If you are also searching for a way to capture image with your smartphone, it might be a good idea to get a tripod as it lets you capture much stable image and videos without to worry about device shaking hello, guys. Todays video were taking a look at the five best smartphone tripods, that you can get your hand on this year and if you want more information, we also put the link in the description box down below thanks Music, starting up our list with number five. We have blue horn selfie. Stick a good self portrait requires a selfie stick to get that right, balance of face and background or to get enough distance to include more than one person in the picture. There are approximately as many selfie stick brands as stars in the galaxy, but if youre looking for one that doubles as a tripod, weve picked, this blue horn selfie stick model as the one to go for the stake will accommodate all types of smartphones from 2 4 Inches wide, you could also attach a small camera as gopro or similar simply by removing the foam holder to reveal a standard by 0.25 inch screw. We wouldnt recommend using larger cameras, especially at anywhere near full extension. The tripod or the selfie stick will likely become quite unbalanced. The last thing anyone needs is a heavy selfie. Stick since the end result is tired, arms and shaky photos at 8.3 ounces, its solid enough to feel secure in your hands, while still be very lightweight, to hold and lift small enough to easily fit in a small bag or backpack when youre not using it.

The stick extends out from 8 to 40 inches, giving plenty of range and shooting flexibility. The blue horn selfie stick made from a sturdy, aluminum, alloy and well manufactured theres little flex, even with the pole fully extended, since its designed as a selfie stick first and a tripod second, and its much more comfortable hold the downside of that design. Choice, however, is that its not the ideal tripod for some situations? The legs are shorter and dont extend as far as most dedicated tripods, which leads to some instability at its maximum height, but for shorter lengths like placing it on a desk for zoomed calls and, for instance, it works. Just fine, yes theres, even a remote for the selfie stick, which is a good thing, reaching 40 inches to hit the shutter button on the phone isnt exactly an option for most people. The shutter button is attached to the handle, making it very convenient when taking selfies less so when using it as a tripod. Overall youll pay a bit more for this selfie stick than really low end models, but the quality and flexibility is reflected in the price. At the number four we have toady 12 inches ring, light stand and phone holder, not everyone needs a full v logger solution. But if you have any plans to record yourself, especially on video, the ring light comes in very handy. The holder extends out to 4.3 inches wide, which means that even large phones like the iphone 13 promax or samsung galaxy s21 ultra was easily to fit.

The tripod stand, extends from 22.5 inches out to 63 inches, so theres plenty of flexibility about where you place it. Once the included flexible, gooseneck phone holder is attached, the total height can extend as far as 73 inches or just over 6 feet with the light ring attached. The toady weighs 2.3 pounds. So, while its not the lightest option on our list, its still easy to move around your house or pack into a bag and take along to a video shoot, the stand and flexible gooseneck foam holder are lightweight but fairly well built with a tripod base. That extends further than most others on the market, combined with the non slip rubber feet, theres less chance of the tripod sliding and falling over the many others in this price range, as is typically the case. The leds light is the most fragile try to keep it protected when youre on the move and avoid putting it in places where itll get easily knocked by people walking past, especially when the stand is at full extension. Many tripods now come with bluetooth, remote shutter switches and the toady is no exception. Take a picture or start filming when youre ready, theres no need to set a timer and hope everyone in the shot smiles at the right time. It is mostly because of the ring light in this kit that we feel its best solution for those looking for more than just a simple tripod. The different lighting modes are flexible and fun and are clearly aimed at those producing videos for tick, tock, youtube, instagram and elsewhere.

Lighting modes include three conventional white lighting modes, warm natural and cool tones and six different rgb color modes, including two colors at once. In different segments of the light you can cycle between 10 levels of brightness depending on ambient light and your needs at the time. The ring light is powered via a proprietary cable, which includes several control buttons, its usb powered, but needs at least 10 watts of power to achieve maximum brightness. Not all computer usb ports manage this if yours doesnt grab a decent, usb outlet adapter instead, at the end, you can remove the light from the stand as required both for transportation or to save space. If you dont plan to use it for a while, the kit is very reasonably priced for whats inside and a flexibility that comes with it. Next up at number, three we have alp toy tripod. Sometimes all you need is only a tripod theres, no need for lights. Gimbals or microphones, you just need something better than your wall or pop plan to prop your phone up wherever you happen to be using it thats, where this alternate model comes in this full size, tripod is simple and inexpensive, albeit with a few bonus features that lifted Above the pack, the alpha accommodates phones between 2 and 4 inches wide, which covers almost everything on the market, including large phones like the iphone 13 pro max. The phone holder is attached via the traditional 0.25 inch screw, which means the tripod can accommodate small cameras as well being a full size.

