The Evolution of Smartphone ECG: Kardia Review

Almost a decade ago i was in california giving a talk, and i met the founder of the company back then called a live core, dr david albert, and he showed me this extraordinary device, the 3d printed iphone bracket that could serve like a two channel, simple ecg. You just put your phone in […]

Honor Magic 4 Pro review: The first TRUE Honor flagship!

Up to that point, with u.s sanctions starting to bite, an independent owner, unlike huawei, could sell phones with important features like 5g and google services and thats. What we have here pretty much a real flagship phone for 2022, with the googly bits and 5g bars that youd expect, but which still kind of […]

TAK SEPERTI DULU.. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G Review Indonesia

So Welcome back to my channel bareng sama gua Daniel dan kita langsung masuk, aja ke videonya lets go Musik nah, gue, tuh, sebelumnya, merasa, keenakan, ya, pakai, HP, flagship, buat, jadi jadian dari driver sampai, lupa kalau, dulu, tuh gua pernah di posisi, dimana kutu, ngiri, sama, temen, Temen gue yang SMA, itu pada, […]

Redmi Note 11S Unboxing & Review नेपालीमा

So my light redmi note: 11 s body comfortable, nuggets six Music. If you remember uh from our review of the remington s uh, this could display magic contrast, uh sharpness, which is really fast. Given the price right. Okay, redmi note 11 esco performance, your mid range price segment could say mobile brands or […]

The Latest Flagship Smartphone MONSTER

This is a monster camera unit, but the focus here seems to be on cinema specifically now. Obviously youre going to be able to take photos. You have a quad camera set up. You got a periscope lens on there. You got an ultra wide, but theyve got some new cinematic modes which are going […]

TECNO POVA 3 Review – Surprisingly Awesome Gaming Phone!

0 gaming engine, a massive 6.9 inch screen and a lot more lets take a further look. The device comes in a very nice looking box and inside it you can find the 33 watts fast charging, brick usb type, c, cable and even a pair of earphones. The power 3 ships with an octa […]

IQOO Neo 6 Review – Repackaged Neo 6 SE From China Worth it?

The neo6 now ive been using this neo6 as my primary for almost a week and in todays video lets see if this is a phone worth paying attention to hey guys ash here from c4 retech. And if you do find this video useful leave a like drop. A comment get subscribed, lets get […]


Media es una de las opciones, a tener muy pero que muy en cuenta evidentemente, no es un telfono perfecto porque el diseo ha comprometido un apartado pero eso lo comentar ms adelante, as que vamos con ello si bien nos ha, podido, incluir, una, enorme, batera por. Lo que os voy a comentar ahora, […]

Infinix Note 12 VIP 2022 Best gaming smartphone for $299 !

What does it mean to have a device thats vip? Well, it means youre getting this now. I want to give a big shout out to infinix for sponsoring this video, as we check out the note 12 vip as a gaming smartphone and by the way the price point is quite delightful for a […]

Narzo Terbaik! Cukup Baik? Review realme Narzo 50 5G

What dan kreativitasnya modern Ya, jelas file g, smart ini, baru, saja, diresmikan, kehadirannya, manusia, dan beberapa hari ini, kita, sempat, mengujinya, Mari kita, lihat, Bagaimana, kemampuannya, Oke, ini, udah, banyak, membawa, varian, smartphone, narjo, ke, Indonesia, tapi sebelum, kehadiran yang, satu ini, semuanya, itu 4G, Oke mereka, datang, Semoga paket penjualannya tentunya di sini, […]