So. I did get this model here from the oppo ambassadors program right, so i wanted to make that really clear that im part of the oppo ambassador program straight away here. Does that mean that this is a paid video thats going to be biased? Well, no. First off im not paid and its going to be my standard review here, let you know all the pros and the cons that i encounter in this and oppo. No, they dont have to approve of this video before i publish it all the opinions expressed on my own. So with that out of the way, you probably know a bit about this phone right, its an android flagship with snapdragon 8 gen 1, but it has a custom chip in this, an mpu that handles low light photography and video its the murray silicone, so be interesting To see what kind of difference its going to make versus the typical standard, qualcomm isp there, so my model here has got 12 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage. The screen this one has an in screen fingerprint reader 6.7 inches a quad hd resolution 120 hertz refresh rate 5000 milliamp hour battery 80 watt, wire charging and 50 watt wireless charging. So enough of the specs lets jump in and take a look at this phone in detail. So this is what we get in the box. We have a case tpu one that fits it perfectly. Of course, a premium services card, which is basically like a vip card.

Sim tray tool, safety, information and then our charger. Now this one is 80 watts and ill. Give you the exact charge time later on in this review and our cable, which is type c to type a now. This is one very slick, looking phone, its basically like a mirror surface here. This is the ceramic black and i think the camera module here from oppo is one of the best looking ones that ive seen on a recent flagship. Now this phone is almost 120 grams. So i would not call it a light phone now. You can see weve got some branding here. It got powered by the murray silicon, so that is the mpu in there thats handling the processing of the photos, the night shots, hdr, video and theyre, not using that qualcomm isp, not this time around so 50 megapixel main camera, camera 15, megapixel macro and a two Times optical 13 megapixel sensor, which i find a little unusual, they should have gone for at least three times optical, because two times digital from a 15 megapixel camera actually looks pretty good. Now the sim tray in this one is two nano sims, no micro, sd card support type c does support video out one of two loudspeakers secondary mic here for voice calls and two antenna lines, so the frame around the outside is metal. So the screen here with this one, its gorilla glass, victus curved its a ltpo2 display amoled and its very bright about 1300 in its maximum brightness.

I can make it out in direct sunlight and a screen has a quad hd plus resolution, which by default, is actually set to full hd plus. So if you go in here ill just swipe up to my app straw there, you can see the camera which is in the cut out there. Now this ones a selfie cam that is 32 megapixels. It doesnt sadly, have 4k video recording, which is really odd. Considering how much that oppo is pushing the cameras on these and they just lack 4k with the front facing camera 1080p only with video and ill give you samples of it later on now other options you get here with this display, you do have their image sharpener And video color enhancement now these i do find tend to make some of the images look a little bit too artificial to my eyes at least so i dont actually use them at all. I do like the fact that, under the screen, color mode weve got some options in here. So by default its vivid youve got natural and then pro mode, so cinematic, brilliant and thats great. You can also adjust the color temperature now just going into some real world images very quickly here. Some photos that i have taken. I think its a good display, its very good, its definitely flagship level. I just wish that it didnt have the curvature to it. I actually do prefer flat screens and im sure a lot of people would probably agree with me and when you look at the screen at certain angles, you can see right on the edges that it does shift out a little bit, but its not really too bad.

Now touch response. Gestures are all working really well with this screen, the oppo find x5 pro is running android 12 and i do have the latest patch from them that has come out recently had that update and we do have 12 gigabytes of ram, so its android 12 running the Color os 12.1 and you cant even allocate a little bit more ram, but its not actually ram. Of course, this is virtual ram, so its a caching system here – file, caching, that is supposed to help improve the fluidity of the rom, and i have found it to be really good the performance here now i have 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage ill get onto The speeds of that very soon, but i found that this is definitely one of the better android 12 roms. I found the same with the real me, for example their gt2 and the gt2 pro that color os and thats real me ui with them, but its basically the same its very quick, very fluid animations. Look great animations for me are much better than say miui and even i have to say sometimes better than one ui 4.1, that ive tested out with my samsung so quickly go here into twitter and the scrolling performance here, thats better than my samsung galaxy s. 22. Ultra, it is very smooth and fluid now normally twitter. The app for android is not really that great, but it seems to run well, so optimization definitely gets a big thumbs up from me.

