So you shouldnt have to worry about splashes with them getting a little bit of water on them. Now the cases are a little bit different. One is slightly larger with a larger battery, which gives us a hundred hours of additional playback time compared to 70 hours with the hi fi pods. Here now the hifi pods have anc. Both of these do have a pass through mode and weve got app deck support with the hi fi pods versus just sbc, codec and aac. With the 05 pluses included in the box. With both of these models, we have a user guide. We get this high quality type c to type a cable which is quite a nice one, and the charging time of both of them is about two hours. We get additional silicon tips now the silicone tips that they do have with the fiti hifi pods. I find to be of higher quality. They have this more rigid inner silicon to them. That seems to be holding up a little bit better in my time, testing them out more than the 05 pluses now inside the box of the i5 plus. You also do get this, which is a type c, to type a adapter, so looking at the design of them, they are a little bit different. The cases now this one to me looks a little bit like an ashtray, an old ash tray used to have in jumbo jet 747s im showing my a chair when they actually used to have ash trays in them.

This design, here with the hinge and weve, got physical click in buttons with the earbuds, and i do find them to be. Okay, now normally im a big fan of the push in physical buttons instead of capacitive touch, but these ones i find you have to apply a little bit more pressure than i would actually like so theres volume controls on each of them, depending on what side youre Pressing status led right there and we do have two microphones with them, so you can see the microphone at the end there for the calls silicon tips. As i showed you, we do have mediums in various different sizes contact pins there at the back for charging them and they fit in with magnets. So when you give that a shake and when the lid is down its a magnet thats holding it into place there with the o5 plus and its not going to rattle thats one thing, i hate about cases that rattle these do not rattle, which is good same With the the fiti okay, so the fiti, this one is not going to read at all the high five pods and you got a button now physical button, you press and it pops open with a spring. I quite like this action when i first got them. I found myself doing it all the time for some reason and weve got status led there for the remaining charge thats in the case here. So this case will give us 70 hours and we get seven hours from the earbuds.

Both of these are 70 hours and the case with the mifo, the 05 pluses is going to be 100 hours, thats up to 100 hours, okay, so its a little bit more there that we do get out of it. Good build quality and youll see that both of them do, of course, have type c ports and status leds to. Let us know when theyre charging and finish charging now charge time on. Both of them is around about two hours for the cases and the earbuds within them so ill quickly. Show you the earbuds here of the hi fi pods interesting design. They are quite a bit larger, but i do find the fit of these in my ears to be better status led and we do have in total six microphones. With these now they have aptx hd support. We also do have the active noise cancellation. So a lot more features built into the hi fi pods and it was would definitely be the one i would go through go for, but yes, they are more expensive. Of course. So weve got the contacts at the back of them there and a chrome. Like finish right here, you can see size wise. There is a bit of a difference there. They are a little bit larger too, over the 05 pluses looking at the weight of them. So first up the fiti hifi pods, just each earbud there is going to weigh six grams and the total weight then of those is 103 grams.

So its not exactly a light case, but we do get the extra charges from it and, of course, its made out of metal and now moving over to our other model here, which is the o5s here, the o5 plus five grams each and the total weight of The case of them there is heavier, you can see it 121 grams and it does have a larger battery in it. So that makes sense both of them connect up to my phones here, very quick, so using bluetooth, 5 tech. Now the difference with the codex is quite big here, so weve got aptx hd support with the more expensive hi fi pods and you can choose, depending on your phone, which codec you want to use for that uh, but im going to leave it there on the Aptx because thats the best quality one so with the then the mefos, the o5 pluses. We have the choice here with at least this phone here, which is an oppo find x5 pro. I can select aac, codec or sbc its recommended. You do use aac to try and get the best quality out of them now. Both of them can be used as just a single tdos earbuds. So if you put one of them back in the case, you can connect up to just one and use it like that, and both of them do have an ipx 7 rating with them. How do they sound so to my ears, its clear that the vts do sound so much better? Okay, so the hi fi pods? They have two balanced armatures and then their driver and then its handling the low.

So the mids and the highs do sound, really crisp and detailed got a lot of definition to them and even vocals very good. I do like the fit of these a lot better now. Loudness on both of them is quite good for my ears. I can push them quite loud and i wouldnt really want to go much louder with them, so within the other ones here which of course, the 05 pluses they have more of a focus, the tune of them out of the box on bass. There are okay, mids and trebles, but it just doesnt have that crispness that clarity and the definition you do get with this model here, the balance balanced armatures, of course, handling the highs in the mids there. You cannot compete with it at all and its just day and night theyre the difference between both of them. I have been listening to different genres for music and especially if you listen to and like a lot of, say rock as well. These are the ones to go for and even the bass, the bass that comes out of the hi fi pods is so much deeper and just better in general than the o5 pluses and onto streaming video. So the latency between both of these there isnt much of a difference when i look at netflix. Both of them are in time here with the snapdragon 8gen one phone, so it will vary on the tech youre using because ive noticed theres a bit of a difference.

