This right here is the cheapy model, a volcanic black version with eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. I say: cheapy itll still cost you 800 quid from oneplus or amazon, while three is also arranging it here in the uk, so certainly not cheapy. Its just cheaper than the emerald forest version, which doubles the storage and has extra memory stuffed inside, but the main question is: is this blower actually worth that sky high price tag? Well, it is my full oneplus, 10 pro review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. One of the things i really really adore about the oneplus temple is that matte finish. This thing stays smart. No matter how much you fondle it and that glass back is only defeated by the greasiest of fried chicken buckets, but even then just a quick wipe down and its once again box fresh that camera bump, on the other hand, may be quite divisive. It is a bit of a big boy, but it doesnt stick out of the arsen too badly. The phone certainly doesnt rattle about. If its, you know just sat on a desk and youre poking the screen and also my fingers never got in the way of those lenses when i was snapping away so its not really an issue i got ta say, though, the black is a little bit plain. A little bit non descript, i would definitely prefer the emerald forest model if it wasnt more bloody, expensive youve got gorilla glass, 5 protection around back so far, completely scratch free, even after a month, have been bunged in backpacks and the rest and up front its gorilla Glass victus in various tests.

This has proven more shatter resistant than the previous generations of gorilla glass got to see it, though gorilla glass victors does tend to scratch up more easily, certainly in my own personal experience, but thankfully oneplus has slapped a screen protector on top of the oneplus 10 pro. So that helps keep it from harm and, while oneplus is down playing the water resistance of the temporal ive taken this thing in the shower in the bath absolutely nobodys, still in full working order. Although when that screen gets even slightly moist, its just completely unresponsive, so thats not ideal so overall, as far as the design goes bug roll to complain about here, really other than the fact that its so ruddy massive. I definitely personally preferred the please in the compact xiaomi 12, that was just a better fit for my stubby goblin like hands now the software and, of course, its. The latest android 12 here as youd, expect from an 800 pound blower with that oxygen, os 12 launcher slathered on top, and this comes complete with three years of os updates four years of security updates, thus matching some of oneplus biggest rivals. Like sir samsung i got ta say theres, not a huge number of particularly vital updates in version 12 of oxygen os, but the upgraded shelf is easier to access now and a bit more customizable. Now, personally, i still prefer the likes of the control center as found on rivals from the likes of xiaomi, which allows you to quickly toggle all kinds of different smartphone and smart home features.

Just for the quick drag and pork theres plenty of potential for customization in oxygen os, including an excellent range of always on display options, but some of the new android 12 features such as bass and ui colors on your current wallpaper have been scrapped. Thankfully, most of the other great android, 12 features are still present and correct, such as uh the fact that youre actually warned whenever an app starts using your camera or your microphone youve also got the ability to kill, switch them with just a quick poke. If you want to, and that in display fingerprint sensor is just your basic 2d optical effort, but ive had bugger all problems with it really as long as my hands have been completely dry. If you know youve got the bugs you wash your hands, youve got to make sure you dry them properly. Otherwise, this fingerprint sensor aint happy a quick rub down on your pants aint gon na cut it and as mentioned that this black model comes packing 128 gigs of storage so far, im not even close to filling it up, despite shooting loads of photo and video thats. Just as well ready because theres, a subtle micro, sd memory card support as usual, with premium blowers. Now the oneplus 10 pros 6.7 inch. Amoled display is a proper stunner, but then so is the screen on pretty much every other phone at this price point. All of those boxes are ticked, as expected, youve got the quad hd plus resolution nice wide.

Viewing angles got hdr support with natural. Looking contrast, youve got a refresh rate that dynamically shifts from one hertz all the way up to 120 hertz. That said, oneplus has at least tried to evolve the screen technology a little bit by chucking in a couple of fresh new features such as the ai adaptive brightness. This actually evolves over time to learn your own personal, preferred brightness level, whether youre outdoors or in more ambient light. Based on how much you manually tweak that brightness slider got ta, say, though its a feature that i didnt ever need, because i never tweet the brightness slider manually. I just left it on the auto brightness and it just seemed to do exactly what i wanted to do. All of the time which was great also updated, is the dual color calibration, which produces richer, looking visuals of very low brightness, so colors really shine compared with most rivals, heres a side by side with the older, nine plus. As an example, you can see those vibrant tones are a lot more obvious when the screen brightness is almost on its lowest level, so the oneplus 10 pro is ideal for anyone who watches a lot of stuff on their smartphone in bed or down the cinema. When you get dragged there by the kids for the latest harry potter, type guff, the stereo speaker setup – is not one of the absolute best around, but its perfectly fine for gaming or enjoying some youtube.

Even when theres lots of noise floating about and of course, as usual again with premium blows, no headphone jack here on the oneplus 10 pro, but the bluetooth, 5.2 smarts, absolutely dependable at all times, ive had zero issues with those the past few weeks, even when ive Been muzzling about in central london, the audio hasnt started to cut out or judder or anything like that no worries. So, on the performance side, the oneplus 10 pro powered by the snapdragon 8gen won just like most again flagship rivals and i found that the everyday experience has been silky smooth, as you would expect, and if you are a gamer well great news. The oneplus 10 pro will basically smash its way through any android title. You throw its way even the mighty gentian impact on maxed out detail settings. You can play that bad boy for hours at a time, because oneplus has upgraded the coolant system here for the tempo over previous generations. Its a new five layer system, which includes a vapor chamber, copper, foil, graphene layers, all of the big sexy tech, and it definitely deserves a shiny gold star because it does its job really very well indeed, seriously it doesnt matter what youre playing you can do it For hours at a time – and this thing will get a little bit toasty around the back end, but certainly not to a degree where your fingers start to singe and certainly not to a degree where the performance itself actually suffers.

