Give a quick shout out to our today. Sponsor mars, too, must do. Is a group of smartphone shops located at the third floor of southampton complex in camilla, no matter which smartphone you need? They have all of the brands covered. You can buy your design smartphone from them at a fair price. Details about them are in the description below. So first lets talk about the design anesthetics, my god, such a beautiful smartphone, just look at how sleek slim and sexy it is. But in the next moment you just realize that this thing is made to attract you. The color and the overall design is really very good. This is gon na take attention of anyone, but a lot of things in this design are not real. Just look at the camera bump, they are so big, but the sensor size is not that big. This is just for the beauty purpose. You can find a red dot beside the depth sensor, and you might think that this has a laser, auto focus system, but actually it doesnt its just for the aesthetics of this thing. Now this non functioning designs are not that bad though it gives you a very premium experience on hand the first time you take this on your hand, you just feel this is made pretty good. This is a well built phone and there is no flaws on build quality on this thing and as it is a very slick and slim phone and its very lightweight too, its weighs about 175 gram and the thickness is about 7.

5 millimeters. So this is very slim and lightweight, and it gives you a lot of grip on the hand. So in terms of design, you have to give it 10. On 10., the display is a 6.4 inch, 1080p amoled display, which, with 90hz support and the display quality, is really good. The colors are punchy and true to light. Now, the display is protected by gorilla glass 5, and it feels so smooth on the right side. It has a power button and on the left, it has the volume rockers and a sim card tray by the way. This is a triple slot. That means you have dedicated sd cards and from in the bottom. It has the beautiful headphone jack. Next to this there is a microphone usbc and a speaker on the top. There is a noise cancellation mic which is really good to see. Now the back material is made of leather, so you might be thinking. Oh leather, suede, water. This thing is gon na destroy this. No. This is made of leather and fiberglass composite and which makes this thing more durable and premium feeling on the hand. This material is really good and its not just typical. There theres, they have asus ultimate for these things. So no complaints about that now one thing is that they have cleverly attached a rgb ring light around the microscopy camera theyre, calling it, and this thing doubles as a notification. Light thing is much more wanted much more anticipated thing on a smartphone.

This was totally gone, but its good to see in this phone that it has a notification light now. Smartphone is not all about design and the beauty its about something more so lets talk about the other specs of this thing under the hood. This thing packs up. Snapdragon 680, which is a six nanometer thread and thats a great choice. For this thing, this kind of tube this thing pairs with the adreno 16 gpu and a 8gb dedicated, drag, calling it dedicated ram, because this thing can be expanded to 5 gigabytes from the internal storage. So technically you can get 13 gigabytes of ram in this phone. Now this combo speaks for itself in real life, ill be talking about that in the performance section. Now it has a 128 gigabytes of onboard storage, which is ufs 2.2, its not that fast as ufs3. But this thing will do the job again. You can expand the storage up to one terabyte with the dedicated micro sd card slot, which sits along with two sim card slots, so no complaints about the slots in the box. It comes with a tpu case, a usbc cable and 33 watt super voc charger, its good to see that this phone comes with this fast charger in the box. I guess some other companies needs to understand that packing up the combo in the box so that the consumer dont need to buy it separately. Now, in the network section, i am really very disappointed because it doesnt have enough bands and in real life experience.

I have noticed that the network connectivity on this thing is not that good. So if youre using mobile data, this thing is not gon na help you much but uh wi fi signals are strong. Now lets talk about the camera very unfortunate that a 2020 smartphone did not came with a ultrawide sensor in it. It has a 64 megapixel main sensor on the top and down it has a 2 megapixel microscopic sensor, theyre, calling it microscopic and really this thing zooms in a lot. You can get a lot closer to any subject and you can actually achieve microscope. If you on this sensor, i shall be talking about this in just a few seconds now, apart from that on the top right corner, we have a 2 megapixel depth sensor. It does helps while taking photos in portrait mode now lets look at some image, samples and video samples and see how they came im very happy to say that the image sample from this phone is amazing. The colors are saturated, vibrant and punchy in daylight. There is no problem in high dynamic range, it captures photos. Well, if you turn on the scene, optimizer, but thats dont happen. Every time sometimes falls apart like this. It gives you an option to capture photo in 2x, but there is no dedicated telephoto lens, but in terms of 2x photos it processes the images so heavily and produces a sharper image which looks nice Music. Now selfies are oil.