What theyve done here oppo with this, because the performance is great now multitasking works really well swapping over between your different apps. I really have not seen any issues lag with that and you can see the available ram that it does actually use quite a bit that ive only got four gigabytes available out of the 12.. So how is oppo when it comes to bloatware a lot of brands? They do cram a lot better bloatware and there is quite a bit on here. So i dont, like this weve got featured amps, tik tok, all sorts of things, hot apps, hot games that you need to go through the settings of the launcher to actually disable that to stop it from showing up theyre recommended apps theyre not actually installed its a Bit of a pain – and you can see these other things in here – that i had to go through and remove. I dont think that this should be on here for such an expensive phone, so thats not great to see now the battery capacity 5000 milliamp hours the charge time with the 80 watt charging is just 37 minutes, thats very good, now thats from seven percent to 100. I dont think thats bad at all, like anything thats under one hour, for me is good, and i know yes, there are phones out there now that charge in around about 20 minutes, so you could say its falling behind a little bit there, but its still way Faster than an iphone, so the internal storage – here 256 gigabytes is my version here.

Ufs 3.1 and you can see from these speeds – certainly not bad at all. Now, theyre, not the fastest random reads of writes that ive seen but theyre still quick. The sequential is also very good there for reads, especially and youll, see too that it can produce a very high score with antutu nearing up towards 900 000 thats, not actually, though, the fastest, i have seen out of the snapdragon 8 gen 1, which can normally get About 100 000 points more than this, so why is it a little bit lower well thats, because i ran it on balanced mode? If you then put it into turbo or the more high performance mode, i should say thats when it performs to the maximum, but it generates a little bit more heat. You can see. It went up 10 degrees there compared to well 9.8, not much of a difference. There and you lose about five percent battery from just one benchmark run, so it does throttle quite a bit now im seeing this with a lot of snapdragon 8gen ones. This is nothing new, so it gets a really good best score of almost 2 600. But then the lowest score there is quite low. So look at that. It throttles down stability to 62 and it does get quite hot in the process. Its a hot running chip, thats snapdragon 8gen1. So it passes this safety net test there and it does have nfc on board.

Weve also got wireless charging 2 and inverted wireless charging and weve got a drm here of level one for it. Although it doesnt, i took the screenshot bad, its actually a level one that it does have with drm, which is good camera two api full support here level. Three, another great thing: gps also works very well with a good average signal strength. Then our battery life. So this really surprised me: i set it to quad hd 120 hertz. I did not expect to get this score here, so this is a fixed benchmark. So 200 nits is what i calibrate the brightnesses of the displays to and all the phones and it runs it. So you can compare it to my other reviews, its not a bad score for the high resolution and the refresh rate now real world use. You are looking around eight hours of on screen time, which is better than some other phones better than my samsung galaxy s. 22, ultra, for example, which i get only around six to seven hours out of so not bad at all when it comes to battery performance from that five thousand milliamp hour battery thats bigger performance now, so we do have the earpiece that also acts as a loudspeaker. Now, voice call quality its a phone. After all, does sound good ive got no problems with it. No issues with it. It does have noise cancellation. On the other side, i ended up just doing a test call to myself and it sounds like any other flagship.

Basically there so no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. You need to use a type c adapter and when you do, the quality is fine. Ive got no issues with it, its loud its clear and no complaints really at all the loudspeakers. They do sound pretty good the volumes, not bad and theres a little bit of bass to them. Heres a sample now on one of my tracks at 100 volume, because its that demanding it just cannot maintain 60 frames per second. The only phones that ive seen that are able to do that are actively called phones with little fans inside them with the snapdragon 8 gen 1., its quite a hot flagship chipset from all the phones. Ive been testing out with this chip, so performance dipping down at times, but normally when theres, not too many enemies on screen, youll have mid 40s as the frame rate. So right now its 37 frames per second, but it should go up now to around the mid 40s. It seems to be struggling a little bit. Clearly, some throttling is happening. So what im gon na do now is play for about one hour and then report back on the thermals with my thermal imaging camera, okay, so its definitely warm to the touch and its around about 42 degrees celsius. That is the front of the find x5 pro and the rear of it a little warmer, actually no about the same. Around 41 degrees celsius. There, ambient temperatures are about 25.