If i use an iphone, then i can sometimes see a tiny bit of a latency delay, but here its perfect to me, but when you game thats, when i see a bit of a difference, definitely the aptx hd codec is doing a lot better than the aac Codec here with the 05 pluses, so if you want the best latitude, you game a lot again, the win here would go to the fiti hi fi pods just comes out to be better, especially when gaming and over to our microphones now. So this is recording directly into the timeline of my video, editor and youre. Listening to right now, the fiti hi fi pods, with these six microphones im going to swap over now to the mifo 05 pluses. As you can hear now, from the sample of the o5 pluses, they dont sound quite as clear to my ears. Compared to the ct model there, the hi fi pods seem to be a little bit clearer sharper. These ones sound a little more muffled now on the comfort and the fit of both of these models. I do like the way these larger hi fi pods fit in my ears. Okay, even though they take up a bit more oh space, my ear, they stick out a bit more, you notice them a bit more. The comfort of them is superior, and i can wear these for longer periods. What i find with the o5 pluses is that when i put them in theyre, okay, initially, but a lot of the time, i feel especially for some reason, with my right ear, that they want to come out on me and theyve fallen out a couple of times.

All ive done is just walked down the stairs and they dropped out on me. One of them and its always my right ear for some reason so for comfort and fit the clear winner is the hi fi pods just superior there? Now the hifi pods do have the aptx hd codec, so we get better latency, they also have anc. I want to talk just briefly about the anc on these. I do find the anc to be not that powerful, with the hifi pods here so thats, putting it onto the strong mode theres a voice feedback that you hear when you hold down and you cycle through so youve got pass through. Youve got the lighter anc, then the strong anc and it does a little bit of a difference, but compared to some other in ears. I wouldnt say they are the stronger ones. You do hear reducing some of the background noises like a fan that you can. They can hear a compressor or something or or that kind of general kind of noise, but it wont block out voices completely and, of course, its not like over airstyle anc. Headphones are far superior, of course, because of their design just going right over your ear. The pass through modes with the miphos, however, the o5 pluses is actually superior to the more expensive model which doesnt really make sense, but it comes through a lot clearer and just boosts it up with more gain, which is interesting now microphones, as you heard from my Sample the microphones, to my ears at least, do sound superior with the high five pods here, because well its got more mics theres, more tech involved there too, as well.

It does make sense there. Now the battery run time on both of them. You do get more. I find okay, they claim seven hours on both, but i believe its seven hours with the ansi off on these. You get a little bit less. You get around six hours, uh five and a half to six. This is about six and a half with the o5 pluses, so they do win out on that pass through mode and then the battery life and you get 100 hours additional charge or 15 charges more out of the case versus the 70 hours out of the high Five pod so thats one area, it does get a win now, when youre listening to both of them, which ive been doing ive, been swapping between both like a madman with the same track. Uh they are both, i would rate. Are they o5 pluses here? They dont sound bad theyve got good bass, mids are okay, but they definitely do lack in the highs. Just not that detailed, not that crisp. It cannot compete. The single driver versus the two balanced armatures within the hi fi pods here from fiti, so fijis definitely got the win there for that for the sound quality two balanced armatures and the main driver. The base on these very deep and strong volume on both is good, but then, when it comes to the vocals and then the highs and especially genres like rock, they really come through sounding great here on the hi fi pods versus these.

So that gets the win and overall it gets the win for pretty much everything. Just apart from those two categories, as i mentioned there now disconnections have, i had any problems with either of these now, because ive been running both of them. At the same time, i did actually experience at times with the mifo mifo 05 pluses, an occasional little breakout, not a complete disconnect, but where it would just cut out for a split second and come back again latency as well when streaming netflix or amazon. Prime video. Better with the aptx hd codec, when gaming barely noticed any delay, there is a fraction of a delay, but you could see the delay and and hear it with the with it. Definitely when gaming with these, but both of them with netflix, seem to be fine and in time with peoples mouths, which is what you want. So there we go thats the full story there. My pick, of course, is going to be the fiti hi fi pods over the mifo 05 pluses.