And its guys Realme GT 5G Original Sutta Flagship. This phone had premium grade features. Snapdragon 888 And Oled display 120 Hz, Faster charging, And at that time 64 megapixel camera was in trend., But now 2022 has come. Thats. Why? The company launched new phones. thats. Why came Realme GT 2 Pro? There is a huge price difference between the two phones.. Therefore, another device is formed in the middle.. That is Realme GT 2. It is a kind of successor to this phone.. So today we have to talk about this phone. How is the Realme GT? 2.? I think we did the unboxing of this phone on 6th January. And today is April 23.. I am using this phone for almost two and a half months.. I have used this phone every day for many purposes.. Let me tell you how this phone is. We have already talked about this design.. How is this SABIC is a Saudi Arabian company. This design was developed in partnership with that company.. It is technically a polymer based back panel., its, not a true plastic. Some per cent is plastic, and some per cent is bio. Waste. Do not go into many technical terms. In the long term, durability Weve done a lot of atrocities with the Realme GT 2 Pro.. Both the phones have the same back panel., So you can see the test of this phone.. You will know how this back panel is. In the summary you can see.

. I have used this phone for two and a half months without a case. and as far as I can see, There is a slight colour change. Here.. Of course All plastics have a colour change., Because it is pure white here you will notice a little.. There is a slight colour change at the edges. Which you can clean by applying a little liquid soap, and it will be clean. It is not a premium design. Believe it or not. The premium design still comes in glass., like Glass phones still give a premium look.. Despite that, this design might look good to some people.. I like it, because This design is better in the drop test because it does not break.. You do not get any headphone jack in this phone., But the fun part is that you get a headphone jack in Realme GT.. This phone is slimmer and smaller, yet it has a headphone jack.. So this thing didnt get digested.. Here you can put a dual 5G sim card., You cant insert any SD card here. Here the in display fingerprint sensor is placed at the very bottom.. I remember my GT 2 pro is broken, But over there it was a bit over the top. If your finger is long, then you have to stretch the finger a little here.. If you have big hands, then you may be a little inconvenient as I am. If check the phones display, It is 6.62 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display.

, Its peak brightness is around 1300 nits., So this is an acceptable display. According to the price., You will get a similar display in this price range.. For now, LTPO technology is reserved for super premium smartphones such as GT 2, Pro Galaxy S22 Series and Xiaomi 12 Pro.. I have noticed that if you do gaming, then this phone runs only on a 60Hz refresh. Rate. wont go beyond that. If you are using any such application, For example, If you are using settings or you are navigating, then it will run on 60Hz. Otherwise, by default. Here is the implementation that it is forced at 120Hz., So the implementation of the display is great. and the brightness is also fine. You will not be disappointed at all with its display. In this phone you will get Android 12 out of the box. thats great. Also in this phone you will get a Dynamic RAM expansion of up to 5GB., but the good thing is that In the last years, Realme GT this feature was available only on the variant of 12GB RAM.. But this time nothing like that has been done. Here.. You can take any model, but you will get this feature. ROM youve seen Bloatware is now getting a little more in Realme phones.. I dont know why the company is doing this.. Remember In Realme 3 Pro the company had said that We sell phones, not ads. against the Xiaomi Redmi, but now the story is reversed.

There is less bloatware out there. Now. And here the bloatware is increasing. is not finished anywhere On the specs. Here you get the Snapdragon 888. Theres. Also Snapdragon 888 is a bit overclocked And Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has arrived too.. My experience with this processor is that You wont know its an old processor.. What I mean is that this processor is more than enough for eight out of ten people.. You will do any task in it. Everything goes well in it. I will show you the score. Here you can see the score.. The score here is eight lakhs And in 8 Gen 1 you get the score of eight lakh nighty five thousand.. There is not much difference And if you are thinking about Dimensity 9000 and Dimensity 8100 Trust me Its still a better CPU than that.. You can see the comparison GT, Neo 2 VS GT, Neo, 3 Vs GT 2. My expectation says that GT 2 should have at least Snapdragon 888. Due to this, there would have been a bit of improvement in terms of number., Even if there is an improvement of two to four per cent there would have been some improvement. Lets talk about the camera experience.. The primary sensor used here is the Sony. Imx766.. The same camera sensor is also used in the primary sensor of the GT 2 Pro., And this sensor is quite good.. Also here you get Optical Image. Stabilization. Its videos are made very good.

