That was not only going to not break the bank, but that was waterproof and um. I reasoned after doing a little research. You know, ideally why wouldnt i want a selfie stick that also has a tripod capability and believe it or not. It was very hard to find one uh that had both just a regular selfie stick capability and tripod um. In the end, it was sort of a compromise and also by the way i just wanted one that had good reviews all around, and that was super hard to find. Surprisingly for a selfie stick anyway, i did find the hsu. It does have a tripod feature. Uh, the only drawback is its a bit of a compromise. Is that you cant have um. You know the strap on at the same time, its basically um one or the other. I have this connected to a camera piece at the moment, but normally to make it a tripod. You just have to unscrew uh this little handheld strap now by the way, this strap is super important. Why? Because not only does it have this thick lanyard strap, which comes in very handy when youre, snorkeling and diving, but, most importantly, this strap cinches. You press this button. You can tighten it up around your wrist, believe it or not, thats really useful when youre, snorkeling or diving, because there are times when you do. Need that second hand or you just dont – want to be holding your hand anymore, and you want to be able to swim one way or the other normally uh.

If you just drop it its going to fall, you know you risk falling at the bottom of the ocean, or at least you know, 20 30 40 feet down with this cinch um no chance of losing it. You can just let it float freely in the water and its not a big deal, and also i didnt add this. This comes with a little thing for extra protection. If you want to just strap it to your belt or something like that or any part of your uh, your life vest something like that: a pvc and what i didnt like also going back. You just have to unscrew this little piece here, got it in really tight, because i was under water. One thing: youll notice a little bit of rust here and uh its supposed to be waterproof. It is in some sense, it is in others, in the sense that there is a little bit of rust, and i took a lot of time to wash this out every time i used it. I washed it out with fresh water and ill get to one of the downsides in a second about that whole flushing and bringing underwater. It is weatherproof in the sense that not everything rusted this bolt here, you can see, is not rusted. This, however, did water also got in here, but anyway to make it a tripod screw this part in and not only is a tripod but its uh. You know a telescoping tripod, which i think is great, because when youre on vacation or out and about there are times when youre going to want, you know the tripod capability, the only downside you got ta, you know unscrew it and screw it or you can just Keep it like that, i suppose you know if you dont need the wrist strap a bit of a compromise, but not a big deal going back.

I said water did get in here, so thats. Why i kept this super tight. In addition – and this is one of the downsides – i use this underwater quite a bit and a lot of water ended up getting inside this. You could, when youre underwater, you actually see bubbles coming out because the water was going in the air was displaced in the air. So what do you have to know when you get back after youre done flushing it out? You cant just stick this in your backpack or uh any kind of bag, because there will be water that is accumulated inside there. You really have to shake it out, keep it open. Maybe when you get back to wherever we go in your house, your apartment, your hotel room and let it dry out Music and just make sure its. You know nothing in there because it does accumulate. Quite a bit of water. Youll get a little pool for attaching um. It does come with a camera attachment to use the camera attachment. You need to add this little piece here. This allows this by putting this through here, and this was tricky when i uh first tried to do this, you have to unscrew this. Take this all the way out, not a big deal, but putting this through the first time was quite difficult and still it takes a lot. It takes a bit of effort to you know, put that in it even strip some of that plastic, but eventually it does work.

You line up the holes and then slip this back through and notice. I was saying before theres actually no rust on here. Surprisingly, so, im not sure why some parts did get rusted out other than that. This goes on this side, and now, with this, you can attach this to any kind of device. Some gopros will go directly on here. Other types of you know like this need to be screwed on, as do like: slr cameras, um and some other. You know types of things, so that goes on like that. That would screw on now to tighten this. This will go all the way in. If i have it right, which i dont have it lined up now, i do see it better through here. This will go all the way through and then it comes with this little key, which is a little bit annoying. You dont youre not going to need this. All the time um, hopefully you know once you attach it thats it, but this is used to tighten this up, and surprisingly, you do need this to get it properly tight. Now i dont have it on right anyway, just lines up like that, and you can get it nice and tight just a little bit of a wrench. It does work what else. It also comes with an extra its kind of a lanyard handle im, not sure what exactly what this is for, because um this is actually going to be once you theres, no real way to detach this.

I guess, unless you start using this, not even but you cant really take this off without undoing this, and then theres no place for this to attach so its not really clear uh what this is for um. I suppose you could put on here, but thats, not very. I wouldnt trust that so this comes with it. Dont really know what its for this seems to be good enough. Those are all the parts now as far as the, how does it work uh? This can be frustrating a little bit there. Are it its a minimum of six and a half inches so from here to here you got a little tape measure just so you see when they say that when theyre talking about their height its actually from here theyre, just six and a half, they always mean, Including the handle so when they say 26.5 inches, which is the maximum theyre, including this handle um when really youre you, when you think about it, youre thinking about it, theres an extension of your hand, but anyway, the way it locks its there are little locks here. You have to twist it guides you on here twist right to lock down so for here, for example. Right now i can slide this up and down. I extend this out. I twist it to the left. Now it sturdy will not move same thing on this. I twist it to the left that locks it in place, cant move or this one twist it to the left, locks it in place, um and then so on and so forth.

Its um a little bit of getting used to sometimes its it doesnt always cooperate um. Only you know its one of the drawbacks, but over time i think it gets a little bit smoother and you also just figure out how to work it and thats it its pretty straightforward, really um. Is it the best im, not sure? Does it really do the job for 18.99 or whatever the price, absolutely um, from a cost perspective in terms of what these other uh selfie sticks cost for what they consider waterproof thats up in the air? I dont really know how a non waterproof would work. I mean part of the whole key thing: is the um. You know the the screws and stuff are supposed to be stainless steel not supposed to rust this one did uh. Maybe that was from what i attached it to, because inside here i see a little bit of rust um. We also saw some rust down here, but this main piece did not rust, so go figure. This was a huge factor. This was this was this was super important and um. This is definitely secure. You dont have to worry about losing your gopro at the bottom of the ocean uh with this cinching snap, and this is a thick thick lanyard. You can get a hold of it same thing, even if you have like diamond gloves on its not going to be a problem. This is a little nice feature and um this whole tripod thing its a bit of a compromise but um.

I figured worst case. You know i can even use this at home if i need an extra tripod, for you know for for doing, zoom calls on a camera or something wherever ill leave a link down below. So you have no issues finding this particular model from hsu and uh. For this particular brand, from amongst the hundreds of other selfie sticks out there on amazon, if you have any questions ill leave them in the comments down below ill, get back to you as soon as possible. If you found this at all helpful, please do give it a thumbs up and, if youd like to see more subscribe down below.