I was super excited when i saw the build of the device six gigs of ram with expandable storage 128 gigs. Then you tell me about the super amoled 120 hertz display. Then you start using it im. Not gon na say its bad im, not gon na, say its bad. All im gon na say is that samsung need to have a little chat need to have little chats time to say goodbye to exynos, because this should have been an absolute mic. Drop walk off grand slam, really questioning why youd even get the s22 series, especially the lower end, one, the first entry model of the s22, because it should be on paper that good. But as you go through and use it and start to experience some things, it is mind boggling, because itll handle things like pokemon go and youre actually capturing a pokemon, full 120 hertz, its great silky, smooth, buttery experience. But then things like closing twitter closing instagram going through your pokemon just as youre sorting them things that you think would be the easy part of the experience in bottlenecks like legit, old school bottlenecks like its running a pentium 2, not even with mmx technology. So it gets confusing and maybe thats why, when we talk about the price point, so lets talk about that real quick link will be in the description for this on amazon 360 on amazon, but be careful thats, the international version it doesnt have a warranty.

The cool part about that is, though, you get different colors, so here in the united states, through carriers and through their samsung website, you only get black, which is perfectly nice, its a nice matte black. It looks quite nice. I, like the design of the phone. Well, talk about that in a moment, but you get the international version. You get a peach, you get a white and you get this which looks like this: a nice sky blue. As you see, our sponsor long island watch dot com that pretty blue link will be in the description, so you get different colors, which is quite nice. Its kind of annoying that samsung wouldnt bring those to the united states. But if youre getting this to t mobile and youre setting up a new line 99 now at 99, i dont care what this does. This is a certainly a run. Dont walk: go ahead, pick it up youre, going to be perfectly happy and while i might seem a little negative on this device, there is a lot to like here, the two week review or whatever the next one i do will be slightly more, even handed its Just that im frustrated, because i see the incredible potential of a device like this to absolutely be a category crusher and to have it be nerfed by the exynos annoys me to go through and have random lag because it cant close twitter is is weird and it Wont be all the time when its cached up and its running smoothly and everythings.

Fine and itll be the weirdest bottlenecks at the weirdest times, and it just it just absolutely aggravates me, but lets talk about it. This display is fantastic. Super smooth got to be best in class when youre talking about 400 devices beautiful samsung panel. They always do well with the oled devices 120 hertz, which is fantastic as well gets bright, hdr 10 plus for those of you concerned about that. Like i said, expandable storage, six gigs of ram on this model. There is a four gig thats slightly cheaper, and then you could get all the way up to eight gigs 256 gigs of storage. I dont know quite where that one is selling. This is the one that i see the most of this is the most common variant that i see, especially through us carriers and through their website, six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of expandable storage, which is quite nice to build quality while being plastic ip67 dustin. Whatever they call it thats the water, is it just dont drop it in water, okay, dont, take it to the desert, dont, take it to the beach dont drop it in a puddle. Nice matte finish on this, which i, like i i, the black i usually dont like black, especially glossy piano black, but this is quite nice, plastic frame and stuff like that, but its its not cheap plastic, its good, robust plastic youre, not gon na, have an issue. I kind of like this all in one unibody design that weve seen on a few devices and samsung adopting it here.

Its got a good weight to it, nice flat display on the pant on the front of the panel gorilla glass. Five, you got the hole punch in the center where they like to put it in recent years and thats fine. I usually like it over to the side but thats a personal preference thing. Some people, like it right dead in the middle there were going to do the cameras on the full week or two review ill go into in depth. In that battery life seems to be its still learning all right, so we might get more as we go on, but it seems to be giving me what im going to be called to start calling the samsung 5. it doesnt matter what the configuration is. It doesnt matter what the milliamp hour of the battery it doesnt matter, what the processor, what the screen theyre like the guys from pawn stars. The best i could do is five hours thats it very strange but im getting the getting the five hours of screen on time. I could do things to help with that. I could do things to mitigate battery drain im sure i could turn down the brightness and the adaptive refresh rate and all the rest of it. But who wants to do that? Who wants to do that always on display full brightness thats? What you want to see everything else you want to use the features of the device you want to enjoy its a beautiful panel on a device that realistically, with a trade on samsung.

com youre, going to be getting for 349 dollars and thats, really where the the hiccup Comes in if youre getting this for 349, my complaints are less even with the exynos, its annoying because its random, its not like when youre doing high load test things that you think would typically bottleneck a lower end process or a mid tier processor. Its random simple tasks that youve just done some high end complex stuff like running pokemon, go at 120 hertz perfectly smooth, and then you literally are just scrolling. Instagram were trying to close instagram its like. You know what no no, i close twitter when i want to close twitter, not when you want to close twitter and its just very, very, very strange. You are getting one ui 4.1 support with the material use stuff integrations. I do like believe it or not. I, like the samsung version of the material – u integrations better than the google one. I do like that fact. So i was able to put through the entire operating system. The colors that i have from the background image of jeans birthday, dress, mid range competition. This is so now. This is the second piece of this puzzle. We were talking about that apple came out with their version. It was the iphone se for 2022., their version of it like you know what were going to give you the top of the line processor, but were going to nerf it in terms of the build and the screen and all the rest of it.

Samsung went with you know what im going to give you a really nice build, were going to give you a beautiful display, but were going to nerf it in terms of processor and somewhat in performance, so thats the way they did. It ill be interested to see what google does with the pixel 6a, how they go ahead and make it competitive in this price range without really eating into their higher tier flagship stuff, because, like i said if this had something, even i dont even know. If this, the snapdragon 695 can handle pushing 120hz display, but if it could the 695 a 7 series snapdragon processor, this would seriously make you question why youd spend the extra money on an s22 and i cant help but believe thats intentional? Why they didnt? Do that? Because they didnt want to cannibalize the sales of the more expensive phones. I have to believe that so, if youre getting this 99 on t mobile absolutely, i would recommend that, if youre getting it, if youre willing to to risk it get, the international version link will be in the description 360. I think thats a steal as well, because it does you get beyond. I know its easy to harp on these things, because its its such a front, end user experience saying that youre like. Why does this happen? This is a nice device. This should be and thats, where im coming from its frustration that i know what this device could have been and its still perfectly good as what it is, but its not what it could have been and thats.

What frustrates me, because i i really see an opportunity here at 450 to absolutely crush the competition it didnt quite get there. Not in my view, like i said, ill, be more even handed with the full review in a week or two well go over camera stuff, and this this review is mostly going to be positive, its mostly a lot of things to love here. A lot of things like mainly that display the 120 hertz is very nice. The display is great, it gets perfectly bright. The weight on the phone is good. The build of the phone is good. I really like the unibody design. I, like a lot of the flat display. I like a lot of things about this phone. I just think it could have come in and a little bit more if youve made it this far like comment subscribe all that fun stuff. Let me know what you want to know in the full review of the samsung galaxy. A53.