They launched oneplus 5t star wars, edition oneplus 6 avengers edition. Also, they partnered up with mclaren for its 60 and 7 pro mclaren edition and dont forget. Last year they partnered up with the most hyped video game cyberpunk for its 80 cyberpunk edition. Now, this time, they partnered up with bandai namco, a japanese video game company who created a legendary pac man game for its pac man, edition of oneplus nauto device. This right here is the pac man edition of oneplus not 2 device, and this is a huge box. Special packaging for the special edition phone so lets start again to find whats special in this special edition phone. Okay, there is another box and look at this. This box is printed with the classic pacman maze and also there is a oneplus note. Logo made up of this pacman maze. Music lets quickly open this at the top. There is some documentations which includes a special greeting card with the names of the members of oneplus, not team Music. With this, there is a red cable club membership card, quick start guide, and there is two oneplus logos and one pacman style, yellow knot sticker and at last there is a safety information Music underneath that there is a most awaited product, pacman edition phone with the monstrous 65 watt charging brick and the iconic red cable. There is one more section under the box which has the custom pac man edition case Music Music.

This is the pacman edition phone. The oneplus logo is on the bottom right corner of the phone, and also there is a pacman below the camera bar. You know why oneplus launched this pacman edition phone. The answer is simple: for more fun, Music and the tagline of this phone is pretty much all the phone. You could ask for honestly when i first time hold this phone. It feels so premium and comfortable in my hands. This is a perfect sized phone, not too big to hold and not too small. Just perfect lets move to the back side where they have done a real magic on this phone. The back side of this phone is glossy, but hardly catches. Any fingerprints and this phone doesnt have the specific color Music. It changes its color on different lighting conditions. Sometimes it look grayish sometimes bluish, sometimes greenish blue, but this is not the real magic on this phone. You know what is the real magic this phone closed at night yeah. You heard it right this phone glows at night and reveals the same classic pacman maze with the oneplus note: logo Music. There is an accented blue alert slider at the right side, and this is one of my most favorite thing in this phone Music. Those who dont know what alert slider is alert. Slider is a slider button for switching your phones profile from ringing to silent or vibrate mode, no need to unlock the phone just slide the alert slider.

The fancy custom pacman case comes with this phone is hard case and it looks very cool and doesnt ruins your pacman special edition phone design protected as well as stylish. This special edition phone has the same specifications as the normal phone, but with some extra pacman magic inside and only comes in a single variant. This phone packed with the mediatex flagship processor by ministry 1200, ai 12, gb of rams and 256 gb of internal storage with no sd card slot and same set of triple rear cameras. Now lets turn on the phone and lets see what software magic one plus has done. With this pacman edition phone Music, there is a special boot animation for the device Music. Not only that, when you first time set up your phone, then you get a message from the device that the hungry pac man is got trapped in level 256 help him eat his way out through one plus, not universe, by completing secret missions and finding easter eggs. That oneplus sprinkled throughout the phone yeah oneplus packed some unlockable content in the phone that you can unlock by playing pre installed, pacman 256 game and by completing some secret missions. Theres a special pacman phone holder for this phone, with all the hints for the secret missions. But i didnt have that so i dont know how to unlock the unlockable content, but i unlocked one dynamic, wallpaper and and pacman style secret stickers by using bob charge for 256 minutes.

Apart from that, there is a whole gamified oxygen os throughout the phone which includes pacman styled, always on display pacman styled in display fingerprint animation. There is a pacman style, dynamic wallpaper, which shows retro pixelated pac man on the lock screen, and when you unlock the phone, then you can see the retro pixelated pacman is evolved into the smooth and rounded pac man, and there is also a pacman styled pixelated system. Icons, the notification panel is also pacman styled, which look awesome, Music, look at the pacman animation when i switch from one page to the another page. There is also pacman styled charging animation in the phone Music, and this special phone also comes with a special charger. This is a same 65 watt charger that comes in oneplus 9 series. We charge the phone from one percent to 100 in half an hour, but this is not the special thing about this charger. This charger is special because this can charge my all devices that i use from my birth pro to my laptop. This charger has the output ranges from 15 watt to 65 watt and now no need to carry different charges for the different devices, just only one charger for all devices – oh im done now, but this phone is not done yet. There is also a pacman themed ringing. Tunes notification, tone and alarm down: this is the notification tone. This is the ringing tone Music, and this is the alarm tone: Music, oh Music, and by the way, if you are enjoying this video, then you should subscribe to the channel and at this time we only have 89 subscribers.

So lets see how much subscribers we can gain by this video. This phone has a triple camera setup at the back side and a 32 megapixel camera for selfies. This phone comes with the camera app from the oppo phones and i have mixed feeling about the camera. There is a lot of features like in oppo phones and also takes pretty good shots, but i didnt like the camera ui of this phone, because its the same ui that comes in realme or oppo phones. Honestly, i dont have any problem with realme or oppo, but oneplus is not real me. Oneplus is a premium brand, so the camera ui needs to be different. There is a pacman themed filter in the camera which took some glitchy and pixelated photos with the pacman characters. In the frame take a look at some shots with this filter Music. The main camera at the back side of this phone is 50 megapixel sensor from sony, and it takes pretty great 8 out of 10 shots, but the 8 megapixel ultrawide camera is the average one and 2 megapixel monochrome is just useless. Take a look at some shots from its back cameras, Music and this selfie camera is just good because it is not consistent. Sometimes it takes 7 out of 10 shots and sometimes just average. Looking 5 out of 10 shots now lets talk about the videos and with this oppo camera app, there is a lot of fun options in videos.

This is the normal video from its main camera Music. There is a proper movie mode for ultra stabilization and you will get all the manual controls for both wide and ultra wide angle cameras. These are some samples Music. There is the bokeh flair mode in both photos and videos like in oppo devices, and this is the bokeh flair, video mode from its main camera. This is the side by side comparison of different modes in selfie videos, Music. The main camera on this device is so good at night. These are some samples Music, and this is a video with its main camera at night, Music. Overall, this is a fun phone. I am a fan of pac man, game and if you are also a fan of pac man game, then youre gon na love this device. If you dont have a budget for the proper flagship phone and you want that ultra smooth and fast experience, then this phone is for you flagship performance with all of the premium mid range specs at last. Thank you oneplus for making this video possible and i really enjoyed using this phone and dont forget to subscribe. The channel.