This is honey and welcome back to engadget. So previous episode, lo mano budget, friendly phones, ammo and this time were going with the flagship phones so flagship. One on a minimum budget is 35 40 45, which is around 35 thousand to thirty six thousand, and that is samsung. So samsung mobile someone challenges the flagship mobile when a budget range located, thousands of samsung mobile, and this is samsung a53. So this is a 6.5 inch screen, so 6.5 inch screen and ghana like display with the you know, uh excitement teleporter. So the display is super amoled display. And then, when we talk about the refresh rate, the refresh rate is 120 hertz and then, when we talk about the screen punch hole display only this is a 6.5 inch screen with a punch, hole, display and then punch mark like no selfie camera. So then we get a 35 mp uh front camera and back camera already back need. You know a sleeker finish, indian material, but it comes with a quadra camera setup. White 5 mps per macro in this 5 mps per depth so now well check out the camera. So camera quality theres no disturbance at all, so nice guys only and next one were gon na switch on go to school zoom in levels me so colors and everything back straight up to narrow and transl. With a 64 mp back camera and a 32 mp front, camera is really great on chub kocho and when we talk about the battery, so battery is also really very important.

So generally flagship phones are nikki, coda, 5000 mah battery or sunday at the same time. Well, get a 25 watts fast charging charger. The two versions lost okay, 6 gb version that is 35 000 in incorporating 8 gb version, that is 36 000. So internal memory, green capacity, wise screen size, wise refresh rate os a proper flagship for me when youre owning this, so thirty five thousand it would have been so if you are having a nice pocket with a 35 000 budget, then you can really up this phone. This phone really serves all your needs.