This is normal here and in this video we will be doing the detailed camera review of the latest budget smartphone from oneplus the oneplus note, c2 lite, so oneplus not ce2. Lite is price starting around 19 triple n in india, and this comes with a 64 megapixel triple camera setup and you also get a 16 megapixel selfie camera. So lets see how good the performance is uh on this device compared to the competition in this price segment. With the snapdragon 695 chip so before getting into the detail, video, if this is your first time on this channel, do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets begin. So first lets have a look at the hardware offered in terms of camera hardware. The phone comes with a 64 megapixel sensor with f 1.7 aperture. There is a second 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 32 megapixel macro sensor. The front camera is a 16 megapixel shooter with f 2.0 aperture, so lets see how the camera performance is. On the oneplus note, ce2 line first up the daylight shots in terms of daylight captures. The 64 megapixel sensor does a good job in bringing details and sharpness levels too. The colors are good and they look more or less natural, and there is no major saturation issues here. The sky colors are also mostly natural. Looking the images are bright and brings in a lot of details.

The sharpness levels are also good for the price segment it is being offered, and this is evident when you pixel peep. The dynamic range is also pretty good on the device, and it also has the auto hdr option, which resolves shadows pretty well, even on a bright sunny day, the exposure has been done pretty well in terms of daylight conditions. The camera performance is pretty good, and users wont have anything to complain much here. The phone does not come with an ultra wide angle, camera, which is a missing aspect, at least in the 20k price segment, which should have been included by oneplus. Now, moving on to close up shots, the phone comes with pretty good imaging capabilities once again and colors are quite okay, although there is a slight tendency to boost the reds and greens, especially when it comes to close up photography, the sharpness alerts are quite good. The phone also features 2 megapixel macro sensor and the image quality is average at its best. The colors looks washed out and also details are not impressive, but it works for occasional macros in bright sunny day now. Moving on to the portraits, the not ce2 light gets you decent portraits, but the image just looks a bit too oversaturated and also the skin tones. Have this reddish tone and doesnt represent real colors. The sharpness levels are good, though, but edge detection doesnt seem to be that great and it needs a bit more fine tuning.

Next up the low light captures now looking at the price segment, it is being offered the not ce2 light does a decent job in low light conditions in indo lights. The noise is kept to minimum, but the details are also quite decent, though, when light drops further. With the night mode turn down, you can see, the images are over sharpened and it just seems to exhibit a lot of noise. The colors are also boosted here and, as a result, it looks saturated and unrealistic. This can be tweaked with software updates and we expect oneplus to work on it now. Finally, the selfie camera the 16 megapixel shooter does a good job with regular selfies. The skin tones are quite okay and overall quality looks good. The sharpness levels and dynamic range is also good. The colors are also vibrant, since selfies are more of a personal choice you can judge based on the images show. The phone also has portrait mode for selfies here. The image just looks over sharpen and edgy detection seems quite good, though now moving on to the video recording, the phone can record videos in 1080p at 30 fps, while oneplus says there is eis on offer. The stabilization is average and needs improvement. The colors in the video looks good and sharpness. Lengths are also acceptable. While the video quality looks good. It needs a bit more fine tuning in terms of stabilization. The phone does not support 4k at 60fps or 30fps, as the snapdragon 695 does not offer it.

The phone can also record slow motion. Videos and quality is decent, so this is the front facing camera sample taken with the oneplus note 2c light, and this can record videos in 1080p resolution. So you can judge yourself how good the clarity of the videos and also the audio output from the video. So this is the dual video mode. On the oneplus note c2 light you can record videos using both the rear and the front cameras, so that was a detailed camera review of the one plus not ce2 light. So summing up the camera on the oneplus note, ce2 light looks decent for the price segment, with good daylight shots, decent, portraits and good selfies. But having said that, the low light experience needs fine tuning and also eis. Implementation needs to improve all the video quality is good, so that was the camera review. What do you guys think about the camera? On the oneplus note, ce2 light do share in your thoughts in the comment section.