is helio a22? I think no other brand can do this really. This is very difficult actually to run a stock android on a helio a22, with only four gigabyte of ram with smoothness its pretty difficult, but they have done this so thats.

Why im spending my time and doing this review? Well at the beginning, let me tell you some specifications: mediatek 6761 quad core processor. This is actually helio. A22. My unit comes with 4 gigabyte of ram and 32 gigabyte of rom front 5 megapixel camera rear 13 megapixel camera 6 inch display 18 by 9 aspect ratio and mah 7500mah os android 12 color vitality. Orange lets unbox it other than the smartphone inside the box. You will get a user manual, a sim ejector tool, i usb a2 usbc charging cable and a 10 watt charger lets. Put everything aside here is our hot2ft5 pro a rugged smartphone yeah. I have chosen the vitality orange color, so there are some orange accent around the smartphone build quality yeah as a rugged smartphone. You cannot expect anything different than this. This is a very good build quality for 140 us dollars. I dont think youre gon na get anything better than this, and this one comes with ip68 ip69k rating, which is really a lot on top. There is nothing but a 3.5 millimeter port and the port is well protected at the bottom. There is primary microphone and usb c port one more time. This usbc port is also well protected and they also have a secondary microphone at the back, so thats amazing, because most of the smartphone brands i mean rugged smartphone brands that dont care about this secondary microphone. It looks very heavy, a very big, but it doesnt weigh too much only 312 grams.

I think my honor magic vivo is more no almost the same 306.6 grams and this one is 312 grams. I dont think its too heavy. I, like this rear design, its minimalistic design. There is nothing special. There is nothing too crazy. Some other rugged smartphones comes with crazy design, but the design of this one altogether is pretty decent. This is the old school fingerprint sensor, but this one works perfectly fine. There are two sensors, and one of those is a 13 megapixel. Samsung sensor lets power it up. I have already shown you that this one has a fingerprint sensor at the back. This one also got face unlock option, so you can use both of these phase unlock and fingerprint. Let us try this fingerprint sensor. Never break always fight. Never quit play the game. Yeah. The fingerprint sensor works pretty fine at the beginning. I have mentioned this. One runs on android 12. Here it is android 12.. In the display settings you can select dirk theme and if you dont want dirk theme, okay, disable it or deactivate it. You can also select night light to protect your eyes. Adaptive brightness is there. You have to enable it screen: timeout, auto rotate screen, colors font size display size screen. Saver lock, screen well lets check the display panel Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, hmm, Music, considering its price and segment display is pretty good. You cannot compare the display of a rugged smartphone with any other mid range or flagship smartphones, as this one claims that this one comes with ip68 and ip69k ratings, so we have to test it right lets.

Do the test, hello, its full of water. Here you can see this one is still playing the video, and this is gon na get inside this water. Never break always fight, never quit. Do it right play the game. Do i have to pick this for you theres, no time for the pain, let the grind. I could change in my mind, pick a lane lets pick it out and try to play some games Music. Let me put this back and then i will back to play games its still working Music, okay, im back and we are gon na play some games. I thought after i drop it inside, the water speaker would get damaged, but no the speaker is working perfectly well Music and i can even play games wait. I dont want to play like this. I have to select the controller settings. Okay, im playing this game in real time: im, not gon na speed up, because if i speed up, you cannot see whether there is any lag or not. Actually, there is no lag im satisfied with the performance with this helio 822 im, not gon na, say this. One is a gaming smartphone, but yeah. Definitely you can play games some games you can play, but if youre planning to play games and impact on this one, then no rugged smartphones are not for gamescan impact. Well, we have talked about appearance, build quality battery, yeah 7500 mah battery and have managed to squeeze up to four days of usage time.

I didnt actually count screen on time, but philip one of our final cut editors. He has tried to listen to music using this one and he told me that he has managed to squeeze up to 24 hours of music time yeah. The battery was good enough for 24 hours of listening to music, so thats crazy. Another thing is camera, usually budget smartphones. They are not made to perform in camera department, but this one comes with a decent main sensor and offers decent camera performance. Here goes some shots that i have managed to take with this hot wave. T5, pro never break always fight, never quit. Do it right play the game. Winning life have no shame theres, no time for the pain with the grind Music altogether. 1′. Us dollar price tag for this one, i think, is a decent one. There are not many options within this price segment that can beat this one. If you are looking for a budget rugged smartphone, then i have no hesitation to recommend this one to you. This one is the one that im gon na use and yeah. I will wait for your comments. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. If you have loved this video, then please subscribe to this channel subscription and like button is over there. Please subscribe to this channel and share the love, never break always fight, never quit. Do it right play the game.

Win in life. Have no shame theres. No time for the pain with the grind.