I did review the bigger battery version a while back and if you havent seen it yet, i will link it down below by the way this wired version is now available at amazon, and this is where i got mine. I can tell you, though, the issues ive mentioned with the battery version has been sorted out, especially the alert notification, speed im just going to glance over its features and set up and well go straight to testing for detailed specs and features check out. My review video on the battery version also be making comparison videos between ufs video doorbells in pretty near future. So if you are not subscribed, click that subscribe button below so that you will not miss out. Also, if you find this video helpful dont forget to give it a thumbs up. Thank you, and i appreciate it lets review its features, really quick. This video doorbell has two cameras which the bottom one will monitor your packages that are left at your doorstep. It has delivery guard feature which you will get notifications when a package is dropped off, picked up and also can send you pickup reminders, because this is wired, it has a 3 second preview or pre recording, meaning it has a memory buffer that when it detects motion It will start the recording 3 seconds before the motion has been detected, so youre not going to miss the start of the motion event. It records in 2k quality with hdr and has two aspect ratios that you can choose, and you will see this later on, because it is a uv.

It has local storage of 8 gigabytes built in on the doorbell itself, so no need for monthly subscription. This is the wired version, so you need to wire this in either your existing doorbell wires or powering it with a compatible adapter 16 to 24 volt ac 30 volt amps inside the box. We have a mounting template a mounting plate with metal inserts on it, and this is more to function as a heat sync and also makes the mount rigid and we have a 15 degree mounting wedge and we have the video doorbell itself and definitely smaller than the Better version because theres no batteries on it, we have the camera lens, mic status, light and infrared led somewhere here, and we have the doorbell button on the bottom. We have the second camera with two little spot lights on the sides. Are one side? Is the speaker on the back? We have the thermal screws to wire this into your doorbell wires. It does have a micro usb port to be used to set this up later on. What else is inside the box? We have a micro, usb cable. We have extension wires and wire nuts. We have mounting screws, we have jumper wires, so i can tell you right now: this doorbell will not ring your existing chime in the house. We have a push pin. Then we have the chime which comes with a plug and adapter, and this will depend on where you live and you can just screw this in like so.

We have the sync button on top and we have a button to change the tones and on the other side, is the volume time to set this up and uv recommends to set this up first before installing it at your front door, open up the ufe app Click, the plus sign on the upper right corner scroll down and look for doorbells scan the qr code, which is on the back of the doorbell plug in the doorbell using the micro usb cable click. Next, wait until the status light turns green type in your wifis password and click next push the pin on the reset hole on the back for 2 seconds. Until you hear a beep click, ok – and this will generate a qr code that you need to show the camera wait until it is added successfully now time to unplug the doorbell and turn off power through existing chime and doorbell. Remove your existing doorbell, exposing the wires go to your chime box and using the jumper wire screw one end to the front terminal and the other end to the trans or transformer terminal, remove the sticker on the mounting bracket and, as you will see, it will expose The metal that will mate with the doorbell to help dissipate the heat screw it in with the two included screws screw in the doorbell wires to any of the terminals. On the back of the doorbell align the tabs on the bottom of the bracket to the corresponding notches on the doorbell, then push in and snap it in place to remove the doorbell from the mount.

You will need to use the push, pin tool and insert it on the hole on top and push in, and the doorbell will unlock next plug in the chime somewhere close to your front door. Press and hold the sync button for 2 seconds and click connect. And you will hear a tone again when it is paired with your doorbell. You have a choice of 8 tones Music and you can also adjust the chime volume from here lets check out the settings in the app. When you open up the app you will see the last snapshot event from the camera, click on it to get to live view which loads up decently. Quick in here you can see the live feed from both cameras on the bottom. You can record the live view. Take a snapshot start two way, talk which is full duplex, and you also have access to quick responses. So you dont have to talk to the person at your door and you can also customize this and you will see how later on click the gear icon to get to the camera settings, and we have motion detection where you can set the activity zones. Not just one but on both cameras, then you can just detect human or person based events, and you can adjust the sensitivity from here delivery guard where you have package guarding, where you can play one of the quick responses or record your own message, which will be Played when somebody approaches, when you have a package at your door, uncollected package alert will give you notifications at a set time.