Tripod. The alp toy has a relatively large height range. It sits 17 inches off the ground at the low end and rises to 60 inches at full extension with the legs. Folded in the tripod can also act as a selfie stick, albeit a slightly bulky one at just 1.6 pounds. The stand is lightweight but well made, and the base unfolds wide enough to keep the poles steady. Even when fully extended. The four quick flip locks are well constructed, letting you change the tripod height quickly and accurately. The tripods low weight is a definite bonus for portability, but does mean that you need to be a little careful to avoid tipping when using it at full extension in windy or crowded conditions. Even this basic tripod includes a bluetooth shutter remote, which really speaks to their ubiquity, its largely expected that youll get a remote with almost any tripod or selfie. Stick these days. It works well enough, although we prefer it have a longer range for those times when you need a selfie stick. The alt toy does double duty with the foam holder rotating through 180 degrees, so you can quickly flip to portrait mode as needed. The relatively light weight makes the tripod easy to hold in one hand, although, as youd expect, it becomes more unwieldy. The further you extend its height wrapping your hand around the folded legs, also isnt as comfortable as the padded grip you find on most dedicated selfie sticks.

To sum it up, the albatroy tripod come with a very reasonably priced. This tripod is a good budget option for those looking for a versatile lightweight tripod that can be used in a wide variety of situations. At the number two we have the muvo rave v7 plus the movo rig v7 plus starts out with a tripod and then adds everything else. On top that, you need to get started for new vlogger theres, a hand, grip, stereo microphone, led light, bluetooth, remote and various mounts and cables all designed to work. Well together, the movo accommodates all sizes of phone from 2.2 up to 3.6 inches wide at 2.8 pounds. This rig is relatively heavy, but that weight includes having both the mic and light mounted as well. An optional extension pole provides a max height of 16 inches. If you chew to use it. Muvo makes a solid product here, constructed from aluminum, with a foam grip. The led light and microphone are high quality for the amount youre paying and its good to see a hard case included to help protect the kit, while in transit. You wont be shocked to hear that theres a bluetooth, remote shutter included here, and that it does exactly what youd expect intended to be a full beginner vlogger solution. The movo includes an led light to make sure subjects are properly illuminated, plus a good stereo microphone that lets you record at much higher quality than a standard phone mic.

The tripod legs can be removed as needed and like the dji om5 coming up next on our list, you can attach the pole to a larger heavy duty tripod if youre, recording outside or need greater height extension thanks to the use of a standard 0.25 inch screw. Overall, it get more expensive solutions exist, but for most people starting out in their vlogging journey, this is the right mix of price and quality. To get you up and running the last product on our list is the dji om5. The om5 is dji latest and greatest model and is one of our top phone gimbal picks. Overall, if you want a gimbal that doubles as a tripod, this is the one to choose the choice of using either a magnetic ring or phone clamp. The om 5 can accommodate every smartphone right up to the iphone 13 pro max. The ring has an adhesive back, so you can attach it to the back of whatever phone or case youre using the ios. App works a lot better than the android one, though so wed suggest this gimbal is best suited to those with apple devices, weighing a pound and a half and measuring 6.9 by 3.0 by 1.5 inches when folded up the on 5 is compact for a gimbal, but Not for a tripod expect to be storing it in your bag or backpack, not your pocket. We expect high quality products from dji and on a hardware level, it doesnt disappoint, as mentioned above though, the android version of the app isnt anywhere as good as the ios.

One thats pretty disappointing, although also something thats easy to fix in the future. The o15 has its own app, letting it track subjects create time, lapse, videos, use gesture control and create panoramas by stitching pictures together, along with a range of other features from the handle controls. You can zoom change from landscape to portrait, alter the pitch and more while thats, primarily intended to be a gimbal. The om 5 turns into a small tripod and an 8 inch extension rod means you can use it for selfies as well. The tripod legs fold up to become a hand, grip and work well, since they attach, via a standard 0.25 inch screw. You can also use other types of tripod if you need something longer or even more stable at the end, its dji so its more expensive but its dji. So its also worth it not.