The f4 gt might pique your interest and will for gsm arena and lets see what it has to offer in our full review. Music. The poco f4 gt offers features that youd typically find in a dedicated gaming phone, its actually the same device as their redmi k50 gaming in china. Its been repackaged, though, to seek a broader audience: the phones, design doesnt scream gamer, but there are some edgy and stylistic touches its glass back. Has some neat angular accents all around and even the camera bump brings. This hourglass shape theres even some text around it. Freezing speediest, maybe a mistranslation, the frame is made from aluminum and the phone feels quite sturdy, but, unlike last years, f3 gt theres, no ip rated protection as a gaming phone, its not as in depth of a package as some competitors. You dont get a fancy. Cooling fan or accessories or extensive gaming related options. There are leds at least around the camera bump, which will light up for certain things like notifications and the charging cable has a right angle to it. So you can charge the phone while gaming and the cable will stay tucked out of the way, but the main gaming centric feature youll get on the poco. F4 gt are retractable. Hardware triggers theyre on the frame near the corners each one pops out with the flick of a switch theyre, clicky and satisfying and offer a nice advantage for certain genres like racing games or shooters.

The display of the poco f4 gt is a 6.67 inch oled with a 1080p resolution, gorilla glass, vixxs protection and a smooth 120hz refresh rate theres support for high frame rate gaming here at up to 120 fps and thanks to a 480 hertz touch sampling rate. The panel is quite responsive to your touch. The refresh rate is able to dial down to 60 hertz to save energy when youre idling on the home screen or with certain apps, but it can go down further than that. The display is quite nice. Its sharp and contrasty, with support for 10 bit color and hdr 10 plus colors, can be nicely accurate if you tweak them in settings and max brightness is quite respectable too. We measured 470 nits with a manual slider, and that boost is 760 nits in auto mode. When in bright sun, one interesting feature of the poco f4 gt is that there are four speakers, rather than two for your typical stereo setup theyre, grouped together in pairs each pair consisting of a woofer and a tweeter. The placement is nice to help avoid accidentally covering them, while gaming theyre, not the loudest speakers around, but earned a score of good on our loudness charts. The sound quality, though, is excellent, with good bass and crisp treble Music. You cant have a gaming phone without a high powered chipset and the poco f4 gt brings the best, the top tier snapdragon 8 gen 1.. As expected, it posts impressive numbers and handles heavy android games without a sweat, as i mentioned before, theres no fancy cooling fan here, but there is an extensive passive cooling system which involves two vapor chambers, but even so we did experience some thermal throttling in our testing, Which was in line with your typical flagship phone powering, the phone is a 4700 milliamp hour battery, which is split into two cells for faster charging.

The overall performance is mediocre, though, with the gt scoring an endurance rating of just 81 hours in our tests. It may not last the longest but its among the fastest to top up thanks to a bundled 120 watt hyper charger. We normally test how much a device can charge in half an hour, but the poco f4 gt was able to charge from zero to completely full. In just around 20 minutes for storage, you get 128 or 256 gigs on board and thats, not expandable, and the interface of the phone is a pretty standard, one, its miui 13, based on android 12., its nearly the same as what youd find on any recent xiaomi Or pogo phone theres, a side mounted fingerprint reader for your biometrics and is fast and reliable. The poco f4 gt doesnt bring any extra gaming related features beyond the game, turbo launcher, which is already found across xiaomi devices. It offers some options, but nothing too in depth. There is an associated overlay which you can bring up in game, and it will give you options like do it on disturb and screen. Recording whats unique here is that you get mapping for the shoulder buttons, so they can replace on screen controls. You also get extra functionality on the home screen, based on the triggers. You can use them as shortcuts to various functions, but not actual apps. If youre interested to find out more about miui, 13s general functions and features, you can check out our dedicated video.

Finally, we reach the cameras, which are nothing extraordinary, theres, a 64 megapixel main cam, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro cam. During the day, the f4 gts main camera captures respectable photos, detail is nicely crisp and noise is low. Sharpening and dynamic range are about middle of the road. Portraits have competent subject: separation with decent results even with complex scenes. The ultrawides photos are acceptable in quality, theres enough detail and dynamic ranges, so so 2 megapixel close up photos from the macro. Cam are nothing special theres, not a lot of detail at this resolution at least the colors are lively in low light conditions. The poco f4 gt will automatically apply night mode processing to photos from the main cam. These shots are well exposed with wide dynamic range and well saturated colors. The detail is pretty good and noise is low, theres, also a dedicated night mode that you can toggle. This produces slightly different results, with heavier sharpening applied and boosted shadows. The ultra wide doesnt get the auto night mode and his nighttime photos are very dark, hardly even usable, you can turn on the dedicated night mode and it will dramatically improve exposure. So at least you can see whats in the scene. These photos are still very soft, though selfies from the 20 megapixel front facing cam are solid, theres, wide, dynamic range and colors look good. The detail level is all right, but not what youd expect at this resolution? The poco f4 gt can record video in up to 4k resolution at 60fps with its main camera 4k.

Video quality is great with low noise and plenty of detail. The colors are quite vivid, which might not be to everyones taste. The ultrawide serves up an entirely different color palette with an overall colder look. The detail level is very good for an ultra wide at 1080p and noise is minimal. Electronic stabilization is always on and, besides the occasional focus hunting on the main cam. The footage is overall, quite smooth so thats the poco f4 gt its a gaming phone thats, not as hardcore as say your rog phone or red magic, but it still brings a great amoled display, those nice quad speakers and the shoulder triggers the battery life isnt. The best, but the charging speed sort of makes up for it.