So it is clearly throttling to me because im seeing the frame rate go from 40s mid 40s down to now mid and lower 30s, so they control the heat oppo, but the performance does drop off once it starts to heat up now, with the x5 pro cameras Over to the x5 pro camera, so i find that the front camera is the let down of the cameras with this phone so with video performance, its only 1080p maximum no 4k option and it does have electronic image stabilization. You need to enable it all the time, because its normally off by default now youve got a closer crop and you can pull out a little bit right here. The stabilization is good. Now i do find with the front facing camera here, which is 32 megapixels, that its sometimes does overexpose, especially with the photos, lets have a look at the rear camera now, with video rear cameras now 4k. This is the ultra wide, so 50 megapixels electronic image stabilization. It is very steady as i walk along here, so you can see now i can swap over to the main camera, which is one times now. This has five axis optical image stabilization. So three are the sensor and then two access for the lens. So this looks very steady and the quality is very good now it does have quite a crop to it and it is applying that electronic image stabilization and now very quickly low light video, which is looking very promising here on the oppo, find x5 pro really good.

Stabilization, this is me just walking ahead im, not using a gimbal and thats coming out great, so that sign should look blue, its actually looking a little lighter than what it really is do now. What did you think of those photo samples that i just showed you? I think the low light is looking really good, like look at the details captured and then the amount of noise, or should i say, the lack of noise and blacks is impressive, very good. Its probably got one of the best ultra wide cameras that ive seen in daylight and low light really good there, but there are some areas of weakness. I have noticed with the main camera that, if you take photos with any moving subjects, even not moving that quickly, like just animals, um people and stuff, it can blur that photo. So theres a bit of shutter lag happening that i hope that oppo can improve upon. Just speed things up a little bit, i guess, because all the processing thats going on it could be slowing things down thats why it tends to blur any photo with the slightest bit of movement with it. The other is that the selfie shots on this. I dont really like: i think the hdr is a bit over the top uh. It sometimes gets, gets it wrong. It overexposes and they just seem to be a little bit too bright at times. Ive noticed with the selfies and, of course, the video performance is only 1080p maximum with the front facing camera, which is really behind other flagship phones, excellent, excellent, build quality.

I like the camera module. I think it looks great really good battery life im able to get about well about nine hours of on screen time. Out of this, which is really good, thats, not gaming, however, and then the rom, the ui, its very quick, its very fast animations, look great and its been very stable. For me, ive had no issues at all with the stability fingerprint, unlocking great wireless charging is there 50 watts. We also have 80 watt wide charging 37 minutes fully charges theres a lot of really good things about the phone, but theres just two other little things. I wanted to mention that when you game a lot, it doesnt get hot because it throttles it throttles that snapdragon 8 gen 1 right down in the performance, so gentian impact on high settings. The highest possible settings can go from 50 frames per second, when its cold. When its cool, when you start out gaming an hour later, i only was getting about 35 frames per second, its a big dip, and you also see that in 3dmark their wildlife extreme test, it really throttles down almost up to 40 performance. It will drop to keep the thermals in check now thermals, as i showed you are actually really good. Doesnt go over 40 degrees celsius to the touch, but we lose that performance. The other for me is the pricing of this now its a great phone from oppo. It offers a lot and its got a lot going for it, but still 1300 euros or just under now.

At the time of me, posting this video, i think its a little too expensive for what it is, but other than that it is a very good phone here and im, not just saying that, because i am an opera ambassador, no its just what it is. Its got a lot going for it, but, as i mentioned theres still a few areas that oppo can improve and its mostly just all software tweaks to really get the best out of the find x5 pro.