Welcome to another honest review video today i have this vivo x fold, actually ive been using this smartphone, this foldable smartphone for almost one week. No sorry, when you are watching this video, then it will be like almost three weeks. Okay, if you find this video helpful, if you end up liking this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. Yeah, the like button is over there. Also, if you want to watch more honest review, videos like this, please subscribe to this channel on youtube its totally free. So please subscribe to this channel and support true content. Okay, at the beginning, lets check the specifications of this v4x fold. Snapdragon 8 gen 1 12 gigabyte, lpddr5 ram 256 or 512 gigabyte, ufs 3.1 storage, 8.03 inch 1916 by 2160 ltpo amoled panel yeah. This is the foldable panel and there is an external display panel that one is a 6.53 inch 1080 by 2520 amoled panel. Both supports 120 hertz, refresh rate stereo, speaker setup 4600 mah battery 66 watt fast charging. It also supports 50 watt wireless charging. If you are interested, then yes, a vivo x fold also offers 10 watt reverse wireless charging. I have got the 12 plus 512 gigabyte edition. This one costs 9999 rmb, which is equivalent to 118 000 indian rupees, 80 600, philippine peso, 134, 000 bangladeshi taka, 1 420 euros. 22 million. 250 000 indonesian, rupiah okay, lets start from unboxing ive been using this one.

So i have already unboxed this one, but lets see what things i have got inside this box and what things you are gon na get inside the box of this fp4 export, i mean if youre gon na buy one the packaging, the box. Everything is really nice. Pretty premium actually, this one reminds me how i have unboxed my oppo find then yeah oppo find then also comes in a similar box and similar type of packaging. Well, after opening the top lid there goes, your fifo x fold lets put the phone aside for a while, underneath that you have to open it from this way. You pull it out. The first thing you notice is yeah another box or small envelope inside that here goes your vivo exfold vip card. I mean you get a vip card to get a vip after cell service. There are some paperworks and a sim ejector tool included inside this, underneath that they have provided a very good quality, usb c to usb c charging cable. Well, vivo has decided to go with two port charger. This one is a 80 watt charger. I mean when you use only one port: it will go up to 80 watt, but when you are using two ports, both the ports together, it can offer 20 plus 60 or 40 plus 40.. This charger is built based on can technology so yeah its pretty small, and not that heavy im a bit disappointed to see that vivo has provided a very cheap quality.

Weird earbuds uh, i thought vivo would provide wireless earbuds because actually vivo x70 pro plus the said that vivo has sent me had wireless earbuds, but not this one, not this time well lets put everything inside the box and lets unwrap our vivox folder Applause. Okay. This is our vivo x fold. This is a foldable smartphone and yeah. Definitely this is a premium smartphone. This is the flagship of vivo x series. This one is built with precision and in hand. It gives premium feelings, but the rear design of vivo x4 is almost the same as vivo x. Note. If you hold these two smartphones side by side, you will easily notice that other than a few minor changes in design language, it looks pretty similar, rear camera block, rear camera design. Everything is similar, even the cutouts and the profile. Sliders everything looks the same. The rear panel textures and the fillings are the same. The only difference is vivox fold is a foldable smartphone and x. Nut is a clamshell. On top. There is a secondary noise cancellation, microphone, a ir blaster and a speaker cutout primary microphone, usb c port. Dual sim compact, sim tray and bottom firing, speaker grille, all, are located at the bottom volume. Rockers and power button is on the right side. Actually, the profile slider is located on the left side, but when the phone is folded, everything is on the right side. Music. I have tried to compare in hand, feelings and appearance of this fifo x fold with honor magic v.