Screen responsiveness is perfect for online multiplayer. Shenanigans as well no issues there, nice spacious display for saying exactly whats, going on with that tiny little selfie cam getting in the way and it doesnt really get in the way at all to be fair and youve. Also now got a very similar gaming toolbox setup to color os, which is fine by me, as it serves up plenty of useful tools, its nice and compact, its fully customizable and its easy to understand. Now one issue which ive had with quite a lot of previous one plus flagships and something which makes me a little bit more hesitant to recommend them compared with some rivals, is the less than stellar battery life. But thankfully that is a problem which has been kicked square in the crotch by the oneplus 10 bro. You see the temporal swaggers onto the scene with a mighty 5 000 milliamp battery thats a big bump up from the previous generation. I think its the biggest battery that oneplus has ever chucked inside of one of its flagship smartphones. As far as my bare rad old old brain can remember anyway, and this definitely does the job absolutely fine. I usually end a deer with around sort of 20 to 25 battery life remaining only once in the past month has this thing come close to running completely dry. It was on the last remaining drags, but that was with over seven hours of screen on time, including a fair bit of camera.

Play youve got oppos dual cell supervooc battery charging tech packed inside of here as well, so it supports 80 watt fast charging plug it. In uh, with the cable fully charged in about half an hour or so so, not one of the again absolute best out there. For instance room. We just released a new smartphone with 150 watt wired charging. But you know what plug it in for five or ten minutes. Youll get a good chunk of battery life. If you are running close to dry, should see you through and on top of that, youve also got 50 watt wireless charging support as well air vuca. I believe they call it so again: youre fully covered in all areas. So lets finish up this oneplus 10 pro review with a squinter, the camera tech and the primary sensor here is that 48 megapixel sony imax 789 with optical image. Stabilization and no dont worry youre, not suffering from some terrible brain injury or anything that is indeed the exact same camera sensor technology packed inside of last years, oneplus 9 pro and show that in a bad thing by any means, the oneplus 10 pro can once again Pump out good looking picks at most times of the day, like the oppo f5x5 phones. I found this handset did a fine job of replicating tones to produce a natural looking pick unsurprising, perhaps as hasselblad was involved in some background, fine tuning for both oppo and oneplus pix are packed with finer detail and hdr situations are definitely handled.

Some of my favorite test picks for this thing were captured against a bright sky with a natural blue shining through the oneplus 10. Pro also does a bang up job with living subjects. As long as the lighting aint too bad portrait mode, occasionally flattens wild hair. A little too enthusiastically, but otherwise its great stuff in softer light. I do get mixed results when there is sharp contrast with some obvious flaring and blur when your subject is moving a bit, but at least my picks, werent grainy, and that night mode does help to brighten things up a little with a very short capture time. The oneplus 10 pro also serves up those hasselblad master style filters, as found in the fine x5 pro i quite like the radiance one for outdoors use, as it makes everything look like some weird surreal cartoon, but otherwise take them or leave them now. One of the new tools crammed inside of the oneplus 10 pro is the ability to shoot 10 bit heif picks, which may interest some more serious photographers out there, and likewise hasselblads pro board has been expanded and improves. You know got access to all three cameras. You can also shoot in raw plus, but to be honest, if youre, the kind of person who generally just leaves their smartphone camera in full on auto mode and just uses it to snap pics of family friends, food whatever, then youre not really going to get anything New out of the oneplus 10 pro that you couldnt get out of previous flagships like the oneplus 9 pro, i see nothing new with all the 50 megapixel ultra wide angle.

Shooter now comes with a 150 degree lens which serves up a fresh fisheye mode, the same as the real me gt2 pro. This once again feels like a complete gimmick that people might play around with for five minutes and then swiftly forget about, but its there. If you want it, if youre shooting regular wide angle picks, then, unfortunately you wont get the same reliable, color reproduction as that primary sensor, especially if youre snapping away indoors and last up theres an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with optical image stabilization. This is capable of a 3.3 times optical zoom, again the same as the 9 pro and while the results arent as impressive as some rivals out there, especially if you pinch in above the 10 time zoom level, i did make good use of that lens. To stop the cats and the sprog, so i didnt disturb them in the process. Home movie fans can capture 4k resolution, ultra hd video and up to 120 frames per second for crazy, hyper, realistic results, although personally i kept it at 30 or 60 frames per second. As you get smoother stabilization, visuals are sharp again with quite natural color output, although evening results arent as impressive as the find x5 series. Audio is clearly picked up from all areas without much interference at all from the wind, and yet you can once again swap to the other lenses, if needed again, with respectable enough results and last up one of the actual hardware changes for the oneplus 10 pros.

Camera is that 32 meg imx 615 selfie shooter. This is perfectly okay, dont expect natural skin tones or particularly good hdr performance, but even in ambient light you wont see much grain at least so thats. Why? I reckon of the oneplus 10 pro one month after launch. I got ta say i have enjoyed using it as my personal smartphone theres very little to complain about really beyond the usual bug bear such as no headphone, jack, no expandable, storage, etc. However, definitely bear in mind that there are more affordable alternatives out there, such as, for instance, the real me gt2 and the real me gt2 pro, which again offer you know strong game and performance great battery life for an all round, solid smartphone experience. But for a lot less cash – and personally i got ta, say i preferred the xiaomi 12, which offers all of the best bits packed inside of the oneplus 10 pro a bit in a more compact form factor, but anyhow thats. What i reckon. What about you find falcon be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below please do subscribe and dig that notifications bell for a little more on the latest and greatest thats the line yeah and have yourselves a wonderful rest of the week.