Coming from the 32 megapixel selfie shooter, the portrait shots looks really amazing. The background blur feels natural now in terms of selfie portrait. This thing clears up the washed out background by using ai, but that looks artificial now in terms of video. It can capture only 10 tp videos and the video quality is just decent its below average, but the image stabilization is good, though its an electronic, even stimulation. It does a good job in terms of stabilizing the footage. So this is a video sample from the front camera of oppo f21 pro and, as you can see its recording at 1080p, and you can also get the audio sample from it. This place is a little bit windy and were just having some ambient noise of people roaming around us. So this is it now. It can also capture slow mo videos, but the quality is not that great Music nighttime shots are good with the scene optimization on night mode, which helps in some situation, but it ruins photos in some other situations. Nighttime selfies are okay. Lets take a look at a nikon video sample 2 megapixel microscopic camera holy. The image from this camera looks freaking awesome. Anyone is going to love it and trust me once you get this on your hand, you are going to discover things around you differently, and it also has the circular ring light, which gives you a lot of freedom to get closer to any subject and not having To get extra light from other sources because it has it built in the macro features in this camera is just mind blowing and you dont you can just imagine how close you can go to the subject, and i really like this feature.

This may help some students or some researcher whos, been working for microscopic subjects or organisms, or something like that. I really got fond of this microscopic photography genre and really took a lot of photos from different subjects. Music. Now trust me, like many other people, i was thinking that colorways is not a good option. Oneplus is going there and people started hating oneplus because of that. But after using this phone i can say that colorways is much more improved. Now its more lighter now and its more usable now it packs up a lot of feature for uh one hand, usability and many other aspects, so yeah color os is an option for now and its not that great, like the samsung one ui, but it will get You there now the color is not all about good, but it packs a lot of water inside this, but still the ui is much more lighter and much more efficient, now so thumbs up for that now this one comes with a single bottom firing speaker its not A stair speaker, but it does the job the speaker, quality is decent and in the indoor situation, these things does the job in case of outdoor, this thing will fall apart. The call quality is good, no complaints about that and this thing sits on your ear. Pretty comfortably its not gon na, give you any pain on your ears now in day to day performance. This things performs really well in app opening, closing and holding up the apps.

In the background, this thing just nails it, but in terms of heavy games, this thing is gon na support you from that side and that thing gets quite hot easily. So if you are a gamer, this phone is not for you. This is totally not for gaming. This thing is meant for people who care about aesthetics, um, some better camera and uh, just an usable phone for this price segment and which will do your day to day tasks easy now inside it. It has a 4500mah battery and in my use case i could easily pass a day with this battery with full brightness on and 90hz. So i guess most of the people are not going to face any problem about the battery life and if the battery dies, this thing packs up with a 33 watt charger inside the box, which can charge pretty quickly so no complaints about the battery and the charging. All credit goes to the efficient snapdragon 680 chipset, so thats pretty much it about the oppo f21 pro now whats. My final verdict its for those people who actually dont use their smartphone very heavily and they just need a good quality camera and they care much about the design and aesthetics of the phone and they dont play very heavy demanding games on their phones. This phone is for them, but in terms of camera quality im, not that impressed. So if youre very serious about photography or you care about the colors, i guess this is not your phone.

But again the price point it has come is not perfect for what it has delivered. If the price were around 20 to 25 000 tickets, then this could be a better deal.