I think i like magic v appearance more than vivo x4. Also honor magic v hinge is a bit more strong and feels much more sturdy. Inner display panel selfie camera punch, hole of vivo x4 is a bit too big and yeah. It looks ugly, on the other hand, honor magic. The inner display, selfie camera punch hole is much more smaller and looks better. Okay, im truly addicted to physical profile, slider. First on iphones and then on oneplus smartphones yeah, when i have used this honor magic v as my daily drive, i have missed this physical profile slider, but now fifo has got it covered on their v4x fold. Camera performance of honor magic is better than many other smartphones, but vivo x fold belongs to another league. There is no competition. Vivo export camera performance is way better. We will talk about camera performance later in this video when vivo x fold is folded. Actually, there is no gap between the left and right part. Also, the gap between the hinge is almost zero degree. Fivo has done an incredible job to do this yeah once you unfold it, you will notice that there is a crease. It really looks ugly, but surprisingly, when you touch it, there is zero bump and you will have to work hard to find that crease i mean this is as3d. You wont feel it. This is magical talking about the display panel. Well, the foldable display panel is a 8.

03 inch 1916 by 2160 ltpo amoled panel with 120 hertz refresh rate. This one also supports hdr 10 plus this is one of the best foldable display panels that i have ever used. This one offers snappy and buttery smooth scrolling, colors are vivid and vibrant black is very dark. White is very bright. Im convinced this is the best. I have tried to compare vivox fold foldable display panel with honor magic v, and the differences are truly visible. This amoled panel of vivox fold is definitely way better, never break always fight. Never quit. Do it right play the game. Have no okay. We have just checked in a display panel performance. I have compared this vivo x fold with honor magic v, but what about the external display panel yeah, im gon na compare this one with vivo x. Note vivo. Export external display panel is a 6.53 inch 1080 by 2520 amoled panel and definitely supports 120hz refresh rate. You check by yourself and listen carefully, which smartphone stereo speaker performance better than the other Music. Music. Applause is Applause, Music, Applause, Music, vivo export comes with origin, os ocean and android 12 out of the box. I think android 12 is the standard for any flagship of 2022.. All the standard features are there. It actually is the best os developed by any bbk group brand trust me its more optimized than oxygen os. There is a ram expansion option and you can expand up to 4 gigabyte of ram which actually allocates a chunk of ufs storage as ram im happy to see.

Vivo always offers updates and always provides better optimization through the updates, as this is a foldable smartphone. This one comes with a massive foldable display panel and you can easily use split screen. You can load and play with two different applications. At the same time, you can even play and watch two different videos using two different applications. This operating system is super optimized for vivo x fold, its not like oppo find them because most of the applications doesnt work well with oppo, find and foldable display panel. If you want, you can jump from the inner display to the external one, and you can also jump from the external one to the inner display panel. Without any worry, the process is so seamless and all the applications are well optimized for the process. Vivo x fold has two separate fingerprint sensors. One is sitting underneath the foldable display panel and another is located underneath the external display panel both works, fine, you can register fingerprints with any of those and it will work without any issues. Also, if you are interested, then yes, vivo export comes with standard, face, unlock option. Okay, this is a foldable smartphone, and can we play games on this one yeah, the external display panel? This one is big enough to play games on this one, but if you want, you can definitely play games using this in a display panel lets try to play real racing 3 using this external display panel, and then we will play games in impact using that internal Display panel, okay, you can see we can play games without any lag, and performance of this smartphone is way better than many other agent.

One based smartphones. This one offers better stability. This one comes with better thermal performance, but i dont think a hardcore gamer should buy this smartphone because this isnt a gaming smartphone, never break always fight. Never quit. Do it right play the game. This used to be a bustling street, but with so many storm terror attacks recently, the usual crowds are nowhere to be seen, except for the local tavern near the city wall. Over there they havent been affected. If anything, their business is better than ever. Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, okay, lets talk about battery and screen on time. This vivo export comes with a 4600 mah battery, considering its a foldable smartphone this battery size isnt that good yeah, i was expecting at least 5000 mah battery. Definitely this one supports 66 watt. Wear charging, but this one also supports 50 watt wireless charging yeah. I have also managed to get that 50 watt wireless charger. This is a vivo flash charge, wireless charger, and this one performs a very good with this vivo x fold inside this wireless charger. There is a heavy duty blower and when its working that blower will run in full speed and if youre in a silent environment, then definitely you will listen to it. I mean in this studio whenever i use this one, i can listen to it clearly any part of the studio. I can listen to it its really a bit loud. Well, if you use the where charging i mean that 66 watt charger, then this vivo x fold actually gets charged within 40 minutes yeah advertised time or what vivo claims is 37 minutes.

