This is normal here and in this video we will be talking about the new micromax in 2c budget smartphone. So micromax has been launching a lot of budget smartphones, and this is yet another one and similar to other micromax smartphones know what an aspect about this device is: the stock android experience without any sort of blood, pressing loader, so thats the speciality of the micromax in 2C as well, so this is going to be a budget smartphone, and this device comes with an hd plus resolution played as the unisoft t610 octa core processor. We have seen at this processor on a lot of budget smartphone. It is actually a capable processor. You get an 8 megapixel rear camera and 5000 milliamp battery along with the stock android experience. So how does this device fare in the budget segment lets find out in this detail review so before getting started? If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets get started with the review of the new micromax in 2c. So lets start off the detailed review of the micromax in 2c with the design and build quality. Now, if you look at the design of the micromax in 2d, the front panel definitely looks good. We have the water drop notch. The vessels have also been kept minimal for a budget or entry level.

Smartphone even the bottom chain looks quite okay for the segment it is being offered now uh. If you look at the back panel uh, this actually feels pretty good. In fact, uh the design is similar to previous micromax devices. We have the camera unit and a pattern which goes from the camera unit towards all the edges feels pretty nice. The brown color is kind of different color, which is not seen on most of the android smartphones right now, and it also comes in silver color as well. So there are two colors available and you also get a slight color differences here. The pattern is different on this side, so it feels really nice in terms of design and build quality. So, overall, it feels quite good and the material finishing also looks really good impressive in terms of solid build quality, its matte finish and in terms of design aspect, you have the power and volume keys on the right side, the left side houses, the sim tray, its A dedicated sd card slot and the bottom section has the usb type c port and the 3.5 memory jack. The top does not have any openings or slots so its fairly well equipped in terms of design aspect and looks quite good as well. Next lets move on to the display aspect. Now this comes with a hd plus resolution display with a water drop notch, and you get a 6.52 in just a screen. Size now display is actually quite good, even though its an hd plus residual display, the brightness levels are quite okay, the colors are pretty vibrant and even the viewing angles looks quite okay, so we wouldnt complain much on the display aspect, its a fairly good display at This price segment, the touch response, also feels quite smooth, actually no major issues we face and its pretty vibrant display for the budget segment it is being offered now.

The water drop notch also adds quite decent experience overall now next lets talk about the software now. This is one area where micromax has been doing pretty good. Actually, in fact, this is a stock android experience you can see here. There is absolutely no bloatware included, not even a single third party, app installed, just the basic ui and apps, except for sound recorder and fm radio. There are no third party apps included, and it feels quite uh good in terms of experience uh. This is a very stock ui and this device comes with android 11, although uh android 12 could have been provided, but again this is in a budget device. So you cant expect the best software experience here, but still uh. This device offers android 11, which is quite okay and um. You get a three gigabyte ram and 32 gigabyte storage out of which around a 24 gigabyte of storage is available for the user in the first boot and it features decent options. Also, you can see that it has the basic stock android experience along with some additional tools like the uh intelligent assistance, lift phone to check the phone three point pointer to take screenshot flip to mute, easy to answer ec bell. So some additional options are there, along with that gestures, are also supported, so the stock android experience is something which is pretty good and especially for a budget smartphone with the heavy ui uh. There are chances for lagging, but with the stock android experience, you do get a good uh clean experience overall without any sort of ads or issues now moving on to the performance.

Now this device is coming with uh the unisoft t610 octa core processor. Now a unisoft t610 is a decent chipset for the budget segment. In fact, it is comparable to uh the snapdragon 665, also so its a decent entry level chipset for the budget segment, and it performs quite well too. We have seen this chip on a lot of smartphones as well uh. It is a quite a performing chip. It is pretty fast and responsive too, so it does it job pretty well, in terms of experience, you get three gigabyte ram as well as 32 gigabytes storage, out of which are on 25. Gb is available for the user, and you can expand via microsd card. In case you want to do that so overall in terms of experience for a budget device which is priced below the 10 000 price segment. This feels quite good in terms of overall uh performance. Now this device comes with uh face unlock, but there is no fingerprint scanner included thats. Definitely one of the missing aspects so face unlock is supported, but you dont get a fingerprint scanner. Apart from that, you get a dual sim card for glt, voiceover, wi, fi and everything looks quite okay for the uh in terms of call and reception. We also tried the network connections, which feels quite good now uh talking about the camera, so we have a dual camera setup, its an 8 megapixel primary camera and a depth sensor, and you also get a 5 megapixel selfie camera, so its a pretty basic camera setup.

Now, if you look at the camera ui you get additional options like portrait mode pro mode. Slow motion is also included. If you go to the more you get the night mode also included, and some filters are also available. Slow motion, video recording and lets see the resolution you can see here. 1080P resolution is included, which is quite good, so uh lets have a look at some of the camera samples you have taken with this device. So you can see here. This is a decent experience. Overall uh, decent uh clarity, colors also looks quite okay for the budget segment. There is decent sharpness also, and even the close up images also came out that descend up and selfie camera also works pretty well for the budget segment. It is being offered so overall if youre looking for a decent entry level, camera uh this up. This wont disappoint for the most part, but this may not be the best out there in this price segment. You can take some decent experience along with that. You also get 1080p resolution included so thats quite a decent experience in terms of camera now. Finally, talking about the battery life, so this device comes with a 5000 mah capacity battery and you get 10 volt charging included now. The good thing is that there is usb type c port, uh included and the charging is 10 volt. So it might take a long time to charge, but 5000 milliamp battery will give you like one and a half days of battery life easily uh in the budget segment.

So you are well covered in the battery aspect. So uh we dont have any sort of issues in terms of battery experience. Now it comes with single speaker, which is uh. You can see here. This is the speaker output and it performs quite well in terms of experience, so that is our review of the micromax. In 2c, so how good is the device, so we are expecting the price to be around the 8000, to uh, probably 9000 price segment, and for that pricing. If that is true, we are not really sure about the pricing at the time of making this video. For that pricing, this feels like a quite a decent option: uh decent uh experience with the display software is very clean and the stock android experience performance is good uh for the budget segment battery life is good and overall design and build quality feels strong. Now the downsides are is that there is no android 12 again thats, not a major con, though, and apart from that, you dont get a fingerprint scanner included uh. Apart from that, this feels like a quite a good device for the price segment. If youre, looking for an entry level smartphone the micromax in 2c with the stock android experience, wont disappoint you so thats.