. I have made too many videos from this phone.. You can also see a sort of Realme GT 2. I have shown directly in real life how quality comes. It makes great videos.. How is the quality of the photos We have seen before that this sensor gives good photographs. still Ill? Show you Colourful shots from this sensor, come true to nature. The details and sharpness are good.. You can see that I took the shot in a bit shadow environment, but the perfect details are coming. And if you take photographs in 50 megapixel mode., I would not recommend that to you., Because a bit of noise increases in it and softness comes a little more. The dynamic range of this phone is also good.. You can take good photographs with this phone bright outdoors.. Here you can do a maximum 20X zoom. By the way 20X zoom is too much.. Although the quality is not that good 20X is still available, here. The ultrawide lens here is not that good.. Its first con is that the megapixels are low. Just 8 Megapixel. If you do a little zooming, then the details become bad. And I think the dynamic range in ultrawide is also not that good. compared to primary sensor. If you take photographs indoors in artificial light, the noise increases slightly., which is acceptable because there is less light, But the natural colour sharpness details. All these things are maintained.. This phone gives good photographs even in complete low light.

. You can take great photos with this phone. clear details. Come the noise level is too low. Even you do not even need to turn on night mode.. This phone takes a super shot in night mode.. You have seen the best part in the videos that 4K 60fps is here. And OIS also works great here.. There are also 4K 30fps. In ultrawide. You can only make videos up to 1080P.. It is a limitation. There is only a 16 megapixel selfie camera here.. There is no upgrade here. Compared to Previously Realme GT Thats, why you may have to compromise here too. In the camera summary. I only liked its primary sensor. And its video quality was good. Other than that I dont, like anything else here. Ultrawide also sucks macro, also sucks. A selfie is ok too. In this phone you get a dual speaker setup.. I was not very impressed with the speakers of this phone.. These speakers are not bad, But this is a premium. Price range phone, so could have got better. Speakers., By the way the quality is fine.. Here you also get the support of Dolby Atmos.. Here you get clear, vocals. And highs are punchy enough.. The bass here is also quite good.. Theres, a slight distortion at full volume. Here. get an account of something like this. Here you get a 5000 mAh battery and you also get a 65W charger in the box.. The company claims that you can charge the phone from 0 to 100 in around 33 minutes.

, Not full charge can reach 100. I got almost the same result in my test. 35 34. I almost got a similar result. I didnt check exactly 33, But here we get 34 33 Realmes track record is good. By the way the supervooc charger of Oppo Vivo Realme has a good track. Record.. The result is almost the same as what they claim. Now lets talk about how is the battery backup of this phone.? By the way it depends on how you use the phone. I use always on display too And also use 120Hz. I have removed it now, but mostly I use it like this.. I run this phone for more than a day, even in heavy use.. As you can see, I charged this phone yesterday and it has been working ever since., So even in heavy use, you can run this phone comfortably for a day. And in mixed uses. This phone runs for one and a half to two days., But you get super fast charging, Not the 150W, But even 65W is more than enough.. You will not be disappointed in the battery as well. and on the extras. We have to check in durability whether there are any such cons in it or not, Just like on the Realme GT 2 Pro so stay tuned. For that In the summary, Is this phone recommended for buying or upgrade? Is this phone recommended for buying or upgrade see? If you have a Realme GT, then I dont think you need to upgrade, Because here only there is a slight improvement in the camera.

There are also some downgrades like the headphone jack has been removed. other than that same charging. The battery capacity is a bit low., but CPU is same Display is a bit small, But refresh rate and brightness are same, So you dont need to switch from GT to GT 2. The GT 2 has arrived, so this phone will be discontinued in a few days.. Thats why we do not keep this phone in the buying option. By the way, with the launch offer you can buy this phone for around 30 thousand rupees. By the way, with the launch offer you can buy this phone for around 30 thousand rupees.. It is a great deal for that price., Because in 30 thousand you can get one of the best camera phones of this price segment. Its performance is super crazy. Charging is super fast too.. Its display is also great. Among its rivals. You will get iQOO 9 SE, Which again has Snapdragon 888. Also, there are phones of One Plus as well.. There are 9 series. Phones of the previous generation is iQOO 9 legend. There is also a Samsung phone In which you will get almost same features., better camera, like 3X optical zoom wireless charging. There is also IP protection as well., which is missing here. By the way I have compared this phone with Realme GT, Neo, 3 and Neo 2.. So yeah guys thats it for the Realme GT 2 long term review. Overall.

This is a good phone in this price range.. Thank you so much guys., I hope you enjoyed it.. This is Saurabh.