But what i have managed to get is 40 minutes thats the fastest. Sometimes this even takes 42 minutes to get fully charged, but i think thats, okay, well, what about screen on time? It depends on how much youre gon na use this internal display panel. If you are always on this internal display panel, then screen on time is pretty low. If you are gon na use performance mode, 120, hertz refresh rate, then really its a very difficult to get more than 5 hours of screen on time. But if you are always on this external display panel, if you dont unfold this vivox fold, then you will get more than 7 hours of screen on time. Well, we have talked about appearance, build quality battery performance gaming, but we havent checked antutu, benchmark three mark the gamers benchmark im gon na run antutu benchmark on this one oneplus 10 pro and redmi k50 pro yeah redmi k50 pro comes with diamond city 9000 lets see, Which one has better thermal performance and which one can get to the best peak performance? Okay, at the beginning, let me show you that ambient temperature is 27.5 degrees celsius and all of these three smartphones are fully charged. You can see vivo x fold and oneplus 10. Pro is almost at 37 or 38 degrees celsius, but redmi k50 pro is a bit cooler than these two now lets run onto the benchmark. For the first time lets see what happens, how much score can we get and we will run unto the benchmark back to back three times and then we will see whether there is any thermal throttling or not, which one has better stability, which one has better thermal Management: okay, after the first run, vivo x fold has managed to score 950 2000, while redmi k50 pro has got 929 000.

oneplus 10 pro has managed to score the highest. It has got 962 000. amazing vivo xnote is already doing great without wasting any more time. Lets run again lets see whether there is any thermal throttling or not. Wow vivo has got a delightful score after the second run, almost no throttling who would believe this who have ever thought of this result. 935. 000 antutu score after back to back running onto the benchmark. Redmi k50 pro has actually done magic. It has got 932 000, which clearly shows that it has the best thermal management. What about oneplus 10 pro? Well, it has got eight hundred and ninety nine thousand okay lets run this antutu benchmark one more time and lets check the scores Music. After the third run, vivo x fault has throttled a bit. It has now gone down to nine hundred thousand, but redmi k50. Pro is still standing strong, it has scored nine hundred and sixteen thousand well im, not gon na talk about oneplus 10 pro. It definitely has a poor thermal management. Now we are gon na run 3dmark at the beginning. Let me show you room ambient temperature, its 26.9 degrees celsius. I have given enough time to these smartphones after antutu benchmarks, so that these phones can get back to normal temperature. This test is truly a nightmare for any smartphone. A reflection is hilarious. Vivox fault has got 2344 in the first loop and 1859 in loop number 20, which is a good performance considering its a foldable smartphone, but i am actually speechless.

After checking the scores of redmi k50 pro, it has got 2373 in the first loop and 2270 in 20th loop. Where is throttling, why isnt it throttling 96 stability, unbelievable vivo, x, volt stability rate is also very good. It has 79.3 stability, which is the best among any foldable smartphones that i have tested kudos to vivo. Music vivox fold is a foldable and you can use the stock camera application in laptop mode, its totally functional, and you can do anything like you do in usual mode being a v4 flagship. This one also got jyster coated lens lets check the specifications of vivo x4 rear camera setup 50 megapixel samsung iso cell gn5, with ois 48 megapixel sony, imx, 598, 12 megapixel sony imx, 663 and 8 megapixel omnivision ov08a10 yeah. That one is also tagged to ois. I have tried to take photos of anna with gn5 based smartphones on the left, thats a vivo iq 9 pro and on the right yeah. That is our vivo x fold. You check by yourself and you decide which one has done better anyway. Im working on a detailed camera comparison, video between vivo, x4 and vivo xnote, stay tuned to watch that video Music, Music. Okay, i dont think i have to give any verdict, because a vivo x fold is the best foldable smartphone at this moment period. Yeah thats the end of the video. Well, if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button.

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