If you have left packages at your front door, then we have package live check, assistance where in live view, you will see when your package was delivered and how many times people came in. While you have the package outside, we have dual cam settings. You can change the view of the camera and the aspect ratio of the recordings. We have split view mode or picture in picture mode. You will see samples of this. In the recordings later on, ring auto response. You can set a quick response or customize one. If somebody rings your doorbell, then we have familiar faces where you can add and label detected faces from here. Please note: there are some states that youre not allowed to collect this info, especially without consent. So do your due diligence, this will be turned off on mine. After testing it out, which it does need good lighting so that you can attach and label faces and a lot of faces that i got and i tried to tag them and it just says the face in the picture cannot be recognized. We have quick response. You can add up to 3 customized messages if you want and notification option to be notified when somebody pushes the doorbell button and or when motion is detected, and i chose the full effect, meaning ill get a regular notification. First then, a rich notification with a thumbnail and you can change the tones in the notification time to do some testing.

So this is the video end, audio quality of uvs, dual cam, video doorbell, and this is the wired version, and this is what it looks like when im close to the doorbell – and this is what it looks like when im close to the door. So this is the video quality of your these dual cam video adorable wired at night, at no lights and the auto night vision is turned on, so it has it for infrared leds and also the bottom package. Lights are turned on, and this is what it looks like when im close to the doorbell, and this is what it looks like when im close to the door. So this is the video quality of beautys, dual cam video doorbell, the wired version, and this with my lights on and the other night vision is turned on. So this is what it looks like when im close to the doorbell – and this is what it looks like when im close to the door. We are going to test the motion, alert notification, speed of yuffies, dual cam, video doorbell, the wired version and im on my lte connection, and it is 12 37, so lets check it out, Music that quick all right. So i got that one and i have two notifications. Actually i have the one with a oh zoomed in snapshot right there and when i click on it it should go to the recorded event cool pretty fast.

It is 12 30, just went to 12 38, so its been less than a minute. So lets see what the notification cool off for the ufe dual cam video doorbell and that quick still durable push to notification. Speed, Music! There you go, you get, i didnt get any uh audio on my phone and click on that it should load up pretty quick cool and didnt, hear it, but theres a notification. Uh! Yes, can i help you uh? Yes, can i help you its live pastor here? Uh, sorry hes not here right now. Ah you want to leave a message. Uh, sorry hes, not here right now, you want to leave a message. No thanks! All right! Thank you is live pastor here. No thanks porch pirate test and see how fast the doorbell can pick us up and probably give us a notification. Excuse me help you and thats, pretty quick cool all right. So this time, im gon na drop off this package in a normal place, which will be uh uh near the door so lets see if im gon na get a. I got a notification already right there. Oh yeah, i got a package alert cool and look at that. You will see. Thats cool package was delivered and thats pretty quick with amazon echo devices you can set it so that it will make an announcement or act as a chime. Whenever somebody pushes the doorbell Music, someone is at the dual doorbell wired.

There is no auto live view, but you can always say: show dual doorbell wired, okay, cool with google devices. You will not be able to set it as a chime or make an announcement uh when somebody pushes the doorbell at this time, but you can always stream the live view stream. Dual doorbell wired in google hub sure streaming, the dual doorbell wired on google hub. We go cool, so what do you think im pretty happy that uf improved its notification speed – and this is one thing i complained about on their battery version. Video quality is on par with uvs wired or plug in cameras, not a lot of artifacting like on their battery powered ones. Motion detection is pretty accurate and reliable too. No false notifications during my testing – and this is set to human detection only and i dont even have to set motion zones package detection is better too, and they have improved and is faster in getting the audio response. When somebody is detected when there is a package at your door, it is not 100 reliable yet, and you have to be careful what message you are going to play, because even if the person has no plans on stealing your package when motion is detected, it will Play the message that you set the can kind of help. Your response is probably the most appropriate in all situations, a couple bugs that i noticed in their latest firmware im, not getting the tone or chime in my phone when somebody pushes the doorbell.

I do get the motion tones, but not the doorbell presses im, pretty sure it will be fixed pretty soon. Also, the audio on my phone during two way talk is on the low side. The recordings will only have the adorable side of the conversation. Also, this doorbell will not chime your existing doorbell chime. Lastly, and this might be a deal breaker on some of you – local storage, which is good, but it is in the doorbell itself. So if somebody vandalizes or steals the doorbell, your footage is gone. It is encrypted, though, and they will not be able to view it, but especially for a camera that is just within reach. I recommend setting up for ufs cloud storage to have a backup overall. This is a pretty good upgrade from ufs wired, video doorbell, and actually this is better than any of their battery powered doorbells just with the 3 second pre recording and better video quality. Overall, this doorbell is going to stay in my front door for now and ill be comparing this with yuffies other doorbells.