This is sumit and i am showing my face first time ever in youtube because of obvious reasons: free gifts. By the way. Today i am going to review my two year old smartphone, which is real me six pro and, as you can see in those b rolls. Yes, that is it so first coming to unboxing. Well, the unboxing experience was rather good. It was my first ever personal smartphone. Even though it is my first ever smartphone, it doesnt mean i dont know about smartphones, or i dont like buying them its just. I am broke by the way that unboxing experience was rather premium premium. For me, of course, came with a clear case which is not clear, anymore, some documentation and who reads them, of course, the device cable, which you should not see right now and guess what it comes with a watt, woo, freaking charger, god damn it. This is literally my favorite charger and i still like it thats it by the way i bought this smartphone for 18 500. Its original price was 18 000, so i basically got robbed. The design is rather generic. It comes with a glass sandwich design which is pretty rare in this price segment. It came with gorilla glass, 3 protection at front, a material glass protection at the back. Yes, its, not gorilla glass. At the back, i mistook it for gorilla glass. I somehow managed to break it within first week of my purchase.

Well done well its not at all a handy phone, at least for me, since i have small, hangs and it weights around 195 grand which is again makes it bulkier. Well, the display is itself quite huge, 6.67 inch, fhd plus ips lcd, and it is 90 hertz display. It was one of the first smartphones to have a high refreshed screen at that price range. It still supports hdr video, icf playback in youtube and fhd playback in amazon, prime video, hotstar, netflix, etc. Coming to the interesting part, the cameras it has 64 megapixel main sensor, which i guess is a samsung sensor and yes, the 8 megapixel ultrawide still existed, and no one cares about the sensor. It has and of course, of course, legendary unbeatable unmatchable, my personal favorite, 2 megapixel macro camera, no, its, not my favorite im just kidding. However, it comes with a 12 megapixel delete, photo camera thats enough, its a budget telephoto lens, so its gon na be trash and guess what it is trash and another surprise. It comes with dual selfie camera: a 16 megapixel main selfie shooter and an 8 megapixel ultra void, selfie shooter. Of course. Oh ok, thats enough. As expected, the camera sample doesnt hold on their own latest sensors are far better. However, it still clicks rather good photos and part of the reason is that i am the one who clicks them so um its like. I am a really good photographer its not like.

I use google camera at all. This entire video has been filmed by that phones, camera so may have some say about coming to the performance part. It comes with snapdragon 720 g, which is still works as good as it was brand new. I was not expecting it to last this long without having any issues. I am pretty happy for it right. Well, as i said, and cpu talking tests, you are guys are the judge. I am not going to go super detail about this smartphone. However, i liked it when i bought it, and i still liked it a lot, especially after 2022 smartphone launches, with 5g monologue and many compromises. So this is my review of my smartphone real mu 6 pro after using it roughly for two years.