Please do well to watch this video to the very last course im going to explain everything very clear and very simple for you to understand nursery steps for you to take for you to also enjoy in this cash out. Ive been a part of this business for since last year, i think last year october, until dates ive been cashing out steadily right. I have about three accounts im going to be using for the sake of this video and for security reasons, im going to be using one of my accounts to actually do this tutorial, so you understand how it works again if youre interested to join this platform, please Click on the first link in my description, click on the first link in my description and you are going to boom join the platform right. If you also want to buy code, if you want to buy confirmation code – and you dont know where to get it message me on whatsapp im going to give you a vendor im going to share a vendor with you that sells the code right in less than Two minutes youre gon na get the code once you pay very legit. So, if youre interested just click the link in my description down below to sign up and also you can message me on whatsapp ill, take you through the platform and what you need to do and how you need to do to cash out. At least ten thousand.

Every two to three days on mlm guys, remember, i said mlm athletes, mlm mlm platform. Now, in order for you to enjoy this video, please just pause this video click. The first link on my description to sign up when you sign up you come back and continue the video, because whatsoever im going to show you here will only benefit you if youre already a member of this platform. Without joining this platform, you will not enjoy. Neither would you understand this video, so first click on the link in my description to sign up once youve signed up message me on whatsapp, with this number all right after you finish, registering make sure you message me on whatsapp. With this number, i have a gift for first five persons to register, with this link. Few of the things im going to be giving the five lucky persons is how to get referrals without stress right, how to get referrals without stress and again. In order for you to activate your accounts, you need just 2 000 error to activate your videominer account. So inbox me – and i will let you through right, if you have registered on video mine now, the next thing youre going to do is how to log in on your account and also how to get your referral link right stay with me. Im going to show you how to login and how to get a referral link im going to show you how to log in now.

First, what always advice use this to log in chrome, its in this screen always use chrome to login. Now this is how to log into your videomind account. You click on here, click on videomind,,, right once you click on that you hit on it. You allow the site to load. The site is always loading right. Dont rush. Give it time for about five seconds, the actual site will load right so once it shows you this just hold on dont click. Anything network is kind of bad. Yes, the side has loaded boom. Now this is the site hold on. I just saw something. Yes, this is the actual side now watch this. This is what you do, dont be in a house, dont click, anything all you need to do. Is you see something like this this ad to pop up when these ads pop up look for this x above right? Youve seen this, when my console is just click on it, it will fade up. It will take you to another site to go back when you take it to that side. You go back. Click on block right, then click on get started once it shows. This again. Click on cancel, if you take it as i go back, the ads pop up adds pop up on this side too much excessively. You just need to be patient right. Click on this get started, youve seen that get started, click on it scroll down after i click on get started scroll down to where you see login youve, seen where my console is beneath you seen this already got an account logged in right.

This login, you click on it once you click on the login. The next thing youre going to do is for you to look for where you see username or email, you put either your username or your email. Then here you put your password. I already have my login details saved on this site already, so all im going to do is to choose the very one i want to. You know sign up to now. This is mine boom. This is my account right, youve seen this now this is my account. So youve seen this: this is my account, so the next thing im going to do is lets say you want to register someone. This is how to log into your account. This should be your account if you follow the same steps. The same procedure, i just showed you right now: you want to register so this. What you do when youre on your account watch very well click and hold, for instance, click that i say, use, chrome, dont, use another browser, preferably use chrome, press anywhere, hold. Take the cursor down to where you see, referral link the end of it. Take this one down to the beginning of it. Boom click on copy right when you copy the referral link, what youre going to do watch closely! You come to this page, this site, um website address again you paste that link you just copy paste that link watch carefully. If you get someone that wants to join, you get the vendor number from me.

Someone that sells this something called coupon code see this place, see where my console is coupon code, the 2k you pay to the vendor the vendor asks which of the platform. Do you want to register the person to mlm or athlete tell the vendor? You want to register the person to mlm after youve paid the 2k to the account details ill. Give you right once you pay, get the persons vital first name last name: username, password, email, phone number and okay. I think thats, all phone number email, password, username, first name and last name right, thats what you get from the person once youre done. You fill this detail appropriately right. Fill this. It out correctly make sure its correct right. Dont! Do any mistake once you finish filling this you come here. You leave this plane just the way it is mlm team youre not doing athlete right mlm. So the next thing youre going to select is still on the registration process. You pick it out of this skill, its not really. It mustnt be any particular skill. Any skill you feel its okay dont speak randomly. You pick any skill. Now the next thing youre going to do is you look for this inputs, coupon code, its in this in pips coupon code, you put that coupon code, the vendor the code vendor is going to give you right, puts that coupon code in this is very important. This way you need to take notes, watch this.

This is referred by. If your name doesnt show you start the process again paste. Your link on this website address right, mini didnt, pass the link. Well, so always make sure your name shows. So you end from this referral right. The last thing im going to do is for you to tick this. I have read and agree to the themes and condition once youre done with that boom you hit on this sign up and the person is registered. So once youre done with that, you go back to your profile. You discover that yeah, your um direct referral has been added cfn over 70k on this platform. This particular account i have so many accounts on this account ive n7c, 70k plus ive, even due to end another 10k. Once i get three referral left now, let me explain how this side works when you join new. If you check your page now now to sign up new the next thing, youre going to see youre going to see it is zero seiko, meaning your stage youre, going to see this stage, one youre on stage one now then youre going to see it will be Six now youll be zero youll, be there once you register the first person. With this. Your referral link right youre, going to have one five right: youre gon na have one direct referral. Five left right then, once you register, like i said earlier, with the voice that i sent to you, there are two ways you can cash out from this: either you get four direct referral and two indirect referral.

Now, how do you get indirect referrer? Your referrals referrer see if this is my referral, yet she refer one person. The persons automatically becomes my indirect referrer right. You see this person just referred someone i didnt. I didnt register this person its my referral. I registered this person and it becomes my indirect referral. So now im left with three referrals to cash out my 10k. All right. I dont want to make this video too long. If you have any question, you dont understand make sure you comment down below, so i will be able to answer your question. If this video was sent to you on whatsapp message, the person that sends the video to you, the person would offer you a tangible answer to your question right.