So guys this is the part of the x series that was that is going on. We did the um x8 were gon na. Do the x9 as well in the coming days, weve been testing it already, and this is x7. So this is the one which is guy, which has just come out and we are gon na unbox this right away and tell you every single thing: what this entry level absolute entry level phone can do for you, its got some great powers, as weve heard, so Were going to test it out, let you know what all it is and see if it fits your bill. So before i do that, can i please request you to press the subscribe button on the notification icon. So you keep getting all the notifications and i keep getting all the motivation to keep bringing these amazing videos to you. So lets not wait time and get straight on to it: Music, Applause, Music, Music, hello, guys, im back and weve just finished unboxing, the honor x7. So inside the box, this beauty – this is an entry level phone. So let me start by telling you why it is so beautiful, along with beautiful, looks uh. As you can see, this is a blue color. Weve got some other colors as well with this is ocean. Blue weve got titanium silver and midnight black in the same as well, but it is also great power, very decently powered and at a beautiful sweet price entry level price point of 649 dirhams.

But inside the box we have the 22.5 watt now charging adapter the usb type c to usb type. A cable are very rare to see them in the boxes these days, but they are there and the silicon cover to keep your phone safe. Along with the safety. I must say these uh uh: this is, you know, uh its got a plastic bag, keeping in mind that its a budget level phone – and it is quite impres – you know uh, it catches the fingerprints pretty quickly. So i would keep this on while through the review. So that it doesnt get messy, but otherwise its a beautiful looking phone for the entry price point. I think i think this is great, so lets put these bad boys inside the box, so we can focus on the review itself and on the product now weve taken it out, saying taken some pictures and some videos, um theyve, been great uh. To be honest with you for the price point, uh ive used it very minimalistically as my secondary phone, and i must say it was not that bad uh, quite honestly, so uh decent looking phone uh, you know, which is the glass front and placing back and plastic Frame its got um a double sim slot, uh three colors, as i mentioned, and when it comes to the screen size, its 6.74 inches of hardware right here, its a full view display. So you actually do get a very great amount of screen.

Hardware. 90. Hertz of refresh rate, so your viewing experience is not going to be as the budget is so, but it is quite low, but the viewing experience is going to be quite high and quite amazing standard. So if youre watching, netflix or um, you know working on this. This is going to be fantastic there as well and under the hood, its got android 11 and magic ui four point: two uh snapdragon 680, which is a six mm chipset now for us entry level, phone 680 is a fantastic phone. Mid ranges are working with the 700 series uh, the 730 785s and 750s, and the top ranges are of course now on triple eight and theyve gone beyond to jet uh snapdragon 8 as well. But this is snapdragon 68d, since its a 600 chickpeas, its still an octa core chipset, which is fantastic 128gb with 6gb uh of storage and the rsd option, and it also has 2gb as ram expense, expansion, module, which is great now. What is ram extension basically allocating a little bit more memory so that your phone, you know uh, can run more swiftly, especially when youre doing a little bit of heavy duty work. Now its been tested with 15 apps running at the same time and they open up exactly at the same point where we let them off specifically like tick, tock videos, uh. We, when we, when you close the app or minimize the app it normally tends to refresh itself when it comes back, so weve tested it for up to 15 mag apps and it comes back to the same point.

Uh, switching between the apps becomes much more smoother and swifter, and it is basically when it you know makes it this one. May you know on an x7 becomes the first budget smartphone the first entry level smartphone to have ram extension module in it, which is fantastic. It shows that you know theyre giving a lot to the user uh to ensure that the user experience its fantastic and theyre getting the best value for their money or even more so great stuff. There uh, when it comes to the camera, its got a core camera set up. As you can see, the oval ring design its. I call it the shooting camera design which goes well like you know you can yeah yeah yeah like that, like that, you know youre holding those old school cameras with two one roller and one releaser, uh 48 megapixel on the primary with five megapixel. As the wide angle and macro in depth, standard 2 megapixel on the selfie weve got an 8 megapixel, so it takes some great pictures, but the power of this is the night mode. Pictures were fantastic. The color accuracy tested on this, as you can see on the screen, was amazing and the the sharpness and the details and very little distortion. So for a budget phone for a 48 megapixel combined with the 5 megapixel white and ultrawide angle camera. I think the overall photography and videography experience was fantastic and to keep it running its got 5000 mah battery and uh.

You know with a 22.5 watt fast charging now, which means zero to 40 in 20, uh uh 20 minutes and full charge in little uh. Just around one hour or a little over one hour, which is amazing, i think i think um with this kind of stuff uh for a budget level phone, the the app the you know, the usage of the processor is quite decent, so it can last quite long And 5000 mh is a huge battery life. You can straight away, go on for about a day and a half easily so uh with 10 minutes of charge. Uh in case you dont, know juice. You can watch videos for five hours in that fantastic and gives you seven hours of online browsing as well so battery life, not an issue at all. Thats fantastic 5000mah uh great, look and feel a little bulky uh for my liking, but again for a budget level. 4, i think this is one of the best so far in the market for 649, there is great look great camera great features, uh the only uh negative points ill give to it is the fingerprints part which, at the back, which is quite annoying to be honest, With you, i, like my phones, pick and span and, as you can see, ive just held it for a couple of minutes and there are some fingerprints showing already on it, which is slight bit of annoying for me, im kind of ocd when it comes to fingerprints On anything so guys this is a great phone go check it out.

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