Its last thing sunday evening, youve got school first thing in the morning, bullseyes just finished on the telly. You brushed your teeth about to stagger into bed oh bomb. I havent done my bloody maths homework, and so there you are an hour later desperately trying to solve quadratic equations with a foggy brain. While your dad lays over you and occasionally hoi is an empty kind of skull at your head. That appears to be a very similar situation to what cole peer has just found himself in when, presumably yesterday, he left out of bed with a start and thought oh bollocks. In that recent launch thing, i did where i didnt actually launch anything beyond some vague symbols and yet another crowdfunding opportunity to scrape money off people didnt. I say something about letting people check out the nothing phone launcher for themselves by the end of april and oh tits look at the bloody date, and so in a panic. He legs it to nothing hq where and again im just guessing here there was nobody in it apart from the 16 year old intern, who was doing some really important work like sorting all of the purple quality street out from the rest of the box and together Over the course of a very hot and sweaty three hours they came up with this i got ta say my expectations were pretty low for the nothing launcher and those expectations were definitely met, but heres how you can download and install the nothing launcher.

If you have one of the holy phones that actually support it and if you dont youre really not missing out on much, i was gon na say in fact that this is the launcher equivalent of herpes except its thankfully much easier to get rid of. So, first, how do you get the nothing launcher? Well, thats, very easy. Indeed, all youve got to do is go on the google play store and then type in nothing launcher and itll pop right up make sure you install the one from nothing technology, though there is another app called nothing which literally does nothing, but actually you know, in Fact, youre probably better off done on this one, its not as cac right now. The list of supported devices is very slender indeed which, if nothing else is just sweet mercy. Basically, itll work on a galaxy s21 or s22 series smartphone a recent pixel phone as well. Pixel, 5 and above and support is apparently coming soon for one plus phones as well, which goes to show. There must still be some seriously bad blood between cole p and his former company, once youve downloaded the nothing launcher head into apps and then scroll down until you actually find the wii bugger there we go and then in here youll need to go to home screen And then select the nothing launcher and if you decided to go ahead then this is what you are met with the nothing launcher in all of its glory.

In its current beta form. It is incredibly basic to say the least. Youve got your apps tray and youve got your notifications as usual got a small selection of widgets. You can chuck on there, all of which look like they were designed by that 16 year old intern. This right here is the best of the bunch, its the weather, widget. You tap on that and you get taken to accuweather, because youve got a diverse range of customization settings as well. If you long press on that desktop, you can set up a couple of other widgets as well. Basically, youve got a choice of three in total youve got a big analog clock, a big digital clock, otherwise the all weather app im going to remove the widget for a moment, though, just so we can really take in and enjoy that magnificent wallpaper. I can only assume they were desperately trying to think up of some sort of funky wallpaper ideas. Corp happens to have a screen door like this somewhere in the office. The intern was probably leaning up against it, sweating profusely and screaming. Inside of his own head and colpier was like hey, hang on hold it. Can i take a foot with that and nothing is currently offering alternative wallpaper options, but you do have to download these virus special link cant actually get them via the launcher, which is incredibly helpful. One of these is apparently the office dog through that very same screen door, and this is the other one which is simply known, as face basically looks like part of the poster for the next saw film.

There are also some custom sound effects as well, although again youll have to download these via dropbox, so theres a special, nothing alarm, Music, its not only guarantees. I have you leaping out of bed with terror in the morning, but also it scares the living out of my cats. Next up, youve got the nothing income and call alert which kind of sounds like someone firing off kalashnikov somewhere in the distance, either that or maybe a woodpecker on acid and then youve got the incoming notification alert, which hilariously is just an extremely truncated version of the Call alert theres not really much else to speak of inside, of the nothing launchers home settings either. That is basically your whack, although thank god, you can actually change up the app grid to add in an extra column, although for some reason, thats hidden away inside of wallpaper and style, and you can also set up folders with your apps as well, just by dragging One onto another like so, and the other big whoop here on the nothing launcher, is the fact that you can enlarge these folders to make them absolutely freaking enormous and then tap on an app uh to open it up, and then it kind of begs the question: Why even bother with a folder and thats? Basically, it theres not really anything else to say about the nothing launcher you cant remove the google search bar down below youre, stuck with that. So what i would recommend is diving back into apps, finding your original smartphone launcher and then restoring its authority, thus curing your phone of herpes.

I say that god, awful wallpaper will still be there, so youll have to get rid of that. So ive got to say it sorry call me, but if you turn that in on a monday morning, youd probably get a c minus at best. But what do you guys reckon about the nothing launcher? Do you actually quite like it? Are you insane and ive got to say its got me really excited about the upcoming nothing phone which not gon na lie its probably gon na. Look something like this, except, of course, with all those awesome. Sound effects. Anywho be great to hear your comments down in the comments below obviously uh. Please do plug subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and like that as well and uh, have yourselves a bloody lovely weekend.