We will talk about why we think the matebook e is one of the best two in one tablet on the market. Two in one tablets is a computer form that generally emphasizes portability and compatibility for productivity. We have reviewed quite a lot of tablets that claims their compatibility with a keyboard kit as a compact laptop, but actually most of them, dont work so well as what they illustrate since they generally run a system based on mobile platform like android most tablets, working as A laptop do not have a compatibility with the software you use regularly on your main working platform, such as windows, os. One of the most famous examples is the lenovos xiaoxingpad series, its one of the few tablets that comes with the pc mode. However, ultimately, its only an imitation of pcs without ideal software supports another hybrid phone is those lightweight laptops that is touchable and features 360 flip screens, but due to the laptop base, the form we are not including it in the comparison. What the matebook e most impressed me is the compact design. It looks exactly like an android tablet, surprisingly lightweight as another huaweis mobile tablet, the huawei matepad pro, even with the built in cooling fan, the tablets overall thickness is accidentally controlled at 7.99 millimeters. On the other hand, the extreme thin body also limits its expandability theres, only one usb c port supporting thunderbolt 4 for charging data transfer or up to 4k video signal output.

Although the only interface is powerful, the lack of interfaces still would dissuade quite a lot of users, but its not without solutions. All you need is a powerful usbc docking station better with the charging port. Then you can charge it up while using the expanded interfaces. Another good thing of the matebook e is the action oled display even now, windows laptops equipped with all that display, still not common, but over the maybook e. You are allowed to have the 12.4 inch oled display with a 2k resolution. Its typical brightness can achieve up to 400 nit and even can boost up to 600 nit for clear view in the sun. The display supports srgb, p3 and native color modes with better color accuracy, on contrast, which makes it also an excellent option for professional imaging and watching videos, and it also supports dc deeming, which is good for those who are more sensitive to the flickering like the latest. Android tablets, the matebook e, also equipped four unit. Speakers for stereo sounds Music, Music is Music and the four microphones also perform better than most laptops in video conferencing and voice. Recording they did a really good job of reducing environment. Noise and crowded sounds ensuring clear human voice input for the user. The tablet comes with an 8 megapixel front camera and another 13 megapixel rear camera is one of the advantages of the two in one windows tablet, since almost all the laptops were only equipped with a front camera for video meeting, but without the rear, one in actual Use with this rear camera its extremely convenient to scan paper documents for instant digital saving.

We just talked so much about its hardware, but what really makes this tablet more productive is the software based on windows 11. due to the powerful software ecology of windows, its obviously more useful than the android tablet in professional applications and daily works. The efficiency of the android tablet is hardly satisfactory in terms of operation input and file management, while for the matebook e once attached with the keyboard case, it will exactly perform as a compact windows laptop, on the other hand, compared to those windows laptop. It also has the advantage of tablets in terms of input methods. The exclusive huawei m pencil is the best stylus that ive used in windows. It has relatively low latency and precise writing and drawing experience like the apple pencil. It can be magnetically attached to the top of tablet while charging. As for the keyboard kit, the experience has nothing special from other tablets keyboard with a touchpad. The model we have here is a version having gigabyte ram plus 512 gigabyte rom. The back cover of this tablet is not removable, which means users are not allowed to expand memory and storage just like what we did on laptops, so make sure that you choose the right version for your daily use when you buy the tablet runs the complete windows. 11 home system, with the power of the 11 intel core i7 cpu, which is widely seen on lightweight laptops. After we run the cpu stress test in ida 64, we found that maybook e cpu could stably maintained 12 watt power output with a relatively low temperature.

Although we understand huawei is more concerned about the balance with battery life and the using temperature, personally, i would say that such performance output is rather conservative for this cpu, since some manufacturers even could unlock the cpus power up to 20 watt, but then again achieving such High performance on such thin and light tablet would be a nightmare for those battery life. Another advantage of its software is the features about multi device collaboration developed by huawei. Unlike most laptop or pc manufacturers. Huawei has various products across mobile and pc market. The maybook e not only can work with huawei phones and there are non windows tablets in multi screen modes, but also can continuously connect with other huawei smart devices such as huaweis, sound and freebot series. It can be turned into a portable control center, like a huawei, smartphone weve talked a lot about the huaweis multi device collaboration in previous reviews and its still the best solution, weve experienced. By far. For example, you can easily tap the touchpad with your phone to achieve multi screen collaboration. The phones screen will be quickly displayed on the matebook, and the phone interface can be operated directly from the tablet. Fast. Data transfer can also be conducted by dragging between the matebook and the phone battery life is a common problem of two in one windows tablet. The matebook is no exception. The high performance of windows platform also brings faster battery consumption than android system.

Although the 42 watt hour battery of the matebook e is already comparable to some lightweight laptops, we could work continuously with it for about four to five hours under high load, while in pc mark 10 battery life simulation daily uses, it could last a bit longer for About 6 hours on the balance battery mode, to conclude, if you need higher work performance without much portability, the lightweight laptops is a good option, but if you only need the device for mobile entertaining and android tablet may be the best choice to help you save money. But if youre caught in the dilemma between the two, it will say that two in one tablet probably is a good compromise and, for example, if you need greater portability, multi device collaboration, diverse input methods beyond the keyboard and mouse such as stylus drawing and convenient voice Input and at the same time, for professional software use, the macbook e running windows 11 seems to be the best option for now alright thats. All we want to share with you if you think the video helps please kindly hit the like button and subscribe to our channel or if you have any questions about matebook e. Please leave your comments down below. Thank you for watching this is will from gizmo.